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Why I will never watch the Tour de France again

Col de Manse, France- July 16, 2013: The peloton pedaling on a plain road after the ascension to Col de Manse in The Alps during the stage 16 of 100th edition of Le Tour de France 2013.

Despite being an eager cyclist, I’ve never really watched the Tour de France until this year. And unless something radically changes, I’m unlikely to ever do so again.
While there are many reasons for Canberrans and Australians to enjoy the Tour, here’s five reasons why I don’t.
Firstly, remnants of the feudalism upon which European medieval castles [...]

Politics trumps hard-headed reason on bicycle helmets

By 4 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Chris Rissel, University of Sydney
For a few hours, late last week, it looked like Queensland could become the first Australian state to start relaxing its strict bicycle helmet laws.
After months of careful review of the evidence, a state parliamentary committee backed the need for A new direction for cycling in Queensland, releasing a 200-page [...]

For Gawd’s Sake! lets bring in rego for bikes

By 17 November 2013

I am aware this will become a bike vs car thread. So be it.

This past week, during my usual bicycle commutes to and from work, I had three separate but related incidents with cars.
1. Riding along Dudley St, Yarralumla, car swings wide to overtake me with a blind crest ahead, gets surprised when oncoming traffic [...]

New weekly free bicycle fix workshops

By 4 November 2013

hey guys
my friend jac has recently setup a new weekly bike fixing workshop.  its held 4- 6pm every wed afternoon at the recyclery.  go along with your bike, use the tools and get some great advice on how to service/fix your bike all for free
read more here
go check it out.  jac is great guy [...]

Future bike parking in Civic ?

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A video showing how they park their cycles in land short Tokyo.
Could be useful when our cash strapped council starts charging for cycle parking.

Push bike servicing in Canberra.. Who does it best?

By 26 October 2013

The sun’s out, the weather is warmer. I’d love to start riding my bike again and i’ve been told I should get it serviced.
So, who does it best, where would you go?
Looking at living in a big city in the next few months and plan to use my bike as my main form [...]

It’s all your fault! The ultimate cyclist troll?

By 16 October 2013

On Ride2Work day it’s probably worth having a chat about a proposal from Pedal Power, who would like the national road rules changed to:
“place the responsibility for a crash involving a bicycle and another vehicle on the driver of the other vehicle, unless the driver can prove that the person on the bicycle was clearly [...]

Science on why cyclist haters are basically nazis

By 2 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

With all the dicussion of cyclists in Canberra it’s worth noting the ABC’s Catalyst program from last week which assigned the mindless rage of flabbies in death boxes (aka cars) on “out-group homogeneity bias”, something the Nazis were rather keen on (just to get Godwin out of the way).
Anyway Nazis may think they’re cool in [...]

Cycling Tips for Northbourne

By 28 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Here’s a great first person perspective of the trials and challenges of cycling Northbourne Avenue:
A quick video I made with some of my tips for cycling on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra.
Please remember to set to 720p+. These are only my tips, so don’t get carried away

Critical Mass coming to Canberra

By 26 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 27 September 2013 at 5:45 pm; ]

The Critical Mass movement is a great bit of fun if you like cycling.

Even better is that it’s come to Canberra starting this Friday:

Gathering 5:45pm, Launching 6pm, Garema Place, ending at The Civic Pub in Braddon.
Last Friday of every month

To bring: a self-powered vehicle with wheels, as many lights/bike-accesories as you can muster, a [...]

When is a Bike Lane NOT a Bike Lane?

By 2 September 2013

And before I begin, this is a discussion about bicycle lanes, not a car vs bike thread. To preempt any argument, good bicycle infrastructure benefits everybody, including car drivers.
You may have noticed some unusual bike lanes popping up around Canberra. Unusual, because they run for just few metres near intersections. They do not run the [...]

Did you witness the Red Hill bicycle bingle?

By 22 August 2013

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a single bicycle collision that occurred on Gowrie Drive, Red Hill on (Wednesday, August 21).
Around 6.10pm a 41-year-old man was located lying approximately 200 metres from the front entrance of the Federal Golf Club in an unconscious state by a passing motorist.
The man had suffered head injuries and was [...]

LED Bicycle Light Etiquette on Canberra’s bike paths

By 24 June 2013

Aren’t those new high-power LED bike lights amazing? For under $100, you can now get a 300 or 600 lumen bike light. A few bucks more gets you 1200 lumens! That’s brighter than most car headlights. All powered by a couple of AA batteries or equivalent.
Car headlights have a design standard that makes sure the [...]

The need for Tweed. Winter Ride 2013


[ 10 June 2013 at 11:00 am; ]

Facebook is promising that most glorious highlight of the bleak midwinter, a Tweed Ride!

At last, the 5th edition of Canberra Tweed Ride! This year’s winter ride will be held on Queen’s Birthday, as is tradition. Join us for a leisurely bicycle cruise taking in the sights of our city and a few of our [...]

Shane pleads for peace in our times. And calls for a committee on cyclists

By 10 May 2013

Mayor Rattenbury has penned a plea for motorists and cyclists to leave off all the hating:
There is a rumbling debate in Canberra about the rights and responsibilities of cyclists, pedestrians and car drivers. Many people take sides with one of these groups, depending on their personal perspective. As someone who drives, rides and walks [...]

Do You Support Mandatory Helmet Laws in the ACT [With poll]


When you reflect on the following photo from Holland, what do you see?

What do you see in the photo?
People that are irrationally and recklessly endangering their lives.
People recklessly endangering their lives, and they should have a law and fines imposed upon them to make them stop.
Ordinary people going about their day.
View Results

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Australia’s helmet law disaster

By 8 May 2013

Helmets make sense in extreme cycling conditions… such as mountain biking or high speed road cycling. On paved paths away from motor traffic, it’s arguable that a casual cyclist pottering along at 15km/h is unlikely to receive much of a benefit from wearing a helmet should they come off. That’s certainly the way [...]

Here come the pedalecs


Last month Simon Corbell promised us pedal assisted electric bicycles capable of maintaining 25kmph.
Today he’s announced the required legislation has passed:
Pedalecs have a maximum continuous power rating of 250 watts, compared with electric bicycles currently able to be used, with a maximum peak power of 200 watts. They also have additional safety and design requirements [...]

You really should wear a helmet on your bicycle

By 7 May 2013

Bike helmets: an emergency doctor’s perspective
By Michael Dinh
For those working on the frontline of trauma care, the findings of a report into the protective effects of helmets in cyclists and motorcyclists published in the Medical Journal of Australia last week come as no surprise.
When an ambulance arrives at an emergency department with a cyclist [...]

Pedalecs coming to Canberra


Simon Corbell has announced that he’s raising the power ceiling on electric bicycles from an anaemic 200 watts up to 250 watts to allow pedalecs onto our roads:
“The changes to the laws that the government is proposing through the Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill, will allow higher performance electric bikes (pedalecs) under the European standard, [...]

Reality check for young males with a death-wish?

By 7 April 2013

As I was waiting for the lights to change at Belconnen Way & Coulter Drive this afternoon, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a dark-haired male cyclist wheeling through the intersection. What particularly caught my attention was that he wasn’t wearing a bicycle helmet. A quick double-take confirmed something even more startling: [...]

The Great Civic Cycle Loop Opens!


Mayor Rattenbury is putting forth word that the mighty Civic Cycle Loop (stages 1 and 2) are opening today at noon.
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today opened the Rudd and Marcus Clarke Street sections of the Civic Cycle Loop.
“I’m pleased to announce that the first two stages of the Civic Cycle Loop [...]

National Arboretum Very Bicycle Unfriendly

By 4 February 2013

Beautiful weather, last days of the school holidays, decided to take Junior Gasman (aged 9) to the opening weekend of the National Arboretum.
With consideration to health, environment, carbon and fun, we decided to ride our bicycles. From Belconnen to the front gate of the Arboretum, we had bicycle paths and lanes. At the main entrance [...]

No more relaxed bushwalking in Tidbinbilla

By 6 January 2013

Whilst reading Tim the Yowie Man in yesterday’s Canberra Times I was horrified to see that the powers that be are changing some trails in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to be shared by bicyclists. We can no longer walk in Mt Stromlo, so now they want Tidbinbilla.
Roos better watch out – they do not have [...]

The No Bell Bicyclists

By 27 December 2012

An encounter today on the shared footpath/bicycle caused a bicyclist who had no bell. We did not hear him coming from behind. I asked him where his bell was. He said he didn’t need one as it didn’t fit on his bars.
Well here is what you need under the ACT Road Rules:
258 Equipment on a [...]

Canberra’s Kumo Cycles makes the list of the world’s most beautiful bikes

By 8 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

In very exciting news Keith Marshall’s Kumo Cycles has made the grade for the Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2013:
Thirteen of the world’s most beautiful custom bicycles, from builders including Jordan Hufnagel, Kumo Cycles, Tom Donhou, Signal Cycles and MAP Cycles.
Well done Keith!

Labor announce their active transport policies. Cycle paths ahoy

By 20 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced plans for more cycle paths:
ACT Labor is committed to the construction of off-road cycle paths as part of its plan for more cycling infrastructure in our city.
ACT Labor will commit up to $12 million* to construct an off-road cycle path adjacent to the Majura Parkway.
We will also invest $4 million [...]

Cyclists, paths and warning bells

By 20 September 2012

Cycling bells mean nothing anymore..

The Muenster Photo remade in Canberra. How much space do those cars need?

By 18 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Amongst car hating transport advocates the Muenster photograph is the stuff of legend.
Over the weekend before last the Cycling Promotion Fund recreated the photo on Allara Street here in Canberra:
On Sunday 9th September 69 volunteers, 69 bicycles, 60 cars and one bus gathered in Canberra to recreate a world-renowned photograph taken more than 20 [...]

Pedal Power ACT calls for bike racks on all buses

By 17 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Canberra cycling group, Pedal Power ACT, is calling on the next ACT Government to make bike racks on ACTION buses reliable.
The current Government has put bike racks on 80% of buses and say they cannot fit them on the new long buses. Putting bike racks on buses was an ACT Labor initiative and Pedal Power ACT is [...]

Bikes lanes are for bicycles

By 6 September 2012

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the assumption bike lanes are for bicycles, not motorcycles.
Just then I had a motorbike up my arse on Northbourne, from Elouera Street through to Cooying, revving his engine and muttering at cyclists.
You’re damn right I slowed down on purpose and got in [...]

Psst! Wanna buy next year’s Trek bike?

By 7 August 2012

ACT Policing is investigating the theft of around 40 high-end bicycles in Fyshwick at the weekend.
Between 8pm Friday (August 3) and 9am yesterday (Monday, August 9) offenders broke into a secure trailer parked on Townsville Street, Fyshwick.
The offenders removed the 2013 model Trek brand bicycles from secure racks and loaded them into an unidentified vehicle.
Police [...]

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