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Best of Canberra – Bike paths


This week’s callout for the best bike paths in Canberra yielded some fantastic suggestions. If you are new to Canberra, cycling or just looking for a different track, be sure to check out the comments from our readers here.
A few mentioned how bike paths are nostalgic to them, ingrained into past memories and I [...]

Best of Canberra callout – bike paths

bicycle path

To continue with all things fitness related, let’s take a look at Canberra’s best bike path for Best of Canberra this week.
This town is the cycling capital of the nation with a great network of cycle paths and off-road trails. Whether it is recreational or used as a mode of transport, Canberrans love their [...]

LED Bicycle Light Etiquette on Canberra’s bike paths

By 24 June 2013

Aren’t those new high-power LED bike lights amazing? For under $100, you can now get a 300 or 600 lumen bike light. A few bucks more gets you 1200 lumens! That’s brighter than most car headlights. All powered by a couple of AA batteries or equivalent.
Car headlights have a design standard that makes sure the [...]

Kudos to TAMS. Rapid response on Killer Pigeons


Astonishing service from our friends at Territory and Municipal Services. I posted the following request via the excellent CanberraConnect website on Monday last, 6 May:
Subject: Potentially fatal pigeons under Drakeford Drive
Dear TAMS,
I was wondering whether you could install anti-pigeon-roosting spikes above the bike path in the Drakeford underpass (near Athllon Drive intersection – see map). [...]

Facefit of the William Slim Drive sex attacker

By 11 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACT Policing has released a facefit image of a man responsible for an act of indecency in McKellar on Tuesday (January 8).
Around 8.50pm, a woman was cycling along the bike path adjacent to William Slim Drive when her bike was hit from behind by a male cyclist. She fell to the ground and was dragged [...]

Indecent act on the William Slim Drive bike path

By 9 January 2013

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an act of indecency in McKellar last night (Tuesday, January 8).
Around 8.50pm, a woman was cycling along the bike path adjacent to William Slim Drive when her bike was hit from behind by a male cyclist. She fell to the ground and was dragged into nearby grassland by a [...]

Bowen Place upgrade back on track

By 19 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC has a story on the cash strapped National Capital Authority being told to also put an underpass onto Bowen Place making the lake loop significantly safer.
For reason not entirely clear to us this has prompted Pedal Power to declare Katy Gallagher the winner of the upcoming election and congratulate her on operating Simon [...]

Liberals promise cleaner streets

By 17 September 2012

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja is promising the obligatory million in extra street sweeping:
“A good local Government doesn’t overlook the upkeep of their city, and the Canberra Liberals understand the importance of basic local services,” Mr Seselja said.
“That’s why if elected, we’ll inject an extra $1 million over four years into Canberra’s street sweeping program, to:
– [...]

Plans for Majura Valley Cycle and Pedestrian Path

By 25 June 2012

Today the ACT Government announced a plan for an off-road cycle path allowing for a more environmentally friendly transit from Gungahlin to Campbell. With the plan in motion the ACT Government hopes for more people to ride to work and use the path for recreational purposes. With the increase of recreational use it thought to [...]

Upgrades for Constitution Avenue


Territory and Municipal Services have released what they’re going to do with $42 million from the Federales as a Centenary gift.
In celebration of the Centenary of Canberra in 2013, the Australian Government has gifted $42 million to the ACT Government for the upgrade of Constitution Avenue. The upgrade project will deliver major transport infrastructure improvements [...]

The Belco Red Bridge to be reborn on Molonglo Reach


Territory and Municipal Services have the fascinating news that the iconic warehoused Belconnen “Red Bridge” is going to ride to the rescue of the Molonglo Reach bike path.
“Flooding arising from the heavy rain last week again damaged the interim pathway along Molonglo Reach, east of the Clare Holland House (ACT Hospice) which was restored for [...]

Light rail to rumble down Northbourne? Toot! Toot!

By 17 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced his thinking so far on a transitway between Gungahlin and Civic.
It appears very likely the median strip of Northbourne is going to get used for something. You might take as a clue that his office have sent out a lovely artists drawing of light rail arriving in Civic:
“The Government is considering [...]

Greens not impressed by cycling infrastructure announcements

By 9 November 2011

Following last night’s announcement of cycling infrastructure programs the Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is letting us know that she’s distinctly lacking in whelm.
“The Government says it needs to do more consultation on Bunda Street. We want to see that by now concrete options and proposals are on the table, rather than a general discussion [...]

Cycling dollars flow

By 8 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced a $9 million spend on cycling and walking infrastructure:
– The City cycle loop;
– Kings Avenue on-road cycle lane and off-road cycle path improvements;
– accessibility improvements to walking infrastructure in the main town centres (Woden, Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin) benefitting visually and mobility impaired people; and
– interim off-road footpath improvements at Kingston [...]

Mind the gap at Molonglo Reach

By 19 December 2010 FEATURED ARTICLE

My friend Eddy took this pic from the bike path on Molonglo Reach.
Perhaps more concerning is that retaining wall on the left has got Parkes Way on top of it.

Bicycle Path Danger

By 29 June 2009

Just a quick reminder to be careful on the cycle paths around Canberra. I was cycling home last Friday 26/06/2009 through Mawson.
l was going under Athlon drive between Marist Brothers and Melrose High schools. I had one hand off the handle bar taking a drink out of my bidon, when I noticed an object [...]

Those Darn Cyclists…….Again

By 1 April 2009

Ok, I know cyclist issues have been done to death in this forum, but would like to know from anyone, including cyclists, whether they think it is appropriate to ride two abreast on any road, blocking the traffic behind. I’ve come across two incidents of this bevaviour over the past week or so, one of which almost [...]

Cycling in pedestrian areas

By 2 March 2009

Why do cyclist insist on riding on their bikes in the confined and heavy foot traffic area of Gus’s, Milk and Honey, Cafe Essen and also across the road in the narrow path that holds Cream, Sammy’s, Wagaman etc. I am sick and tired of nearly being bashed into by some stupid girl or boy on a [...]

Safe place to lock up a bike in civic?

By 10 February 2009

Well I live pretty close to Civic but have avoided riding my bike in for shopping, due to a fear of having it stolen & the subsequent cost of replacement.
So, is there anywhere safe to lock up a bike?
I was thinking near the pedestrian crossing for the Canberra Centre outside ANZ & Optus. [...]

Alistair Coe picking at the cycleways

By 2 February 2009

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is wondering aloud why Ginninderra Drive is being messed around to duplicate a cycle path:
Alistair Coe has expressed concern as to why a road lane has been removed on Ginninderra Drive to make way for an on-road cycle path which is immediately adjacent to an off-road cycle path.
The stretch of [...]

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