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Fewer kids in Bimberi

By 9 May 2013

Joy Burch is celebrating a reduction in youth incarceration:
Recent youth justice initiatives have helped achieve a significant reduction in youth detention rates in the ACT over the past two years, according to population data from the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre.
ACT Minister for Children and Young People Joy Burch today released figures which show that since [...]

More kid gloves at Bimberi

By 21 March 2013

Joy Burch has announced she’s legislating more human rights compliance for the troubled children of the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre:
New laws passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly today will build on ongoing work to create a more effective youth justice system, Minister for Children and Young People Joy Burch said.
The changes to the Children and [...]

Burch hails early wins for the After Hours Bail Support Service

By 6 August 2012

Joy Burch is making sure we all know that her After Hours Bail Support Service is keeping young scrotes out of Bimberi:
Ms Burch said an internal evaluation of the new program showed it had helped divert 21 young persons from custody between November 2011 and April 2012, and the number of short-term remand episodes (1-4 [...]

Return to Bimberi as Government claims improved conditions

By 28 July 2012

After last year’s report on the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre which suggested that there were serious issues with the running of the centre, the ACT Government believes that conditions have been greatly improved after the implementation of over a hundred new recommendations. However, others have not shown complete faith in the changes:
Human Rights Commissioner Helen [...]

A rooting room for Bimberi? [With poll]

By 18 July 2012

The ABC has the intriguing suggestion that putting a “safe place for detainees to have sex” into the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre might help the little darlings cut down the rampant spread of the clap.
“There’s no facility for conjugal visits, in fact there’s no thought of offering that facility,” he said.
“Yet we’re placing people in [...]

Boys go wild at Bimberi

By 29 March 2012

Two teenagers will face court tomorrow following an incident which occurred at the Bimberi Youth Detention Centre in December last year.
On Sunday, 11 December 2011 ACT Policing attended the centre in response to a report of criminal damage by two detainees, aged 16 and 17.
The boys caused damage estimated to be around $16,500.
Following an [...]

Bimberi pulsar barbecue

By 29 November 2011

A 19-year-old Wanniassa man and a 17-year-old South Canberra youth will face court today, both charged with arson.
About 6.50pm last night (Monday, November 28), police responded to a report of a silver Nissan Pulsar on fire adjacent to the Bimberi Youth Detention Centre in Mitchell.
Five teens were seen in the car, driving erratically, prior to [...]

Horses over Children? Bimberi not evacuated.

By 18 September 2011

Much was made during the Mitchell fire emergency of the efforts made to evacuate horses from EPIC.
The ABC’s Jo Laverty did a lengthy piece on the efforts being made to cater for dogs and cats.
We were therefore surprised to hear gossip that the Bimberi Youth Detention centre had not been evacuated.
So surprised we asked Joy [...]

Can someone tell me why ‘Earn or Learn’ doesnt apply to Bimberi?

By 6 September 2011

According to the Bimberi Review, Bimberi offers education up to year 10, but there is no year 12 certificate offered.
While the rest of the ACT youth up to 17 have to attend school (or be out earning) why aren’t the ‘residents’ of Bimberi expected to be gaining their year 12 certificate?
Shouldn’t people in detention [...]

Libs say Bimberi report incomplete.

By 24 August 2011

As the Bimberi debacle rolls on the Liberals’ Vicki Dunne has taken another swing at the recent report into the troubled youth justice facility:
Accusations of staff coercion were left out of the recent ACT Human Rights Commission’s review into the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, Shadow Community Services Minister Vicki Dunne revealed today.
“Shockingly, the Commissioner admitted [...]

Joy Burch throwing in the towel on Bimberi residents?

By 18 August 2011

Vicki Dunne has a disturbing media release on Joy Burch announcing the juvenile inmates of Bimberi are the “final point” of the youth justice system:
“Joy Burch either doesn’t see rehabilitation for Bimberi residents as a priority, or believes they’re beyond any help to turn their lives around,” Mrs Dunne said.
“This is disappointing and worrying to [...]

Liberals catch up to Bimberi

By 3 August 2011

Last week the Human Rights Commission’s report into Bimberi caused a bit of a stir.
Today the Liberals Vicki Dunne is wading in:
Ms Dunne said the report and its 224 recommendations illustrate the extent of neglect of young people in the youth justice system, and abuse of the staff charged with looking after them.
“This review of [...]

The Bimberi report.


Following on from Joy Burch’s efforts to put a brave face on the report into the running of Bimberi we can now point you at the actual report.
It features the most opaque, nay useless, executive summary it has ever been my misfortune to encounter, but by page 16, and still in the “summary” we come [...]

Bimberi on the right track from where?

By 29 July 2011

Joy Burch has her Youth hat on to roll in glitter the latest report from the Human Rights Commission into the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre (sadly the report does not appear to be available to us at this time).
“I acknowledge that there is more work to be done, that’s why the taskforce will work with [...]

Bimberi worker bringing the drugs in

By 27 July 2011

The ABC reports that a 54 year old youth worker has been charged with supplying kids at the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre with weed.
Community Services Minister Joy Burch says the man was charged after Bimberi management contacted police.
“It shows that we have some robust systems at Bimberi and unusual and untoward behaviour is noticed,” [...]

Julia to dump Indonesian fisher folk into Canberra’s justice system

By 28 May 2011

The Canberra Times brings word that the Commonwealth is planning to spread the pain of its campaign against “people smugglers” (aka noble impoverished fishermen willing to spend years in our prisons to earn their families enough money to eat while helping desperate people to a better life.)
People smugglers caught in northern Australian waters will [...]

Greens side with Labor on Bimberi

By 30 March 2011

Vick Dunne is furious the Greens have sided with Labor to defeat her motion for a judicial inquiry into the Bimberi youth detention centre.
“The Greens have failed the community once more. Despite the overwhelming concerns raised by former and current staff, the Greens have dismissed them and labelled them obstructive,” said Mrs Dunne.
“Both the Labor [...]

Tainted probe at Bimberi

By 28 March 2011

The Canberra Times is running hard with more Liberal dudgeon over the low level inquiry into the running of the Bimberi youth detention centre.
A director of the Department of Housing and Community Services was present at a meeting this month when the workers were told to ”consult” with their supervisor to ”work out a strategy” [...]

Bimberi at home to Mr Cockup again

By 1 March 2011

Yesterday the Liberals’ Vicki Dunne was in high dudgeon that teachers at Bimberi had been told they were losing their hard earned $2,000 special allowances payment taken away from them.
Today the ABC has the no less re-assuring news that the staff were merely emailed in error.
the Department’s Chief Executive Dr Jim Watterston says the [...]

Joy Burch pushing to get teen remandees out of detention

By 14 February 2011

The Minister for Children and Young People, Joy Burch, has announced her plans to make changes to the bail system to have less young people held in detention while awaiting trial.
Joy has released a discussion paper outlining her ideas and had this to say:
One of the planks for reform identified in the discussion paper [...]

The Bimberi brawl

By 8 February 2011

Now that the Liberals have found the keys to their website and posted their statements we can start exploring the issue of the Bimberi youth detention inquiry.
It started with Vicki Dunne who is angry because the ACT Commissioner for Children and Young People, Alasdair Roy, used the name of an informant in correspondence with her.
On [...]

Bimberi review kicks off

By 7 December 2010

Joy Burch has announced a review for the troubled Bimberi youth detention centre, which has been in operation now for two years.
Ms Burch said the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services had engaged
the services of Daniel O’Neil, Director of Youth Services with Richmond Fellowship, to work
with both the staff and the young people during [...]

What is going on at Bimberi?

By 10 September 2010

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne is stamping her feet that Labor’s Joy Burch has nothing to say about the troubled Bimberi youth detention centre:
“Bimberi opened about 18 months ago, but already there is a litany of serious incidents, the latest being one involving serious self harm,” Mrs Dunne said.
Mrs Dunne noted there have been:
· [...]

Kids running wild at Bimberi?

By 30 August 2010

The Canberra Times brings word of three assaults on staff in the last week at the Bimberi youth detention centre.
The incidents come as the Government struggles to adequately staff the facility, with private security guards commissioned to fill the gaps for at least the past four months.
The three violent assaults happened last Tuesday, Wednesday [...]

Bimberi’s cup overfloweth

By 20 April 2010

The ABC has the happy news that the young inmates of Bimberi, when not assaulting their guards, have been running a garden with such success that the excess is being donated to the OzHarvest charity.
Minister for Children and Young People Joy Burch says the program is an effective way to help the youth develop [...]

Sh*t Happens Vicki

By 15 April 2010

When only the very worst of society get incarcerated it’s inevitable that corrections facilities will be unpleasant places.
That hasn’t stopped the Liberal’s Vicki Dunne from trying to reprise Colonel Hanson on the subject of violence at the Bimberi youth detention centre.
The Minister responsible for youth justice, Joy Burch, must explain why there have been 14 [...]

Bimberi – no holiday camp

By 5 September 2008

While everyone else was tucking into lunch at the Bimberi opening ceremony, I ducked off to take some pictures.
While the common areas look on a par with our newer schools, and Gungahlin finally has a heated indoor pool (not that we can use it), the living quarters tell another story. Especially the so called “Safe [...]

Bimberi Recruitment

By 1 May 2008

Bimberi is the new “Youth Detention Centre” in Mitchell, and as it nears completion, they are recruiting staff now.
This from the DHCS website:
Bimberi will replace the current Youth Detention Centre at Symonston. It will be the first Human Rights Compliant youth detention centre in Australia. As well as being designed to meet Human Rights standards, [...]

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