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Expanded Legislative Assembly to cost $3.3m


The ACT Government will spend an additional $3,306,000 on the Office of the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2016-17, reflecting the expansion of the Assembly from 17 to 25 members from 2016-17.

ACT Budget at a glance

The funding will cover Members, members’ staff salaries and on-costs as well as additional resources for Assembly Hansard production, security and [...]

Ask RiotACT: hiring a car to get to Sydney

By 11 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

Due to the incredibly unfortunate pricing of flights between Canberra and Sydney, I’ve heard it’s popular to hire a rental car to drive up to Sydney airport prior to international travel.
I can’t take a bus as I am carrying ALL THE LUGGAGE.
I just checked Hertz, Budget and Thrifty, and the first wanted $250 for a [...]

Where did all ACTEW’s money go?

By 1 July 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is wanting to know how things have gone so horribly wrong for the very well remunerated executives at ACTEW?
“Last week, Canberrans learnt that they will be paying 5 per cent more for their water to keep ACTEW afloat, as opposed to enjoying a 16.9 per cent decrease in their water bills [...]

$362 million in the hole, still hoping for surplus in 2016

By 14 February 2013

Andrew Barr has announcedM/a> the 2012-13 Budget Review for the ACT Government:
Today I presented to the Legislative Assembly the 2012-13 Budget Review, which confirms the Budget is on track to return to surplus on schedule in 2015-16.
The forecast General Government Sector Headline Net Operating Balance for 2012-13 is estimated to be a deficit of $362.9 [...]

Canberra: the home of the $91,000 (plus overtime) bus driver

By 7 September 2012

I was perusing the ACT Treasury’s STANDARD COSTING PARAMETERS 2012 (corrected version) and I happened upon the hitherto unknown costs of actually employing ACT Public Servants.  The stunning numbers are here:
1.2 Cost Elements
Standard or benchmark costs are as follows.
1.2.1 Employment of Frontline Staff (Average Total Cost)
$91,000 per Bus Driver(a)
$95,000 per Classroom Teacher (a)
$132,000 per Fire [...]

Barr finds $175 million under the couch

By 14 August 2012

Andrew Barr has the surprising news that despite planning for a $125 million deficit last year the Territory booked a $50 million surplus:
The report shows that the ACT Budget position has improved by $175.9 million to a surplus of $50.4 million, compared to an estimated deficit of $125.5 million.
The improvement is largely due [...]

ACT budget disappointing for autism

By 1 June 2011

The ACT Government’s 2011-12 Budget is disappointing for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their families, carers and support organisation. The ACT Budget does not meet the needs of people with disabilities generally and ignores the ASD community.
Mr Buckley, Chair of Autism Asperger ACT’s Political Action Group, says “the community is pleased that the ACT [...]

Lundy returns fire on the efficiency dividend

By 22 February 2011

Labor Senator Kate Lundy has replied to Senator Humphries lamentations of this morning on funding at National Institutions.
“Senator Humphries is being deliberately misleading to allege that the Australian War Memorial has had considerable funding cuts since 2007.
“The Memorial received $38 million from the Australian Government for ongoing costs.
“This funding is comparable with previous years funding, [...]

Rupert’s Millions roll into the ACT Government coffers

By 16 February 2011

The Age reports that the ACT Government has pulled in $77 million after busting a tax avoidance scheme being perpetrated by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.
The money will allow the territory to present an almost balanced budget this financial year and represents a stunning victory by the nation’s smallest jurisdiction over the international corporate giant, [...]

The ACT Budget improves

By 14 February 2011

Katy Gallagher is celebrating a dramatic improvement in the Territory’s finances thanks to the runaway housing market.
“The Budget Review shows an improvement of $78.1 million in the Government’s estimated Headline Net Operating Balance and forecasts a budget deficit of $5.8 million for 2010-11,” Ms Gallagher said.
“The improvement to the 2010-11 GGS Net Operating Balance from [...]

New $31 million hole in the ACT budget – No worries just yet.

By 11 November 2010

Katy Gallagher is engaged in turd polishing trying to put a positive spin on the Commonwealth MidYear Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) which has torn $31 million in GST revenue out of the ACT Treasury.
Katy remains committed to somehow balancing the books in 2013-14, safely after the next ACT election in 2012.
On the bright side [...]

Politics in the Pub

By 13 May 2010

[ 19 May 2010 at 5:30 pm; ] Got this in an email today from The Australia Institute.

The Australia Institute’s Executive Director Richard Denniss will discuss the state of play in environmental policy in the context of tax reform, the Budget and the deferral of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Wednesday, 19 May
5.30pm for [...]

Free financial literacy course for Gungahlin residents

By 12 January 2010

I saw this flyer and thought it might be useful for anyone in Gungahlin who made a New Year’s Resolution to get their budget in order.
Free financial literacy Course open to parents and residents living in Gungahlin!!
The first 2 hour session commences on Monday the 1st of February 2010, 10am to 12 pm for 4 [...]

Once more thoughts turn to budget consultation

By 24 July 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced that with the budget just passed it’s time to get started on next year’s.
The Treasurer today released the 2010-11 ACT Budget Consultation paper to start the process of engaging the community in a conversation about the most effective use of government revenue and possible future savings.
“The 2009-10 Budget was developed [...]

In the small hours, the Greens come through for the Government

By 26 June 2009

The ABC informs us that at 2am the ACT’s 2009/10 budget was passed after the Greens first agreed to help the Government limit the speaking times in the debates, and then voted with the government to get the thing over the top of the Liberals.
Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne says the two parties are too cosy.
“One [...]

Katy tells the estimates committee to get stuffed

By 24 June 2009

ACT Treasurer Katy Gallagher has come out swinging in finally responding to the estimates committee report on her budget.
“The Committee report provides no input into the Budget as a whole, nor does it offer any suggestions on the Budget Plan, its object, targets, approach or the process of implementation.
“Many of the recommendations have little, if [...]

Constitutional crisis looming for the ACT?

By 17 June 2009

Katy Gallagher has issued a furious media release on veiled threats by Zed Seselja that passage of the ACT Government’s budget would be conditional on the Government’s response to the estimate’s report.
Mr Seselja told the Assembly, it was interesting that “there is no recommendation to actually pass the Budget” and when the Treasurer asked [...]

Gazza saves the budget

By 1 June 2009

Canberra’s own Senator Gary Humphries has proudly announced that he’s saved the nation from a typo induced $44 trillion debt.
An error in budget papers for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has overstated the Department’s total operating budget by 1000%.
Budget papers identify the Department’s budget appropriation as $44,578,501,000,000 – that is, over [...]

Auditor general under-funded

By 26 May 2009

The ACT’s Auditor-General Tu-Pham has been a source of unrelenting embarrassment to the Stanhope government. So it comes as no surprise to see an ABC story on concerns that the Auditor is being under-funded.
Auditor-General Tu Pham has told a Legislative Assembly estimates committee that her Department is unable to audit most of the Government’s [...]

Budget updated!

By 18 May 2009

Katy Gallagher has announced that just two weeks after putting out her first budget she’s had to have another go after the Federales pulled the rug out from under her numbers.
“Based on the forecasts of the national GST Pool published in the Commonwealth Budget, the ACT’s GST revenue in 2008-09, 2009-10 and across the forward [...]

ACT Budget 1 week old and already out of date

By 13 May 2009

So just one week after bringing down the ACT budget, out comes the federal budget and back into the media goes Katy Gallagher to decry that lower GST forecasts have hoiked another $50M out of the ACT budget. And the staff, whose wages account for 47% of their expenditure are just going to have to [...]

2% efficiency dividend concluded

By 13 May 2009

The ABC reports the happy news that, for Canberra, the biggest item in the 2009 Commonwealth Budget is an end to the annual 2% belt tightening across the public service known as the “2% efficiency dividend”.
There will still be a 1.25% funding squeeze, down from 3.25%.
The CPSU is pleased:
“It’s a welcome surprise, we’ve been campaigning [...]

The ACT Budget

By 6 May 2009

[First filed: May 05, 2009 @ 14:31]

Is online now
More to come as we get a look at it.
Highlights from the Budget Speech:
– The ACT economy is forecast to grow by 2 per cent in 2009-10.
– Unemployment in the ACT will reach 3.5% by the middle of next year.
– Since the last Budget revenue has dropped [...]

Reactions to the 2009 ACT Budget

By 5 May 2009

In response to today’s budget we’ve had the following commentary:
1. The Greens’ Meredith Hunter is reasonably pleased:
“This Budget is a sign that with a strong Greens presence in the Legislative Assembly, the people of the ACT can expect a more sustainable Canberra – socially, economically and environmentally” Meredith Hunter said today.
“The budget incorporates many initiatives [...]

Liberals against privatisation?

By 21 April 2009

In a curious move for a Liberal, Brendan Smyth is fretting that Territory-Owned Corporations (to hereafter be known as TOCs because I like the sound of the word) might get sold off by the ACT Government to fund their stimulus spending.
There’s certainly an issue with trying to sell anything in the current market.
One should [...]

The dummy motion trap

By 26 March 2009

The ABC reports that Andrew Barr has tried to scuttle his school planning over-ride just to force the Greens and Liberals to support it.
The motion has been voted down unanimously
Well that’s one way to get certainty…
UPDATE: Andrew’s victory celebrations are online.

Brendan chides Katy for honesty

By 24 March 2009

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is having a vent that Labor’s Katy Gallagher has dared to admit that most Canberrans aren’t doing it at all hard at the moment:

“If the recession is not having an impact on Canberra and its people, why has the Stanhope Gallagher Government introduced the Local Initiatives Package to stimulate the ACT [...]

Happy Camps for JaCS?

By 20 March 2009

Brendan Smyth’s War On Waste marches on.
This time he’s discovered that the Department of Justice and Community Services has budgeted $40,000 on team building exercises.
““The Chief Minister Jon Stanhope continues to suggest only external factors are the reason for why ACT economy is in recession and why the budget may be as much as [...]

The case of the Liberal MLA pot calling the ALP MLA kettle black

By 20 March 2009

I would be last in line to support the Minister for [Redacted] & Corrections, however the CityNews has this article.
It is all about the Liberal Health Hotline (or lack of it) and how the incoming MLA Jerry Hanson had promised to continue the service after the departure of former Liberal health spokeswoman Jackie Bourke.
Surely the [...]

Questions Brendan should be asking?

By 12 March 2009

In the discussion about Brendan Smyth’s paper multiplication analysis of the ACT Government’s stationery budget we’ve had an interesting comment I think needs wider consideration:
Personally if I was Mr Smyth I’d be more concerned that ACTION buses costing about $100 million a year and every passenger costs the government about $6 simply to get on. [...]

They need how much paper?

By 11 March 2009

The Liberal’s Brendan Smyth is outraged to discover the ACT Government is spending $24 million for two years’ “stationary”:
“It is the equivalent of 250 sheets of paper per person per day, or 9,600 reams of paper every single working day.
“That’s over four and a half million pieces of paper every day!
It makes you wonder.
UPDATED: Many [...]

ACT Budget heads $200 million in the hole

By 6 March 2009

It was a weird thing at the last election. In our candidate questionaire (which many candidates lacked the intestinal fortitude to reply to) we asked this question:
1) What will be your number 1 spending priority, and what are you willing to de-fund in order to pay for it?
I was appalled that most candidates didn’t seem [...]

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