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A trolley missing a fundamental part. Caption contest

By 13 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

As seen on Mort Street this morning.
Knock yourselves out readers!
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Gas leak closes Civic bus interchange


This in from the government:
Please be advised that the City Bus Station is closed due an emergency services incident (gas leak). Bus services are operating from platform 10 and 11 on Northbourne Avenue. Staff are on site to assist bus patrons.
For further updates please follow @ACTIONbuses on Twitter.

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New Civic bubblers a distinct improvement


Back in February last year we expressed some disappointment with new bubblers in Civic which required the user to get rather closer than most would like to a piece of steel prone to being vomited and piddled on (unless you’re into that kind of thing).
As part of the seemingly interminable works in the city centre [...]

Civic Bus Interchange to do the hokey pokey

By 9 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACTION are warning that the Civic Revitalisation Program is going to be causing trouble with the bus interchange as pavement work is conducted.
First off the bat platform 5 is being moved behind platform 3 from Monday 14 November.

The giant apple-raspberry drink. Images of Canberra

By 25 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Well what else would you expect to see on East Row at lunchtime?
And what giant things would you like to see?
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Canberra in the 80s. Then and now.


Threepaws has sent in these pictures of Canberra in the 80s. Your correspondent has then spent part of this morning running around Canberra trying to match the shots. I’ve monochromed to match where appropriate. Above is the old bus interchange administration centre where one could seek guidance and assistance on buses and even buy tickets.
And [...]

Woden graffiti infestation being cleaned out


That crapulous memorial to failure is being cleaned off the wall behind the bus timetables right now, I noticed the cleaners setting up to do their stuff as I walked past around 9am today.
It had been pretty much abandoned for the last few weeks, so I really doubt the kiddies who were so vocal about [...]

Woden Wake?

By 26 February 2011

So I was riding through Woden interchange on my way to the bus and I noticed a whole lot of teenagers hanging around on the steps playing music and such, pretty standard occurrence “don’t these people have anywhere better to gather” I thought, as usual.
But then I noticed there were a whole lot for [...]

Kazza the Blank One’s Belconnen photo essay

By 16 November 2010

Kazza the Blank One has been busy snapping in the new improved Belconnen Bus interchange.
If you haven’t checked it out then enjoy the slideshow below!

Images of Canberra – Progress in Belconnen

By 23 July 2010

Signs are emerging that Belconnen’s long agony might be coming to an end.
Owen has sent in the above pic with the following note:
The concrete carriage way now extends from the old bus station (in the middle distance) to the western side of the mall. Looks like their October opening date is going to be achieved.
Got [...]

Got bamboo?

By 26 March 2009

The in2CHANGE project (a celebration of the life and death of Belconnen Interchange with a spectacular finale planned in the structure) needs your help:
Some lovely artists who work in bamboo are contributing to the in2CHANGE project which will be going ahead in the Belconnen bus interchange during the April school holidays (more news about [...]

Traffic changes as they build a brighter Belconnen

By 3 March 2009

TAMS are trying to explain what they’re doing to traffic in Belconnen as they try to redress the many mistakes of the past.
As part of the Belconnen Town Centre improvements, Cohen Street will be extended from Lathlain Street through Joynton Smith Drive and the existing bus interchange to Emu Bank. In conjunction with these works, [...]

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