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They’ve taken Oaks Estate? Is NSW eating the ACT? Yes, Minister

By 31 May 2012

[This is the text of a letter from the office of Joy Burch MLA, Member for Brindabella, Minister for Housing, to me.]
Dear Mr [name],
Thank you for your email of 19 April 2012 regarding the lack of bus services to and from Oaks Estate, Queanbeyan, NSW.
Minister Burch has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence [...]

If you missed the bus today the new schedule might be why


There’s anecdotal evidence about that there has been some confusion on the buses this morning.
Assiduous RiotACT readers will of course have been aware of the network changes but as there was no advertising campaign run here it’s understandable some missed the news.
This morning Chief Minister Gallagher has had a go at reminding everyone:
ACT Chief Minister [...]

All hail the Cater-Piller


Territory and Municipal Services have announced the winners of their ACTION Buses drawing competition with Ayami Starke taking out top honours.:
“The judges felt that Ayami’s drawing best captured this year’s theme of Draw for the future – the ultimate environmentally-friendly bus. We are very excited to see Ayami’s concept of Canberra’s sustainable future on the [...]

Bonner and Forde rides for free next week

By 24 May 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is trying to entice the denizens of Forde and Bonner onto buses with free rides on Route 55 next week:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, today announced that Bonner and Forde residents will be offered free bus travel for one week on the new Route [...]

ACTION network 12 out


Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the latest bus timetable which takes effect on 28 May.
“Major service changes include:
– extension of Routes 318 and 319 on the Blue Rapid line to Kippax providing 15 minute frequency between Kippax and Belconnen
– improved frequency on the Red Rapid express service from Gungahlin to Fyshwick (via City) to depart [...]

Dickson College smart asses on the bus

By 2 May 2012

I had the misfortune to once again encounter the rude,  abusive, offensive and smart ass behaviour of Dickson College  students who catch the 4:30pm Deanes bus to Queanbeyan. On numerous occasions I have had to put up with their offensive and abusive language.
Today, finally fed up with it I asked “Could you please stop [...]

TransitTimes iPhone app comes to Canberra

By 1 May 2012

Zervaas Enterprises has unleashed their TransitTimes Canberra app into iTunes:
Travelling in and around Canberra? Whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend visitor, TransitTimes Canberra is for you!
It allows you to:
- Find directions and transfers between two locations
- Manage your favorite trips
- Save your favorite routes and stops
- Save upcoming trip itinerary [...]

Psyched out on the bus

By 24 April 2012

I had to share the experience I had on the bus this morning….it’s a first world type of problem and I seek your forgiveness in advance for even bringing it up.
There I was, on the number 111 on my way to work. Just approaching Woden town centre, about two or three stops away when we [...]

80% of ACTION buses set to have bike racks by 30 June

By 18 April 2012

In a media statement released by Katy Gallagher today, she said that by 30 June of this year, 80% of ACTION buses will have bike racks.
“The ACT Government is committed to providing bike and ride options for Canberrans as an easy, environmentally friendly and healthy means for people to use their bike to access public [...]

The Chief Minister pronounces MyWay a resounding success


Katy Gallagher released a statement last night about the progress of MyWay.
She says MyWay went live on 11 April last year with minimal difficulties; Canberrans finding it easy to adjust to the new ticketing technology.
“MyWay makes it easier and cheaper for the vast majority of bus travellers to enjoy bus travel”, the Chief [...]

Around the world, every week, with empty ACTION buses

By 14 April 2012

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is giving Chief Minister Gallagher a kick over dead running by ACTION buses and the lack of answers to how bad the problem currently is:
The Canberra Liberals lodged a question on notice on 23 February 2012 seeking information about the $120 million bus service. The answer was meant to be returned [...]

Why bother running buses at all? ACTION reveals Easter services

By 4 April 2012

ACTION have announced their “services” for the Easter long weekend.
ACTION will be operating to a Sunday timetable over the Easter long weekend, from Friday 6 April to Monday 9 April. View Sunday timetable…
Because running a Saturday service on the Saturday was just too hard?

Only 314 missed bus services in February


Chief Minister Gallagher is breaking out the bubbly and letting us know ACTION made 68,504 out of 68,818 scheduled services in February.
“ACTION’s service delivery has consistently been at or above 99.5% since July 2011, which is a great result,” the Chief Minister said.
“I am pleased that we have seen improvements in ACTION’s service reliability over [...]

Flip cards for the blind bus catchers


Here at RiotACT we certainly hope we have blind users, if only because we’ve spent years putting alt tags onto images and it’d be nice if someone was using them.
We mention this because Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the ACT Government is going to be providing “bus hailing kits” to Canberra’s visually impaired commuters:
“The bus [...]

Red Rapid a winner?


The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is heralding the triumph of what she sees as The Greens Red Rapid bus routes:
The latest ACTION passenger figures obtained by the ACT Greens reveal the Red Rapid has quickly grown to become the fourth most popular bus route in the ACT.
The ACT Greens negotiated the introduction of the Red Rapid [...]

Nightrider redux?

By 26 March 2012

The Greens are wondering why the Nightrider buses are confined to the warm months, and if we can have it again?
Last Summer’s “Nightrider” bus service carried a record breaking number of patrons, according to data obtained by the ACT Greens.
The data also reveals the ACT Government trebled the advertising budget for the service for [...]

ACTION network changes for 2012


Our bus network has announced their tweaks to the system for this year.
The new bus network is expected to commence on Monday 28 May 2012. All timetables will change as a result of the new network. Timetables are currently being updated and will be available two weeks prior to the commencement of the new [...]

A ring road for Canberra?


Chief Minister Gallagher has announced the release of the Transport for Canberra Strategy.
The key features of the Transport for Canberra Strategy include:
– 15 minute frequency public transport on the Frequent Network;
– 30 minute frequency public transport services within a 5-10 minute walk of everyone by 2021;
– public transport infrastructure: transitways, stations, park and ride [...]

Wrinklies go free on the buses this week

By 19 March 2012

Katy Gallagher has the lovely news for Senior Card holders that, to celebrate Seniors Week, they can ride the buses to their heart’s content for free in the off-peak hours.
Now will we see the kids riding free for Youth Week?

$1.4 mil for better bus stops for the disabled

By 13 March 2012

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has announced a big upgrade of the disability access of Canberra’s bus stops:
Chief Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, announced today that a project to upgrade 300 bus stops across Canberra to improve accessibility for people with disabilities is now well underway with the first 75 completed.
“This program [...]

Bus travel a right or priviledge? [With poll]

By 9 March 2012

The ABC reports today that an ACTION bus driver kicked 15 students from Telopea Park School off a bus.
Apparently he was not pleased with their behaviour, though there is no indication of whether the behaviour was criminal or dangerous to the driver or other passengers.
It seems that in survey after survey in Australia’s [...]

The Cooma Connector rolls in

By 27 February 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is letting us know the first commuter bus from Cooma has arrived in Canberra:
“The ACT Government is committed to the development of safe, accessible and efficient methods of public transport and I believe that the Cooma Connector service is a fantastic initiative that meets all of these goals,” the Chief Minister said.
“This [...]

Wanna decorate a bus?

By 25 February 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is calling on the young’uns (who are stuck with the bus system until they turn 17) to send in ideas for what “the ultimate environmentally friendly bus” would look like.
“The artwork of each winning entry will decorate the inside panel of an ACTION bus for 12 months. An overall winner will also [...]

Show buses!

By 23 February 2012

Territory And Municipal Services have special buses running for the Royal Canberra Show:
Free chartered ACTION buses will operate at regular intervals over Friday and Saturday taking passengers from the Canberra Show to the City Bus Station between 9 pm and midnight.
Friday 24 February 2012
ACTION’s Red Rapid route 200 express service links Gungahlin, Mitchell, EPIC [...]

Bus stops for Adelaide Avenue

By 21 February 2012

Simon Corbell has put forth word that he is thinking about putting more bus stops on Adelaide Avenue:
The ACT Labor Government is investigating options for several new bus stops along Adelaide Avenue which would make public transport more available to residents of Canberra’s inner south, including Deakin, Yarralumla and Curtin, Minister for the Environment and [...]

The Greens go look at a bus, a double decker bus!

By 2 February 2012

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has shared the news they they’ve been inspecting a double decker bus.
“I was interested to learn that the showcased double decker can carry more passengers than the standard ACTION articulated bus, and is cheaper,” said ACT Greens Transport Spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA.
“One of the issues the Greens are concerned about [...]

Bus v. Taxi on Marcus Clarke

By 24 January 2012

While cycling blithely by on the footpath this afternoon I noticed that Marcus Clarke street was badly clagged up after a taxi had failed to drive through a bus.
Is it just me or are taxi drivers not all they used to be?

Bogan kids damages ACTION bus

By 14 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

My first time to take the bus 702 yesterday turned out to be quite an adventure. Perhaps that’s what you get on Friday 13th.
As the bus went up Northbourne, near the public housing just before Dickson, a kid threw a solid object at the bus and hit the rear door. There was a loud bang [...]

Public Transport Rip-off

By 12 January 2012

Our second car is currently out of rego, waiting for the Christmas tide to turn and money to start flowing again. My wife was going to take the kids for a trip to the mall tomorrow, which means using [gasp] public transport.
Now for an adult with 3 children, one under 5, the cash fare for [...]

All you freeloading bus-goers cost ACTION $5 million

By 10 January 2012

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, they say, but last financial year there were plenty of free bus rides. Around $5 million worth actually, thanks to the aged-and-failing Wayfarer ticketing system which was recently phased out for MyWay.
The figure is part of an ACTION bus audit compiled by the auditor-general.
“So that $3-$5 million [...]

Nightrider Victory Declared

By 6 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher is thrilled by patronage for this summer’s Nightrider:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, has declared the ACT Government’s Nightrider bus service a resounding success with 2,608 people utilising the service throughout December2011.
“The ACT Government’s Nightrider service proved a very popular and affordable option for people to [...]

Nightrider turns into success

By 12 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Katy Gallagher is celebrating a tenfold rise in people using the Nightrider bus service in its opening weekend.
“A total of 548 people used the Nightrider service on Friday and Saturday night. This is one of the busiest opening weekends in the history of the service,” the Chief Minister said.
“This compares to the 59 people who [...]

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