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Smyth appointment a bombshell for Libs

Brendan Smyth

The ACT Government has struck a significant blow to the Canberra Liberals just weeks before the ACT election by appointing Deputy Opposition Leader Brendan Smyth to a plum public service job that could’ve been designed just for him, he is so well qualified for it: he will be the Canberra’s first commissioner for international engagement [...]

Libs’ City Hopper would take in Russell, Parliamentary Triangle

City Hopper promo

The Canberra Liberals have released their plan to counter the ACT Government’s recently announced free weekday City Loop bus: a loop bus of their own to run seven days a week over a longer route that would service an ANU circuit, the Australian War Memorial and Parliamentary Triangle, and for which users will pay.
The Government’s [...]

Zed Van Winkle

Zed and Tony 2

I was reflecting on an article or two from Amanda Vanstone in the Crimes recently and since she is an opinion piece writer, not a journalist, she can express her views in any direction she likes. I am going to follow her lead. She is an unabashed Liberal and it is widely known, so why [...]

Libs renew vow to stop light rail

Alister Coe

The Canberra Liberals have renewed their vow to stop light rail, describing yesterday’s announcement that contracts have been signed and work will begin on the project next month as “the most arrogant act in the ACT’s history”.
They have also called on the Government to publish the full contract and any sub-contracts in full.
“For [...]

Wall to consult small business on paid parking


The Liberal opposition would ditch the Barr government’s plan for paid parking in the Phillip commercial precinct, shadow minister for small business Andrew Wall said on Thursday.
“Unlike the government, the Canberra Liberals will be happy to consult with local businesses and look to accommodate their needs,” he said.
“There should be a fairer mix of short [...]

Ex-REIA chief to run with Libs in ACT poll, candidate list announced ahead of preselection formality

Amanda Lynch

Former CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Australia Amanda Lynch is set to be among the Canberra Liberals’ 25 candidates for the ACT election in October.
Ms Lynch’s name is on the list of 25 individuals that match the 25 candidacies available, but none aside from the eight sitting MLAs can be officially confirmed until [...]

Libs’ transport plan to boost buses after ditching tram

Bus stop

A Liberal ACT Government would provide eight separate rapid bus routes across Canberra, City to Airport bus services and faster non-stop suburban bus services to the major office hubs as part of a light rail-free revamp of the territory’s public service system.
The ACTION-bus focused offerings form key components of the transport plan the Canberra Liberals’ [...]

Is the anti-tram campaign off the rails?

Can the Tram

Has anyone else noticed that the anti-tram sentiment around town seems to have subsided since the announcement last month of the appointment of Canberra Metro consortium to build the first stage of the light rail network starting in June?
The level of noise about light rail seems to have dropped on RiotACT, on social media and, [...]

Libs defend Community Council system

By 18 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Nicole Lawder

The Canberra Liberals have attacked Chief Minister Andrew Barr over comments he made earlier this month about the territory’s district community councils.
The ACT Government funds seven community councils, in Belconnen, Gungahlin, North Canberra, Inner South Canberra, Woden Valley, Weston Creek and Tuggeranong.
The councils are voluntary, not-for-profit, community-based associations and currently the peak community representative bodies [...]

Do Canberra’s politicians waste your money?

By 25 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ve never really understood why the Canberra Liberals don’t change their name. Surely, the Canberra Neoconservatives, the Canberra Monarchists, or just the Canberra Abbott Lovers would be more appropriate. But after briefly perusing The Non-executive members Eighth Assembly Travel Report, recently released by the ACT Legislative Assembly, I suddenly realised: when it comes to spending [...]

Canberra Liberals Call for $5 Million in Emergency Assistance for Mr Fluffy Affected Homeowners and Residents

By 25 June 2014

The terrible effects caused by Mr Fluffy insulated properties are taking a major toll on many Canberra families and it’s time for the ACT Labor government to start offering financial assistance for those in the worst circumstances, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.
“Today I’m calling on the Chief Minister and government to [...]

21st Century Factionalism – Canberra Liberals Feuding Goes Digital

By 19 May 2014

Perhaps one of the more popular topics of discussion amongst local political insiders at present is the emergence of a raft of Facebook Fan Pages claiming to support the Canberra Liberals sub-grouping, the Menzies Group.
For those not already familiar with the internal workings of the local Liberal Party, the Menzies Group is a rebel band [...]

How do Canberra Libs get out of the wilderness?

By 28 March 2014

In his opinion piece in today’s Canberra Times, former Liberal Senator for the ACT Gary Humphries has said that the Canberra Liberals face a continued stretch in the wilderness unless they change their conservative ways.
I vote Liberal because I don’t think the Labor Government has been doing a good job, but I know many readers [...]

Chic Henry transitions from Liberal Stooge to Liberal

By 22 January 2014

The Canberra Times has the interesting news that Mr Summernats Chic Henry is now a paid up member of the Liberal Party:
Summernats legend Chic Henry has joined the ACT Liberal Party and has his sights set on a seat in the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2016.
The former Australian Motorist Party candidate has signed up to [...]

Can you smell what the Liberals are cooking?

By 10 December 2013

Jeremy Hanson’s issued an intriguing media alert:
ACT Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson will today be joined by colleagues Nicole Lawder, Andrew Wall and Giulia Jones to make a major announcement concerning the Canberra Liberals parliamentary team.
Hmmm. No Coe, Doszport or Smyth?
We’ll let you know when we hear something out of this.

Broke Liberals now facing a fine for their late disclosures

By 2 December 2013

Elections ACT has made a move on the shambolic Canberra Liberals for their failures to disclose donations on time:
An infringement notice has been issued to the Canberra Liberals for the party’s late submission of electoral financial disclosure returns, the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Phillip Green, said today.
“Since the start of this financial year, the Canberra Liberals [...]

Revolting Liberals* stuff up yet more of their paperwork as the money runs dry

By 12 November 2013

The Canberra Times is delving deep into the splintering, imploding, improperly documented world of the Canberra Liberals as Zed’s faction settle into their new digs on Capital Hill leaving the rest of the party to burn.
It seems that at ANU the progressive Liberals (defined as “lefties” no doubt by our more brain damaged commentators) can’t [...]

Gary Kent leaves the Liberal Party

By 3 October 2013

The ABC reports that the man who put Napoleon into “Napoleon Complex”, Gary Kent, has quit the Liberal Party because it’s just not fair:
He launched legal action in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal against his own party saying he was denied access to documents about the controversial preselection and the party’s financial situation.
In [...]

Liberals not doing a good job answering questions

By 26 August 2013

Last Monday we sent two questions in to the Canberra Liberals and can’t say the answers were entirely satisfactory.

Question 1:
The first one was why the Electoral Commission has the same home phone number for Zed Seselja and Merinda Nash.
Having been promised that our question had been forwarded to the appropriate person there has been deathly [...]

Gazza throws in the towel


Senator Humphries announced a press conference this morning at 11.45 to discuss last night’s party meeting and the Senate pre-selection.
We attended with a smattering of reptiles and, as the wind was blowing a hooligan, proceedings were moved inside.
I’ve recorded the whole shebang for posterity.
A particular highlight is at the end when he’s asked how the [...]

Liberals now attacking each other with lawyers as political pantomime continues


Not to be outdone by Labor’s ridiculous spill/no spill circus, the local Liberals have stepped forwards remind us that they are just as much a parody of a real political party by bringing in lawyers to settle this whole Zed Seselja versus Gary Humphries malarky.
For those who have blissfully avoided or managed to forget the [...]

Pogos turning the tide in the war upon the Zeddites

By 2 March 2013

The Canberra Times has a confused account of where the pre-selection War in Heaven (apparently conducted in the afterlife) for the Liberals Senate spot is up to.
Many Pogo* members excluded from voting by Zeddite manipulation (including Big Bob Winnel) have now got themselves some voting rights and it appears there will be another pre-selection vote.
Meanwhile [...]

Pogos to fight back

By 27 February 2013

The ABC has the unsurprising news that Senator Gary Humphries will take an opportunity if it comes his way:
A top level Liberal Party meeting will consider a motion to have the result set aside because of concerns that many members were denied a vote.
Senator Humphries was asked on Monday whether he would renominate if the [...]

Zed Seselja wonders why Labor won’t give Lanyon Valley a pool

By 27 February 2013

After Zed’s victorious campaign against the Pogos over the weekend he has now turned his mighty gaze onto the residents of Lanyon Valley and is wondering why Labor hasn’t given them a pool yet.
In the Assembly today, Mr Seselja will call on the ACT Labor Government to outline when they will develop more community facilities [...]

The Canberra Times again betrays democracy

By 11 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

There are two problems with the Canberra Times’ ongoing efforts to pre-empt democractic processes in their attempts to get around the moribund business of printing news on dead trees:
1) They get it wrong, all the time.
2) Their narrative robs the participants of democratic franchise
They should be judged very harshly for this.
But they’ll keep getting the [...]

And the Leader of the Canberra Liberals is… Jeremy Hanson

By 11 February 2013

Zed Seselja’s media advisor Emily Davis has announced there will be a press conference at 2pm.
(Yes exactly who is making the call is possibly significant)
Keep your eyes posted.

UPDATE: Jeremy Hanson is the leader, Alistair Coe as deputy.

It does make one wonder what Senator Humphries was playing at when he convinced the Canberra Times Alistair Coe [...]

Coe to rule?

By 11 February 2013

The Canberra Times is reporting that a deal has been done to install Alistair Coe as leader of the opposition in return for his Young Liberal army of darkness backing Zed’s Senate tilt.
Zed of course has a vote in the party room today.
In 8 months time when Zed leaves the Assembly the numbers will change.
It’s [...]

Liberals officially announce their team for the ACT election

By 24 March 2012

The Canberra Liberals have sent forth the official announcement of their candidates for the October election, written with Leader Zed Seselja as the speaker:
“In Brindabella, Brendan Smyth and I will be very well supported by Tharwa community hero Val Jeffrey, small businessman Andrew Wall, and Community sector CEO Nicole Lawder.
“In Ginninderra, Alistair Coe and Vicki [...]

ACT Liberals Twitter horrors

By 26 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Zed Seselja’s ACT Liberals in confected horror over the use of common vocabulary in twitter

Zed gives the money back

By 29 June 2011

The ABC brings word that Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has, in his slow way, had a look at the manner in which his party had made off with $10,000 of charity funds and has decided to give the money back.
Liberal Leader Zed Seselja insists his party has acted in good faith.
But he says having looked [...]

Canberra Liberals catch up with Christmas!

By 5 January 2011

Imagine our thrill to discover that in the last 30 minutes the Canberra Liberals have managed to post online their Christmas message.
We eagerly await their new year’s missive.
Who knows what weeks late announcements they’ll make as they set themselves up for an election year in 2012?

Zed’s Greatest Hits for 2010

By 10 December 2010

The Canberra Liberals publish their year in review.

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