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Parking at ANU

By 10 May 2008

Does anyone else find the parking situation at the ANU simply ridiculous?
I have recently purchased from the ANU a student parking permit (cost me $68), last month I parked in a rather shameful manner (30cm over the marked line and only because i could not find any other park and was running late for a [...]

Canberra Centre wants to close Ainslie Ave

By 10 May 2008

Although submissions have closed, people might be interested to know that the Canberra Centre has lodged a DA to put doors across the mall between Cooyong and Bunda Streets.
I understood that this was left open because it was building over a gazetted roadway, and that there was a lot of disquiet about them being allowed [...]

DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 10 May 2008

By 9 May 2008

[ 10 May 2008 to 11 May 2008. ] Its that time again, poets day. Where thinking of what is going on tonight or tomorrow override any thoughts of doing constructive work. I will up late tonight hoping the Brumbies salvage some hope in the republic with a win over the bulls at loftus versfeld and probably sleep through the rest of the weekend. [...]

Gungahlin teenage burglary gang nicked

By 8 May 2008

Just been called by ABC Radio for a comment on news the wallopers out our way have nabbed some 20 kids aged 12-17 for 55 break and enters. Apparently it’s been a 10-month investigation.
Very timely given the recent story on this sort of crime, and my own comments on the impact it has on so many [...]

Stanhope Continues to Cop Daily Telegraph Spray

By 8 May 2008

The front page of today’s Daily Telegraph is titled “Stanhope’s Poll Shock: Mean-Spirited Labor to lose control of ACT”
I tried to find the article on-line to link to, but I can’t find the electronic article amongst other Daily Telegraph headline stories including “How is that possible? I’m a lesbian”, “BB’s Michael furious over stripper” and [...]

Canberra – too far from anywhere

By 8 May 2008

Last week, my wife and I purchased a 7-seater lounge suite from ebay. No problem. we then found a courier that wasn’t over the top in costs to ship from Sydney (Casula) to Canberra (Kambah). Again, no problem.
Then the fun started. The courier picked the lounge suite up after around 20 calls by us all [...]

Police Raid at Piallago

By 8 May 2008

Driving through Pialligo this afternoon at 2pm and there were around 12 police all riot-geared up walking in a tight formation with shields, batons and guns at the ready. They were walking right up the middle of a driveway of one of the houses opposite the nurseries.
 It looked like a very seriuos raid/bust.
Anyone know what was going on?

Health clinic opens at UC

By 8 May 2008

ABC online is reporting that a new health clinic will open at the University of Canberra (UC) today, offering a range of services under the one roof. The clinic will offer physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and dietetics, exercise physiology and sleep apnoea therapy to the public.

Labor in trouble in ACT?

By 8 May 2008

This out of the SMH this morning.
Labor is struggling in the ACT ahead of October elections because it has lost touch with the community, an internal party document says.
News Ltd reports that the Labor hierarchy is panic-stricken and has confessed support for Chief Minister Jon Stanhope is in “decline” ahead of the October 18 territory [...]

Parliament House Turns Twenty

By 8 May 2008

The achillies heel of the Fairfax conglomerate, The Sydney Morning Herald is all
hugs and kisses about the The Parliament House turning twenty this Friday.
That got me thinking about my early memories of the place. I can remember wandering around the House on the Hill as it was created watching fat tradies in far too [...]

More on the ACT budget.

By 8 May 2008

Peter Martin, writing in the Canberra Times, has given a rather bleak and dismissive account of the budget.
Namely, he (Martin) focuses on the budget being election driven, and no so much out of need. MArtin does state that he believes the spending is worthwhile as it reverses earlier cutbacks as well as being well [...]

Canberra Olympic protesters appear in court

By 7 May 2008

Seven protesters who were arrested at last week’s Olympic torch relay in Canberra have appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court.
Not surprisingly, three of the men come from New South Wales, two from Victoria, one from Adelaide and only one from Canberra. Surprisingly, it also mentions that they where mostly of Chinese descent.
ABC online here.

Visiting Canberra – what to do?

By 7 May 2008

If you had to escort smoking hot Swedish (nationality is interchangeable according to taste) man or woman through the street of Canberra what venues (bar, pub, clubs, tractor pulls, whatever) would you take your newly formed imaginary friend to. Basically what does Canberra have to offer for and the internationally and interstate traveller. Please give [...]

Reflections of a Journey’s End

By 7 May 2008

[ 15 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 16 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 17 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 21 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 22 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 23 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; 24 May 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] Narrabundah College Theatre Arts Faculty is delighted to announce the opening of its world premiere of the uniquely exciting “REFLECTIONS OF A JOURNEY’S END”, a one-act play devised by Ernie Glass, drawing on the creative geniuses of Michael Leunig, Julian Lamb, Tom Stoppard, Samuel Beckett, T.S.Eliot, Ingmar Bergman, Douglas Adams, Jacques Brel and Richard Bach. The Year [...]

New generation of jazz hits town – Trio Apoplectic – Wed 14 May, 9pm Hippo Bar

By 7 May 2008

[ 14 May 2008 at 9:00 pm; ] New generation of jazz hits town – Trio Apoplectic – Wed 14 May, 9pm Hippo Bar“Original, often exploratory, and very well played. Some of the playing is reminiscent of Sydney legend Bernie McGann’s trio.” **** 4 stars John McBeath, The Australian  Apoplectic, adj. of, resembling, or produced by apoplexy: an apoplectic fit. Extremely angry; furious. You’d have to get on pretty [...]

Proposed Woolworths at Giralang Shops

By 7 May 2008

As many of you would know, the old Giralang shops have been deserted for some time and there is now a planning application to build units and a couple of shops on the site.  As an update, Nikias Nominees have announced that Woolworths may be interested in planning and building a supermarket on the entire [...]

Capital City Punkfest 16 bands for $15! Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Psychobilly

By 7 May 2008

[ 14 June 2008; ] Capital City Punkfest will be hosting some of Australia’s finest punk, hardcore, rockabilly and psychobilly bands on June 14th at The Basement, ACT. Ripping out with a massive 16 band line up including Casino Rumblers, The Black Market, Charlie Greaser, Throwaway Kids, Rust, Checkered Fist, Reason Strikes, Ebolagoldfish, Bladder Spasms, Eye-Gouge!, Mutual Exclusion, Lamexcuse, Outcome [...]

ACT election-year Budget released

By 6 May 2008

The Chief Minister has released the ACT budget, with an overview on ABC and a stack of media releases on the CM site.
Some good news from Gungahlin’s perspective:
$22M for Flemington Road duplication (only enough for the design??)
$18M for community health centre
Funds for park’n’rides
But given it’s an election budget, sure there’ll be some good news for [...]

Rumored Irish bar in Belconnen?

By 6 May 2008

I remember hearing a something about a Irish Pub opening in the Belconnen area. Does anyone know if this is true? I hope this wasn’t just a something I imagined in a drunken stuper.  

Floriade/Acton Carpark

By 5 May 2008

Does anyone know what is going on with the Floriade car park?
 There seems to be all these earth works going on there now.  The carparks have been opened for use by the general public during weekdays because of the lack of parking in the city, but now you cant even park there.  The secondary carpark [...]

Stanhope goes nuts at Rudd – video footage

By 5 May 2008
 Check this out.
He’s lost the plot!!!!! What a tool
[Ed. Tap notes below that the Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the decision despite Comrade Stanhopes misgivings in an article from the ABC]
The head of the Australian Christian Lobby group, Jim Wallace, says he is pleased the Federal Government has effectively stopped the ACT from legalising same [...]

No Nintendo games

By 5 May 2008

Sine i’ve had some time off from my University study, I have been playing alot more of my Nintendo Wii. What I have noticed is the severe lack of places to rent Wii games around my area (greater Belconnen, North Canberra and Civic). I am puzzled because the Wii has been the no.1 selling console in Australia and around the world since launch in November 2006.
After doing some calling and in-person visiting, here are the results.
Civic Video: No Wii games in any store, but they do have Xbox360 and PS3 games. Woman on the phone didn’t even know what a ‘Wii’ was, and sounded as if I had said an obscenity.
Video 2000: No Wii games in any store. Went in person to store in Jamison Centre.
Woman said they didnt have any Wii games because it’s not as popular as PS3 and XBOX360.
After telling her that the Wii is infact the no.1 console (and has been [...]

What else could the government tax?

By 5 May 2008

Local ACT government has always had a miniscule revenue base to finance the running of the Territory. We don’t have the industry,mining or agriculture bases of the states, and are unable to levy payroll tax on the Federal Government.
As a result, property is taxed to the hilt, with a range of innovative taxes and levy’s [...]

Canberra To Become Elite

By 4 May 2008

I’ve heard on the grapevine (third hand at least, so make of this what you will) that those responsible for Canberra Cabs (who also incidentally run Elite Taxi (and Silver Service in Queanbeyan) have decided Canberra Cabs don’t have a good reputation anymore. The solution to this, it seems, is to re-badge all  Canberra [...]

ABC RN program on the Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park

By 4 May 2008

ABC Radio National had an interesting program on the possible demise of the Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park located next to Fyshwick on its “Street Stories” program. It consisted mainly of interviews of the residents and was definitely biased in their favour. Some interesting facts came out that I didn’t know of such as that the [...]

ACT civil partnerships legislation loses ceremonial component

By 4 May 2008

the ACT attorney-general simon corbell has just announced that they have been forced to drop the ceremonial component of the civil partnerships/unions legislation which is going to be retabled this week – purely because the federal government have broken their election commitment (to not interfere in state & territory matters) and stated they will overturn [...]

ACT Barista Championships

By 4 May 2008

Recently on 19-20 April 2008 the Canberra leg of the 2008 AASCA (AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association) Championship Circuit was held at the Parvaiz Café in Forrest. Congratulations go to Patrick Connolly (not sure where he works – anyone?) ACT’s new Barista Champion. Runner up was Bobby from Gus’s café. Couldn’t find a list [...]

Santa Lucia, Kingston

By 3 May 2008

Just had lunch at that Canberra institution, Santa Lucia.  I didn’t have high expectations, as the only strong memory of the place is many years ago, our hockey group got a conga line going through the restaurant and got all the other punters involved, but when the line went out the front door, the owner [...]

Maybe Save A Few Bucks In Petrol

By 3 May 2008

If you want a few tips on how to possible save a few bucks when you’re filling up, keep the following points in mind:
Never fill-up when the refuelling tanker is at the station.  Firstly, the process of pumping the fuel underground adds oxygen to the fuel, so as you pump it, you end up with [...]

Who would you Support??

By 2 May 2008

Canberra has had some top sporting figures and teams over the years but we have seen crowd numbers fluctuate over the years to the extent that some teams have folded (the Cannons), been demoted out of the National Competition (the Comets) or failed to get of the ground (several attempts to get one of [...]

Police investigate Civic sexual assault

By 1 May 2008

According to the ABC, Canberra police are investigating a sexual assault on a 19-year-old woman in a Civic car park.
The woman was approached by a man outside a nightclub on London Circuit about 2:00am Friday morning.
After a short conversation with the man, the victim decided to walk to another nightclub, on the corner of Alinga [...]

Bimberi Recruitment

By 1 May 2008

Bimberi is the new “Youth Detention Centre” in Mitchell, and as it nears completion, they are recruiting staff now.
This from the DHCS website:
Bimberi will replace the current Youth Detention Centre at Symonston. It will be the first Human Rights Compliant youth detention centre in Australia. As well as being designed to meet Human Rights standards, [...]

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