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Airport parking review – will it include Canberra?

By 6 April 2008

The AGE today has a story on an upcoming ACCC review of airport parking charges. They, and Minister Albanese have finally realised airports are a monopoly that need some scrutiny.
However, the article states that the ACCC will review charges at Australia’s 5 major airports – so Sydney, Melbourne – and 3 others. Will Canberra be [...]

Mental Health Advocacy Movement

By 5 April 2008

Are you interested to do something to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness?
Mental Health Advocacy is a movement that aims to:
1. Promote the well-being of individuals diagnosed with mental disorders;
2. Reduce discrimination and stigmatisation;
3. Uphold the rights of individuals diagnosed with mental disorders; and
4. Assist individuals diagnosed with a mental disorder to be productive members [...]

The Switch to Green Expo offers Canberrans ‘an earth hour’ every day of the year

By 5 April 2008

It’s time to Switch to Green  – Join the action towards a CARBON NEUTRAL CAPITAL!
Don’t miss the last day of the Expo! Drop into the Switch to Green on Saturday to enjoy the best in class green products and services that are on the market today.

Shock! Horror! Chaser Skit Offends!

By 4 April 2008

Interested to hear people’s reaction to the Chaser’s “you’re a terrible audience” skit in their [Canberra] shows last weekend.  I thought this was fairly typical Chaser fare, but someone at the show I was at was clearly offended and started yelling abuse back at them!  Why do people go to comedy shows but then take the [...]

Airlines assist Brumbies in home defence bid against the Chiefs tonight

By 4 April 2008

[ 4 April 2008 at 7:40 pm; ] is reporting here that delays out of New Zealand and into Canberra have turned the Waikato Chiefs away trip for their game against the Brumbies tonight from an 11 to a 30 hour journey, tiring them out and denying them of a practice session in Canberra.

The jinxed trip started on Wednesday a 2.30pm [...]

Ho hum yawn – the Libs announce potential team.

By 4 April 2008

One of their best possibilities, Troy Williams, of course ran for the hills after apparently being undermined by the Liberal Director, Andy Heath and Members of their parliamentary team. Of course there is no Richard Mulcahy – their great hope for the next election.
Sadly for the Liberal’s most of their ‘dead-wood’ sitting candidates are running [...]

Where is all the premium unleaded fuel?

By 4 April 2008

I lease a car which takes premium unleaded and am required to fill the car at BP petrol stations using a special fuel card.  I can really only go to BP because it is there that they measure my odometre readings each time I fill up to make sure I am driving sufficient kilometres as detailed in [...]

DIY Wotz on Guide for 4 April 2008

By 4 April 2008

The weather has turned cold and my tomatoes got hit with their first bit of frost today, but thats not going to stop the weekend coming. So what are people upto, let us know in the comments.

ADFA might be closed

By 4 April 2008

From today’s Fin Review (page 15), Defence “sources” have said Defence has been asked to cost axing ADFA. In my experience, when it gets to that point, it’s gone.  
Apparently if ADFA were to go, then they’d return to the old officer training system where officer trainees attended civilian universities, and then did their officer training at Duntroon, [...]

Canberra Times – Image library

By 4 April 2008

nice work – caption names are filenames – carefull with that sub-eds
Poor lad in the pic can’t get into his SLUM

National Folk Festival – Fresh Images Online

By 4 April 2008

A collection of images from the national folk festival have been posted online at Lushpup Images. Bands featured include Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen, The Counterfeit Gypsies and Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens. There’s also a large collection of ‘postcards’ of the four day festival.
Comments welcomed.

Death of a Slum, at last – CT 4 April, 2008

By 4 April 2008

Front page of the Canberra Times, 04 April, reports the expected sale of Fraser Court in Kingston. The article makes much of the crime that used to happen there – and rightly so. What has astounded me is the insightful comment made by Mr David Collett, Dept of Disability, Housing and Comm Services assessment managing [...]

Petrol rip-off at Caltex Braddon

By 4 April 2008

The Caltex at Braddon are using a practice that I believe is illegal.
Realising my tank was low and it was Thursday morning and probably too late to beat the weekend price spike, I was surprised to see the Caltex had E10 at 135.4c, so ducked right in. Started pumping and the bowser came up 11c/l more!
When [...]

Bizarre Ainslie shops crash

By 3 April 2008

I just saw this crash at Ainslie shops. Someone has managed to reverse their car into the beer garden out the front of Edgars. The angle of the car is pretty impressive. Fire brigade arrived and ambulance was on it’s way. I think someone had been knocked off their feet.

Does anyone know what happened? or [...]

Free Mess Hall tickets!

By 3 April 2008

I don’t want to pollute Riot Act with classifides but I don’t want my Mess Hall tix to go to waste!
If anyone is planning on catching the Mess Hall at the Greenroom tomorrow night, (Friday, 4 April) here’s your chance for some freebies.
I’m a bit devistated I can’t go, but will feel better if someone if [...]

Hypersonics Seminar & Technical Tour – Thursday 10th April

By 3 April 2008

[ 10 April 2008 at 6:00 pm; ] The local American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics Section presents:


Dr. Andrew Neely
Senior Lecturer
School of Aerospace, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Australian Defence Force Academy

Building #20, School of Aerospace, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Australian Defence Force Academy, Northcott Drive, Canberra
A map can be found here. Please park in the North Carpark and [...]

RIP Rod Campbell

By 3 April 2008

Rod Campbell, one of the longest serving journalists in Canberra , died yesterday, aged 58, of lung cancer.
Jack Waterford has penned a obituary that can be found care of the Canberra Times, the paper Rod worked at most of his career, here.
ABC online has a brief story here.
Rod was best known as a crime reporter [...]

Russian Community Bazaar

By 3 April 2008

[ 5 April 2008 at 10:00 am; ] The Canberra Russian community is having a Bazaar this coming Saturday (5 April 08) between 10am and 2pm in the Russian Church Hall on Matina St in Narrabundah (across the street from the Russian Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist – the one with the tall silvery cupola on top which you can see from [...]

Florey man gets stabby whilst in psycosis

By 3 April 2008

The ABC greets us with the news this morning that ACT’s newest soft serve on crime has dealt out an 18 month good behaviour bond to a Florey man, Mr Anthony Staines whom after gobbling mushrooms and imbibing in the standard speed binge stabbed a women in the adbomen.
Justice Penfold has suggested that the attack [...]

Claim of pack rape at Cotter camp site

By 3 April 2008

Just ripped this from CT’s homepage.
Police are investigating an alleged pack rape of a 15-year-old girl by three men in the Cotter camping ground on Sunday night.
The girl was camping with a group of friends aged between 15 and 19 at the time.
The alleged victim told The Canberra Times that the rape occurred after she [...]

Idiots pummel each other on Youtube

By 3 April 2008

I’d like to thank “Baddestkunt” for posting his footage “canberra boyz” on Youtube and showing the world how refined we Canberran’s can really be.
Anyone got any comments on the participants technique?

WIN News to be cancelled?

By 2 April 2008

Amazing! Working where i do, a lot of press releases and intersting emails cross my path on the way up to the management upstairs. Personally, this one left me shocked and astounded. Righto, prepare for the backlash:
“In Light of recent events, channel 9 has decided to cease broadcasting local news in the canberra [...]

Proposal for Belconnen naval station to become a Roo-seum?

By 2 April 2008

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not this was actually a April Fools article printed a day late… but the Canberra Times Online has an article proposing that the naval station at Belconnen should become a tourist attraction serving several purposes:
(a) preserving the historic naval station as a museum,
(b) providing a tourist attraction targeting Asian [...]

Deservant of Guidedog?

By 2 April 2008

About 15 minutes ago, on Alinga Street just near the Post office in Civic, I saw a middle-aged blind man get into an altercation with a woman over his treatment of his guidedog.
 I didn’t see him mistreat his dog, but from the way he screamed at the woman I am guessing he is not the [...]

Kiddie Libs in Forgery or Foolery

By 2 April 2008

Normally student politics bores me to tears but sometimes you find a gem. This story is rolled gold. If it’s true that is…
Over on The Other Cheek, the blog’s author, Andrew Landeryou, has published an exposé, allegedly penned by an anonymous Liberal insider, recounting the failed attempt by now former ANU Liberal Party President to [...]

Flash Mob Pillow Fight in Garema Place today

By 2 April 2008

[ 2 April 2008 at 12:50 pm; ] Pinched from it’s facebook events page (here);
National Youth Week is celebrating in style this year, with the biggest and best festival yet! It’ll be one big party and to kick it off we’re having a media call to try to bring all the media out. To do this, we are inviting you, and your friends [...]

Chloe Dallimore appears in Canberra.

By 2 April 2008

[ 4 April 2008 at 7:00 pm; 5 April 2008 at 7:00 pm; ] Chloe Dallimore, one of Australia’s foremost leading ladies of musical theatre is appearing at Teatro Vivaldi Restaurant at the ANU this Friday and Saturday.

She recently starred as Millie Dillmount in The Production Company’s ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ to critical acclaim. She also starred  as Ula in ‘The Producers’ however before this she worked in David Atkin’s ‘Sweet [...]

Total Fire Ban today

By 2 April 2008

There’s a total fire ban on today – N/NW strong winds expected later today, on top of pretty dry conditions.
Certainly getting pretty crispy around our parts.
And this just days after the official end of the fire season…

HP to acquire TOWER Software

By 1 April 2008

Most of the Public Servants here will have at least heard of or used TRIM Context at some stage.
Well the company that started it all out of a garage in Canberra is now in the process of being acquired by HP.
For those that don’t know who TOWER Software are:
Tower was founded in 1985 and [...]

Defence Calls Off Roo Cull. Hippies win.

By 1 April 2008

The Belconnen kangaroo cull has been called off, with the Department of Defence now determined to go ahead with its original plans to relocate the animals to NSW.
Defence announced last night it would seek the ACT Government’s cooperation in conducting “a scientific trial of kangaroo management techniques, including translocation”.
Canberra Times has the full story here:

LBG to be expanded?

By 1 April 2008

A freind of mine who works for Environment told me something interesting the other day. he was at a meeting with people from the Water Australia National Committee.
The discussion was on enlarging Lake Burley Griffin and, from what I overheard, it would entail removing Scrivener dam and building a new dam some distance further down [...]

AFP Detective charged with having kiddie porn

By 31 March 2008

Yesterday on the radio I heard that two men, in separate incidents, had been arrested in the ACT regarding child pornography charges; one of whom was a serving ACT detective. In slight disbelief I spoke to a friend who is a ACT police officer who told me that he had heard a rumor to that [...]

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