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Candle Lighting Ceremony

By 9 April 2011

[ 4 May 2011 at 5:45 pm; ] Candle Lighting Ceremony to remember those who have died as a result of domestic violence, 4th May, 5.45pm Garema Place

Bassoon and Keyboard all over Canberra


It may seem strange that YouTube has a symphony orchestra.
It may seem strange that this lead to sessions of keyboard and bassoon composition all over Canberra.
But there you go. We live in strange times.

Raidercast: Round 3 – Canberra Raiders Preview and review podcast

By 25 March 2011

The Canberra Raiders podcast, Raidercast, round 3 edition 2011.

Raidercast: Canberra Raiders Round 2 Preview and Review Podcast

By 17 March 2011

Raidercast: Round 2 Preview n Review
Click here to download “Raidercast: Round 2 Preview n Review”
In this episode of Raidercast we review the Canberra Raiders V Cronulla Sharks round 1 match from last weekend and we also have an in depth preview of the Canberra Raiders’ clash this Friday’s against the Brisbane Broncos. Join Rick for [...]

Best training in Canberra

By 17 March 2011

Where to go for training?

Raidercast: “The Start of Something Big” – S11 E01 10032011

By 11 March 2011

There is only one sleep to go until the start of the season, and to kick things off here at, I have released the first full Raidercast episode of the year.
Download podcast: Raidercast – “The Start of Something Big”
In The Start of Something Big I (Rick) discuss the Matt Orford signing and if it [...]

Canberra lucky to have some of Australia’s finest

By 10 March 2011

Finally, the answer to the questions on everyone’s lips: ‘Who is Alan Wu?’

BarCamp Canberra returns on 19 March 2011

By 4 March 2011

[ 19 March 2011; ] For the 4th year BarCamp Canberra is on!

BarCamp Canberra is a free one-day volunteer-run ‘unconference’ where the participants are in charge.

As ever, depending the attendees, we’ll have speakers on topics such as: Social Innovation, Gov 2.0, Web, Design, Makers/Hackers, Science Communication, Skeptic/Critical Thinking, Sustainability/Environmental, interdisciplinary topics and more.

Lunch is provided, and we even have a [...]

Canberra height datum?

By 3 March 2011

Can anybody tell me the Canberra height datum for my tech assignment?
[ED - Can anyone tell me what a Canberra height datum is?]

Azz & Nick shred Canberra


“caratgold” has posted this one to YouTube with this note:
Azza and Nick G shreddin around canberra back in the day 2005? or somewhere abouts. Songs are ‘Jack of Spades’ KRS1, Come with Me’ Life MC and a little Beatkonducta track by madlib.
Even if you don’t enjoy the skateboarding there’s plenty of skateboarders hurting themselves and [...]

Just what are the Ukranians angry about?

By 19 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Well done to our Ukranian friends, you can stop traffic in Canberra.
Now… why?

Raidercast – Trial 1 2011 Preview – Canberra Raiders V Melbourne Storm

By 19 February 2011

In a special edition of Raidercast from, I preview the upcoming trial game this arvo between the Canberra Raiders and Melbourne Storm. Get all the latest team and injury news from Raidercast ahead of the Raiders first game of the year.
You can download Raidercast in mp3 format from the Canberra Raiders Forums or [...]

Ultra Micro Indoor Aerobatics in Canberra

By 16 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 19 February 2011 at 7:00 pm; ]

Tiny 50gram airframes zooming around inside a basketball stadium while it’s raining outside. Larger 3D aerobatic aircraft hovering up the walls and flying through the rafters. Electric helicopters with 100 parts all vibrating in loose formation together.

Well that’s what’ll be happening this saturday night in the Tuggers basketball stadium from 7:00-9:30pm. Run by the local [...]

Canberra, Australia’s scum capital.

By 15 February 2011

I have lived in Canberra for 2 years. I will be glad to see the back of this awful place! I thought when I moved here I would be moving to a small friendly city, where the family was safe and we could make a new life and take advantage of all the just opportunities Canberra seemed to offer. How [...]

Update on ACTION Mobile Application

By 15 February 2011

Hey all,
We recently released an update to our application which we mentioned several times on this site before, and was featured on some local news channels.
Our free application now contains accurate bus times and routes, informs users of what bus trips are accessible for disabled commuters, and reflects what is available on the ACTION website, [...]

Movie Extra Tropfest 2011 is almost here!

By 11 February 2011

Only 1 week to go before an estimated 25,000 people gather in Commonwealth Park to be entertained by live music, play interactive audience games and of course watch the 16 films that made it to the finals of Tropfest 2011.
Hopefully the 16th film into the finals will be Tinman by Canberra team James Hunter & [...]

Canberra bucket list?

By 27 January 2011

Our mates moved to Melbourne so we are making a list of “must do’s” in Canberra. We can prove the Nation’s Capital has just as much to offer… not somewhere where we ride kangaroos to work on a dirt road.
So far we have a list of bars, restaurants and sites to see/do…

‘Best of Canberra’ Social Group

By 20 January 2011

Join a group of fun social people who are out to prove that the myth of Canberra being a boring place is wrong, and get together regularly to mingle, meet new people, and enjoy a range of the ‘what’s on’ activities around town.
Activities will include a diverse range of events, including concerts, live shows, comedy [...]

Petition ACTION and the ACT Government for a Mobile Application!

By 13 January 2011

Hey all,
We are a group of ANU university students, and as a born and bred Canberran, I’ve always had trouble with the Action Bus system. I have a hard time finding out where the stops are, the bus website is really hard to use on the go, and judging from the posts already made regarding [...]

Grieving the loss of time in Canberra

By 13 January 2011

Over the Christmas period I was lucky enough to get a stop over in Canberra. I lived there for about eight years from when I was 14 until 24.
I never really wanted to leave but I was not going to be able to stay and be happy. Our family went through an intense period [...]

What’s the Quangers bit??

By 2 January 2011

I know it goes both ways…
Geesh most of people in Quangers in court on Mondays are from Oaks Estate (ACT) Majority of them came from ACT (still in ACT) just offended in Quangers.
Civic wanted them out,,,,give them Govvy housing in Oaks Estate and send them in Qbn for thier Methadone and free meals…Still ACT’s issue [...]

Police happy with New Years’ crowds

By 1 January 2011

This in from ACT Policing:
A large number of people gathered in Civic welcoming 2011 in a responsible and considered manner. Police noted the vast majority of revellers were well behaved and considerate of others, reflected in the low number of arrests.
New Year’s Eve Police Commander Superintendent Mark Antill said the 4 arrests related to [...]

Boxing Day rituals in Canberra

By 26 December 2010 FEATURED ARTICLE

I nominate:
- watching the Boxing Day Test
- watching the start of the Sydney/Hobart race
- consuming your favourite hangover recipes, whether in solid or liquid form (tips welcome!)
- having a nana nap in the afternoon.
Of course, some people may go jogging.  But I’m guessing they are in the minority.
What are other Rioters doing today?

Ute Santa’s itinerary?

By 17 December 2010

Santa in the Ute has visited Monash this arvo (sorry, not quick enough to get the camera out). 
Any other sightings this year?

Your Canberra postcode reveals your income

By 16 December 2010

Hi rioters.
This is in response to the recent post Follow the money – Canberra postcodes mapped for wealth.
In the thread the question was asked
Are there other maps which illustrate other aspects of “wealth” apart from “investment habits” such as income, assets, etc.?
Actually, I was also curious as there are perceptions in Canberrans’ mind of which [...]

ACT Residents, Getting Older and Working Longer

By 7 December 2010

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its latest expose on the characteristics of the ACT.
In the 12 months ending August 2010, there were an estimated 75,700 ACT residents aged 55 years and over, making up 26% of the ACT civilian population. Just over 40% of them (or 30,500 people) were participating in the labour [...]

Skydiving over Canberra

By 6 December 2010

[First filed: Dec 4, 2010 @ 14:31]

“paddy217125″ has posted to YouTube an excellent video of tandem skydiving over Canberra.
For those who haven’t tried it yet, trust me, this really captures the experience well.

Canberra vs Sydney Roller Derby 11 Dec 2010

By 5 December 2010 FEATURED ARTICLE

Do you want to be apart of what will be the largest roller derby event Canberra Roller Derby League  has ever hosted?
Well your in luck because there are still tickets available through Ticketek.
This bout will see Canberra Roller Derby League’s representative team the Vice City Rollers play against Sydney Roller Derby League’s representative team the [...]

Raidercast – “Pilot” – The Canberra Raiders’ Podcast from

By 2 December 2010

Raidercast’s first show (pilot) has now been fully released and is available for download from Mediafire here.
Raidercast is the Canberra Raiders’ podcast produced by the team at
In our pilot we talk a little bit about the 2010 season, Terry Campese’s injury, possible replacements for Campo, 4 nations, club news and more.
We would love [...]

Twitter: Follow @TrafficCanberra

By 30 November 2010

Hello fellow Canberran drivers,
Do you want to follow what’s up with traffic related updates across the capital? Then follow @TrafficCanberra on twitter!
Myself and JohnnyCharisma (member of riotACT) manage this twitter account to retweet traffic related tweets across the capital community to keep you safe and aware. We retweet traffic related tweets from the police too.
TrafficCanberra [...]

Tuggeranong Arts Centre Comedy Club 2010 FINALE!

By 30 November 2010

[ 7 November 2010 at 8:00 pm; ] A bumper year for the Tuggeranong Arts Centre (TAC) Comedy Club is set to finish with a bang on Tuesday, December 7.

The consummate and clean-working Michael Connell, in his exclusive Canberra show, will head up a killer line-up of comedians that includes Toby Halligan, Johnno Davies, Jay Sullivan and much more. 

Michael is a talented musician, [...]

Abandonment in Lawson?

By 22 November 2010

View Larger Map
Anyone have an idea as to what happened to this area in Lawson?
There seems to be an abandoned tennis court, driveways, streets, footpaths and vacant lots.

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