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Improvention 2012 – Festival of improvised comedy and theatre

By 19 June 2012

[ 30 June 2012 to 7 July 2012. ] Improvention is the largest festival of improvised comedy and theatre in Australia, and it happens right here in Canberra!

From Saturday 30 June through to Saturday 7 July, there will be festival shows on every night in numerous venues across Canberra. Performance program is available at:

Improvention 2012 opens with a Celebrity Gala on Saturday 30 [...]

CanMeme brings your favourite bits of the internet to a Canberra context


It’s just a Facebook page, but there’s some funny stuff over on CanMeme (Canberra Memes).
They’ve got 169 likes as of right now, let’s see what we can do.

A tale of two cities: Canberra vs Sydney

By 28 May 2012

I remember the very first time I saw Sydney. I can remember the exact words out of my mouth: Now this is a city I can like. I loved moving there a few years later, spending my formative youth on Sydney’s beaches and in its clubs. Of all the teenagers on the planet at that [...]

Stolen Car – Tues 8 May in Phillip

By 9 May 2012

Blue Nissan 200sx stolen from an apartment block in Phillip between 9.50pm and 11.15pm on Tuesday 8 May 2012.
Car is currently unregistered but did have ACT number plates on it.
If anyone has any information that may assist in recovering the car please call the police or reply to this thread.

Free brainfood talk: Big Bang by Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith

By 4 May 2012

Space geeks should check out this free talk next Tuesday from 6pm at the CSIRO Discovery Centre.
Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith is CSIRO’s Project Scientist on Australia’s bid to win the giant Square Kilometre Array project. This is a massive project of some 3000 radio astronomy dishes and arrays with a total surface area of (you guessed [...]

Why I love Canberra in Autumn


Oh OK … it’s Autumn and all the leaves are coloured and the air’s turning crisp and photographers are out taking pictures – as they do. I thought I’d share this one because the way the light has literally ‘infused’ the leaves and brought out some spectacluar colours. Canberra expresses it’s seasons so emphatically. I [...]

End of an Era

By 1 May 2012

So, the Lyneham servo finally closed it’s doors on the weekend.
The bike shop left months ago.
Soon the place will dug up and (presumably) the ground detoxed to make way for some more units … can’t be too many of these suburban servos left.
I remember the ones in Watson, Ainslie (& the mad [...]

Botanic Gardens AfterDARK – a preview


On Saturday evening I went along with the family to a special members event at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG). The rainforest gully walk has been kitted out with low wattage LED lighting funded by the ‘Friends of the Botanic Gardens’ and Saturday night was the first time they were showing it off. There [...]

An experience of Canberra’s Mental Health service from the consumer’s point of view.

By 24 April 2012

Well with my life seriously sucking right now I went to ask for help. Over the past 6 months I’ve fronted up at the hospital to ask for mental health help. Each time I’ve been interviewed, assessed, asked lots of questions, and sent home then not called back again till weeks later. This time I [...]

Belco’s owl is gone!

By 23 April 2012

The giant owl sculpture in Belconnen that has been the source of so much debate is gone. Just the concrete base remains…
Here’s how the mystery unfolded on Twitter on Friday night, to a deal of amusement, courtesy of Canberra Times cartoonist David Pope’s feed (I tidied up RTs and rearranged to make sense to non-tweeps), and [...]

In My Eyes Photography Exhibition

By 11 April 2012

[ 2 May 2012 12:00 pm to 16 May 2012 12:00 pm. ] The Australian National University (ANU) is holding a photography exhibition at The Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre that will showcase images that represent what Canberra means to its students. All photographic submissions that are in line with the theme will be accepted, with all photographs being shown on the exhibition website and on a slideshow during [...]

Canberra Air Disaster

By 9 April 2012

On the 8th of April 2012, myself along with a small group of friends headed up to the Canberra Air Disaster Memorial we wanted to see if we saw any paranormal activity. We arrived at roughly 9pm at night, there were two other NSW P plater cars at the gate, discussing whether we would go [...]

Piercing places in Canberra?

By 6 April 2012

I know there’s a few threads about this but as far as I can tell, none from this year / late last year, so I thought it might be worth asking around since apparently Justin’s is now closed etc.
I’m thinking of a navel piercing – I’ve had 3 cartilage ones done at Redpath and 1 [...]

Dawn balloon and lake mist

By 2 April 2012

I participated in the inaugural 2012 Google+ Photowalk held here in Canberra on Saturday morning. Canberra dawn, lake and balloons … It was an early start (7am at Regatta Point) but the day was an absolute cracker weather wise.
More images of our gorgeous city over on the Lushpup Blog.

State of the Riot Q1 2012


As Canberra’s only media outlet giving honest reports about its audience we’ve made a habit of giving a quarterly peek into Google’s analytics take on us.
So comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011 we find:
– Visits: 1,086,481 up from 746,505 for a a 46% increase.
– Unique Visitors: 406,952, up from 280,874 for a 44% increase.
– Pageviews: [...]

Canberra red bricks?

By 25 March 2012

Does anyone know where I could buy cleaned Canberra red bricks?
We are looking for between three and four thousand.
Some idea of price would also be good, Thanks.

Flogging a Night Mare. Join up if you want a Canberra Zombie Walk


Canberra zombie fanciers are putting out the call to their brethren to sign up to a facebook page with the stated aim of getting a Canberra Zombie Walk going like what they have in them big bright cities.
Some might question how, faced with a mostly deserted City Walk populated only by shambling living dead, one [...]

Lyneham Primary’s ‘Fair in February’

By 22 February 2012

[ 25 February 2012 at 3:00 pm; ] ‘Dunk’ or be ‘Dunked’
Featuring a dunking machine and stacks of things to do, the Lyneham Primary ‘Fair in February’ is on this Saturday from 3-7pm at Hall & Brigalow Streets in Lyneham

Even if you’re heading to the Canberra Show over the weekend, pop in and check out our little show with it’s own: *animals, *mini [...]

In The Taratory wrap. February 2012

By 21 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

In The Taratory is a blog run by two 20-somethings who share the same name (can you guess what it might be?), bringing reviews of all things to experience in and around the ACT. Having just celebrated our six month anniversary and with 40 posts under our belt, it felt timely to, well, review our [...]


By 20 February 2012

[ 1 March 2012 to 10 March 2012. ] “In A Band, It’s Always A Drama”

DATES: Thurs 1st, Fri 2nd, Sat 3rd, Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th March 2012
TIME: 7:30 pm
Show length: 2 hours with 20mins interval
Tickets: $28 ($22 concession or groups of 5+or Impro ACT members)
Street Two – The Street Theatre (15 Childers St, Canberra City West)
Book on 6247 1223 or

This [...]

The Creatives Part 3: The Comedians

By 27 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

This week’s shout out goes to the funny men and women of Canberra.
Stand-up comedy must be one of the hardest gigs in the world – it’s just so easy to fail!  A comedian asks more from their audience than any other performer.  They ask the audience to laugh every few seconds, and if the audience [...]

Canberra featuring on MamaMia

By 19 January 2012

Hi there – I came across a great article on Canberra on the popular national website  and after reading the comments I have to say – pretty uplifting. 
Fifteen years ago you couldn’t get many people to stand up and declare they loved this place, now it seems everyone is finally appreciating what we [...]

Buzzpost Interview Series

By 4 January 2012

We want to interview, either through audio or video, the hardworking local artists that populate the ACT. We want to ask you the quirky questions that no other interviewer asks. We want to bring you to more and more new audiences in the most interesting way we can. None of this “Who influences you?” rubbish…we want to ask other, more amusing, more interesting questions. We want to know what your songs are about. We want to know your touring stories. We want know what you get a kick out of on stage. We want to know what you’d do on stage if you were drunk enough. We want you and your personality. We want to know what makes you tick, what makes you smile and what really pisses you off.

Does Canberra need the ACT? [With Poll]

By 22 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Canberra and the ACT, they’re often treated as if the two are synonymous. Certainly on this site we’re guilty of using the words interchangeably.
Having been established under Section 125 of the Constitution to resolve the Melbourne / Sydney impasse we were unceremoniously dumped into a state of Self Government in 1988 when the Hawke Government [...]

HeatWave Hot Ticket hunt/Crazy Town join HeatWave Fest line up!

By 30 November 2011

Keep your eye out around Canberra for the Hot Ticket!
Burn up HeatWave VIP style this summer with the HeatWave Hot Ticket.
The ultimate hip hop experience at the ultimate hip hop event.
Get backstage, get VIP, get to the after party, rub shoulders with the acts, get a limo, sip some Grey Goose, bump some Tech N9ne [...]

Eyes to the Sky, Knights of the Spatchcock, Point of View, Delinquent @ The Basement

By 18 November 2011

[ 10 December 2011 at 8:00 pm; ] Location: The Basement Belconnen, 2 Cohen Street, Belconnen, Australia

More info

18+ ID required

8pm doors open for 9pm start

Pool, drinks and great music! There also is a kitchen there for those needing solids


9pm Delinquent (Nowra)

10pm Eyes to the Sky

11pm Knights of the Spatchcock

12am Point of View


The Basement

The Basement Kitchen

Mudd Nicole O’brien

Canberra to Wagga – 7 minutes

By 11 November 2011

A post from me that’s not a rant.
Dash cam of a trip from a few weeks back, Canberra to Wagga via Gundagai. Sped up to 1 frame every 1.5 seconds. Clouds are trippy particularly after Yass. Enjoy!

‘Salsa: We are the Colombian Pacific’ swings into town

By 9 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 23 November 2011 at 10:30 am; ] From the street corners of Colombia come the award winning dancers of Swing Latino to pass on the secrets of salsa to Canberra…

Tech N9ne, D12, Obie Trice – HeatWave fest Canberra.

By 7 November 2011

[ 21 January 2012 at 12:00 am; 21 January 2012 at 3:00 pm; 21 January 2012 at 3:00 pm; 21 January 2012 at 3:00 pm; ]

Canberra Hip Hop fans brace yourself for a Heatwave this summer.

HeatWave summer festival Canberra.

Presented by KP Records

Be part of the biggest hip hop event the Nations Capital has ever seen.

Music, culture and atmosphere as the city unites for a blend of top shelf local and international hip hop.

– Tech N9ne (US)
– D12 (US)
– Obie Trice [...]

Women Who Rock! Gig in Canberra to support Movember

By 1 November 2011

[ 19 November 2011 at 3:00 pm; ]

The Maram
Gartside Street Erindale
Canberra, Australia
BMA, Mudd Promotions and Ruff N Ready Present…..

‘Women Who Rock’ is a celebration of the contribution women make to our music scene.

When people think of the numerous forms of rock, metal and punk, they usually think of sweaty men with long hair. We are hoping this, and events like this, will [...]

Ice Dragons named ACTsport Team of the Year

By 28 October 2011

The Australian champion dragon boat team and ACTsport Team of the Year, the Ice Dragons, are now recruiting for the coming season. Open Day is from 10.30am to 1.00pm at Lotus Bay in Lake Burley Griffin. More details at

Reclaim the Night: Relic or Relevant?

By 24 October 2011

[ 28 October 2011 at 6:30 pm; ]

Next week women and men in cities and towns around Australia will be taking to the streets for the annual Reclaim the Night march and rally. At this event women—and men who support them— will come together to protest against sexual violence, demand their right to feel safe in public spaces, and demand an end [...]

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