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By 5 October, 2010

[ 9 October, 2010; ]

If you love to dress up and have fun join us for a Magical evening of fun, fantasy, music and entertainment. So don your masks and costumes and be transported to another time and place!!

Where: Top of the Cross, Southern Cross Club, Corinna Street, Woden, ACT

Tickets: Meal & Show – $52, Show Only – $25

International [...]

Andrew Leigh on why we’re great

By 1 October, 2010

Thanks to Buzzy for letting us know that Canberra’s low profile Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh, is speaking at the Festival of Dangerous ideas on “Why Canberra is the best city in Australia”:
Since the publication of Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone, the concept of social connectedness has been a vital tool for understanding how we live [...]

Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?

By 30 September, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Anyone living in Goulburn? What’s it like for a young family?
And do you think commuting to Canberra 4days a week manageable?
Looking forward to hearing some feedback :)

Good psychologist / psychiatrist in Canberra?

By 29 September, 2010

Can anyone recommend a good psychologist for depression / relationship issues?
And a good psychiatrist for depression / emotional issues?
Thank you very much for your time.

Does Canberra need cheaper childcare?

By 22 September, 2010

The ACT Business Woman of the Year for 2010, Kate Sykes, has told ABC News that the Federal Government needs to implement policies that make childcare cheaper. With childcare centres costing over $75 per child, per day in Canberra, it’s not hard to see why a parent with a low income job struggles to justify [...]

Silversmithing in Canberra?

By 17 September, 2010

Would anyone be able to advise me of a place in Canberra that offers courses in Silversmithing?
I am looking at the ANU right now but I don’t really want to go through the process of trying to enroll in a degree/diploma when I am only interested in doing practical units. Any ideas?
This list I found [...]

Open a show for Grammy award winners Bone Thugs-N-Harmony!

By 15 September, 2010

[ 15 September, 2010 9:01 am to 22 October, 2010 9:01 am. ]

Hey Guys!

We are giving one lucky Canberra MC or group the once in a lifetime opportunity to open a show for Grammy Award winning hip hop legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony live in Canberra!

Plus as a bonus the winning act will get free entry to the after party of the year!

Help us find the best hip hop [...]

Coming home?

By 10 September, 2010

Greeting Rioters,
long time reader, very occasional poster here.
I may in the position soon where I will have the opportunity to move back to Canberra after about 10 years of living in the UK (near London).    Has anyone else made a similar move?  If so, how was it?
Will I still like Canberra after so long? [...]

Canberra Chronicle – stopping unwanted deliveries

By 7 September, 2010

[First filed: Sep 6, 2010 @ 9:35]
[Proof drivers can achieve tight groupings over time]
I do not want the Canberra Chronicle delivered.  The only reason it is delivered free is because it makes enough revenue from advertisers to be economically feasible to publish and deliver.
My reasons are: – the cost to cut the trees down, [...]

Ikea holds out hope?

By 6 September, 2010

[Photo by The Consumerist.]
A friend of mine is writing a play called “The Ikea Monologues” based on the idea that when a person finds themselves in Ikea buying furniture it’s often the result of a major personal trauma.
My own conviction that Ikea is a prelude to hell was confirmed a couple of years ago [...]

Canberra as narrated by a GPS unit

By 4 September, 2010

A strange travel guide to Canberra.
What did they miss?

Real ghost story film, interested?

By 28 August, 2010

Hi, my name is Wendy.:)
I am currently studying media at the University of Canberra, and I am seeking for some people who are interested in being part of my film project (this is my last year and I’m making a major film product until the end of November).
I’d like to interview some of [...]

Three Canberra scientists win 2010 Eureka Prizes

By 23 August, 2010

The Eureka Prize is Australia’s highest science award, and this year the awards for two categories have gone to Canberra scientists working out of ANU and one working out of UC (quotes below from the respective uni media releases).
David Lindemayer won the prize for Environmental Research: “recognises his investigations into carbon storage in old-growth forests. [...]

Election ‘10 Candidate Questionaire – Sue Ellerman for Canberra

By 20 August, 2010

Sue Ellerman, the Greens candidate for Canberra answers your questions in this election series.
[If you think it reasonable for candidates to answer questions from the public then please email the recalcitrants]
1) whitelaughter asked: Would you support abolishing self-government in the ACT? Please include a “yes” or “no” in your answer.
No, the Australian Greens support self-government [...]

Women tell Julia Gillard “My Body, My Birth, My Right”

By 19 August, 2010

We turned out in our thousands in the rain last September at the Parliament House protest. We broke the record for submissions to the National Maternity Services Review in October 2008. We embarassed Julia Gillard in north Queensland on Tuesday, asking her what she’s going to do about women being unable to legally access a [...]

Guess the MOG

By 17 August, 2010

As the final days of the interminable beige campaign wind down, perhaps it is time to think about what changes are likely to be coming our way post-election?
It must be time then to play “Guess the MOG”.
What departments do you think will be up for the infamous Machinery of Government changes that keep Canberra’s office [...]

After ideas on how to make a move to Canberra simpler

By 16 August, 2010

Hi Guys,
My first post, so go easy. There’s gonna be some naïve questions / statements here.
I have been intending to make a move to Canberra for more than a decade, and have decided to give it a shot sometime in the new year.
I in NSW, and have moved to WA before and learnt a lot [...]

What’s in it for Canberra? A GP Super Clinic!

By 11 August, 2010

ALP announcements today (courtesy of ABC News) include some good news for Canberrans who are sick of having to wait a week (or more) to see a GP who doesn’t even bulk bill. They’re going to build a GP Super Clinic, providing after-hours bulk billed GP services to reduce the pressure on hospital emergency departments. [...]

THE ARTISTS ARE COMING, M16 Artspace opens at Griffith

By 6 August, 2010

[ 13 August, 2010; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] The wait is over! Come and indulge your senses at the launch of the new and improved M16 Artspace. Canberra’s newest cultural destination will be opened by Mr Jon Stanhope MLA, Chief Minister ACT, at 6pm on Friday 13 August.

A place to make, share and experience art, M16 at Griffith is the largest community-based visual [...]

They’re off and racing in Election ’10

By 2 August, 2010

[First filed: Jul 31, 2010 @ 12:00]

So the AEC has bestirred itself this morning to let the general public see the lists of candidates.
For those who like it raw the relevant pages are Canberra and Fraser.
Disappointingly the multi-party weirdness of the down ticket seems to be a thing of the past with only the no-quite-defunct [...]

Giving way to ACTION buses

By 31 July, 2010

In the ACT if a bus have a give way sign on the back of it then you must give way to that bus when the right hand intercator is flashing!
I know that some bus drivers abuse it but you have to remember that as a bus driver you are resposible to get people to [...]

‘The Girls’ promo teaser

By 28 July, 2010

[ 29 July, 2010 to 31 July, 2010. ]

At the Street Theatre 29-31 July 2010.

As part of ‘Made in Canberra’ from The Street Theatre and featuring well known Canberran performers Dianna Nixon, Leah Baulch, Hanna Cormick and Hannah Ley.
6 show over 3 nights.
Book at www.thestreet.org.au or by phoning 6247 1223

Clip created and promoted by the performers.

He says it like it’s a bad thing!

By 28 July, 2010

The Moorabool Leader is running hard with allegations that Ballarat’s Labor members Catherine King “loves Canberra more than Ballarat”.
But when it’s Julian “The Rat” McGauran flinging the poo would it worry you?

Buying off the plan in Canberra, advice requested.

By 28 July, 2010

I am looking to buy in the mid 2012 timeframe and a friend recommended looking into buying off the plan.
I have already owned a home before but have never bought off the plan and am not sure where to start.
What do people think if buying off the plan is a good idea in [...]

Charity Computers – No Government Funding…

By 27 July, 2010

I was going to attend Charity Computers in Charnwood so that I could attain my Cert III in computer hardware.
I recently found out that the course has been cancelled because there was no government funding. Great, thanks a lot Labor!
Is there anyone on here who knows someone in politics or something that can get [...]

China Town Weston

By 25 July, 2010

It’s not often that I eat out. It’s even less often that I attempt to do so with three small children. So tonight we thought we’d test out the children’s table manners and headed off to China Town restaurant in Weston.
Arriving before 6pm but without a booking, we managed to get a table and then [...]

West African Drumming? Yes please!

By 13 July, 2010

[ 27 July, 2010 8:00 pm to 28 July, 2010 8:00 pm. ]

I you like drumming, drumming circles, and all things drums (or just like to have a dance), maybe check out MANDINKA SOUND, a touring show coming to the Street Theatre on July 27 and 28.

On a national tour through regional and metropolitan centres in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northen [...]

Welcome 2 da Capital

By 2 July, 2010

Ok homey Tuggers boys and Belco girls, how hard-core Canberran are you?
Have you got your post code tattooed on your back in massive sans sherrif numbering? Do you yell “south all the way u north bois dont kno wat ur messin with?” at passers by?
Didnt think so. Next best thing is to play this [...]

Canberra driving: its a jungle out there

By 30 June, 2010

Firstly thanks to the Riot Act team for throwing together a cracking forum. It truly helps to exorcise that itchy Canberra rant.
Im born and bred Canberra but left to live overseas around 12 years ago. Ive just returned to do what I promised myself never to do: work in the Public Service. High-five!
I came back [...]

Age of Indulgence Chocolate Ball

By 26 June, 2010

[ 17 July, 2010; ]

What better way to celebrate winter in Canberra but with Chocolate! Join other chocolate and dance lovers at Canberra’s premium Age of Indulgence Chocolate Ball, an evening with the most delicious theme!

Date: Saturday, 17 July 2010
Time: 19:30 – 23:30
Location: St Johns Church Hall, Constitution Ave, Reid, Canberra

Tickets are selling online at http://edhda.eventbrite.com/ Order online to get a [...]

DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 25 June 2010

By 24 June, 2010

[ 25 June, 2010 to 27 June, 2010. ] So dear Rioters,

What’s worth seeing and doing around town this weekend?

Just post your suggestions in the comments.


By 23 June, 2010

[ 22 June, 2010 5:00 pm to 3 July, 2010 9:00 pm. 22 June, 2010 5:00 pm to 3 July, 2010 9:00 pm. ]

Friday may have been cold outside, but in Street Two there was warmth to spare with the opening of William Zappa’s Winter’s Discontent. As You Like It café poured out glasses of French wine served with delicious duck and camembert canapés inspired by Zappa’s muse, Les Miserables’ rascally innkeeper Thenardier (though the food was much [...]


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