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Unnecessary road signs; what a waste of our money!

By 23 January 2010

I’m getting increasingly fed up with the appalling waste of taxpayers’ money on the ever blossoming of more and more road signs throughout Canberra.
A classic one is “Park In Bays Only” (yeah, I know they’ve been around for a while now). I ask you, as if the clowns that don’t park correctly take any notice [...]

EPIC Shell Petrol Station – Closed down???

By 23 January 2010

Hi everyone!
I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what has happened to the Shell Petrol station at Exhibition Park? I have been away from home for a while and returned the other day to see it all fenced up, the pumps removed and the shop empty. I’m sincerely hoping this is just a [...]

Running the used car gauntlet

By 16 January 2010

Buying a new car was a near vomit-inducing experience a few years ago due to the smarmy salesmen. 
We’re now wanting to get a small, reliable, inexpensive second car and the idea of dealing with used car salespersons is making my stomach turn. 
Any recommendations on car yards in Canberra worth visiting – and avoiding?

ACT Gov behind the times, again

By 24 December 2009

A recent post about the ACT Gov considering 40km/h zones in pedestrian areas, stirred up a bit of debate about nannying.
Australian research shows that a person who is hit by a car at 60km/h, has a 75% chance of being killed. At 50km/h, 38%. At 40km/h <20%. At 30km/h, <10%. Yet [...]

Canberra Centre Parking System installation

By 22 November 2009

At the Canberra Centre today, workers were installing a parking sensor system in the carpark closest to Big W.
Basically, when a carpark was occupied, a red light appeared above it on the roof, and when the space was free, the light was green.
Looked like  a great idea to me!
(sorry, no photos)

Dooring St Traffic Lights

By 21 November 2009

The ACT Government has announced new traffic lights at the intersection of Wakefield Avenue and Dooring Street in Dickson at a cost of  $822,000 (adjacent to the ABC’s Canberra Studio), with reports of 74 crashes at the intersection between 2003 and 2007.
I drive past this intersection most days and it is certainly dangerous – the [...]

Marques in the Park 2009

By 20 November 2009

[ 22 November 2009 at 10:00 am; 22 November 2009 at 10:00 am; ] Marques in the Park 2009.

This Sunday, 22 November, from 10 am to 3 pm. It’s the ACT’s Spring Show’n’Shine for all autos, from vintage, veterans, classic and modified, in fact, almost anything motorised with wheels.

It’s organised by the Canberra Region Morris Minor Club for the ACT Council of Motor Clubs, as a no sweat chance [...]

Pialligo Ave roadworks

By 7 November 2009

When are they ever going to get around to levelling off Pialligo Ave just before the light?
For months now that section of the road (just before the traffic lights coming from Queanbeyan) has been left incomplete for no good reason.
It is dangerous for drivers who must slow right down to ease their cars down [...]

Roadworks Speed Limits

By 28 October 2009

My fellow Canberrans,
The roadworks speed limit on Glenloch Interchange is 40km/h. Please observe it, before you end up killing someone. Visibility is poor and there is heavy earthmoving equipment involved. In an accident involving your shiny SUV versus a scraper or grader, the big yellow thing built out of solid steel is not going to [...]

ACT Incompetence Shafting RAPID?

By 28 September 2009

Dvaey has just posted a very interesting comment on how the registration checking RAPID system is coping with the now legendary processes of the ACT Government.
While I hate to revive an old topic, I had a couple of incidents last week with this new RAPID system that I thought were worth sharing.
I recently purchased a [...]

Hospital Parking

By 28 September 2009

If you’ve ever gone anywhere near the Canberra Hospital during the day you’ll know that parking is abysmal. Whilst the obvious solution is to build more car parks, which I understand is something the hospital is looking at doing, right now car parks are non-existent for everyone but the luckiest of people.
Whilst this can be [...]

School Zone signs

By 28 September 2009

That time of year again!  Schools out, and ACT’s school zone signs are closed… well most of them.  Doing the rat run through Hackett this morning I noticed a school zone sign open and displaying the 40 limit.  Unaware it was school holidays, I slowed without hesitation.  As the sign is still legally enforceable whilst [...]

Street racing video!

By 27 September 2009

It’s an age old question… WRX or Skyline? Today’s video was posted yesterday by “hawko82″ and features the description “Almost got him in canberra!!!!!!”
Particular enjoyment can be had from the tire squeal when the finally get off the mark, and the chase car driver trying to film and drive at the same time.
Anyone know the [...]

Guilty plea over fatal car crash

By 13 August 2009

I figured that I would add the following after the general consensus at the time of the crash was that we would wait to see what the verdict was and resume the discussions from there (original post).
In case you don’t recall, I am one of the brothers of the mother in the other car.  My [...]

Why bother paying parking fines?

By 10 August 2009

The Canberra Times brings word of the expectedly shambolic state of parking fine collection in the ACT:
At January 1, more than 160,000 unpaid fines were sitting on the rego.act database, some dating back to 1980, and all but 22,300 were overdue.
Apparently there’s $23 million worth of them.
Why not just slap the unpaid fines onto the [...]

Another tilt at the windmill of pay parking in the parliamentary zone

By 30 July 2009

[First filed: July 29, 2009 @ 08:42]

The Canberra Times brings the happy news that a “joint taskforce” of the National Capital Authority and the ACT Government (what a meeting of great minds that must be) is having another go at working through the issues of getting paid parking going in the green and leafy environs [...]

Tax on stupidity rakes in the cash – Speed cameras bring in millions more

By 26 July 2009

I love people who speed. It’s entirely discretionary and yet they choose to provide millions of dollars a year to the community to fund schools, hospitals, and the sprawling semi-competent ACT Public Service.
The Canberra Times reports that better placement of speed cameras has given the generous leadfoots even greater opportunities to contribute.
THE TOTAL speed camera [...]

Work begins on a sustainable transport plan

By 24 July 2009

One might think that with all of Canberra’s plans and strategies we’d have already dialled in sustainable transport.
But this very morning the Chiefly Stanhope has announced that he’s kicking of the process to develop at “new comprehensive sustainable transport plan”.
Having successfully defused the vexed issue of kangaroo culling the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the [...]

Summernats to keep on rocking at EPIC

By 24 July 2009

To the joy of some, and the disappointment of others, the ABC informs us that Summernats is going nowhere.
The new owners of the Summernats Car Festival say the event will be staged in Canberra for at least the next three years.
A company led by Andy Lopez who produces the Australia Day Concert has bought the [...]

Car marques in the ACT?

By 24 July 2009

Does anyone know how to find out the number of different car marques (n.b. not Karl Marx) registered in the ACT?
The ABS has a series on car registrations but it is not specific enough to include all car marques by state/territory.
Would such data be publically listed on an ACT Government web site, perhaps? Is there, [...]

On crashes upon Southern Cross Drive

By 24 July 2009

Yet another serious crash on Southern Cross drive, next to Kippax. It seems not a month goes by when this does not happen in this location, and it not supprising really when you see the attitude of drivers on this road, which has a sign posted speed limit of 60.
At least 1 in 5 people [...]

Traffic jam on Drakeford Drive Tuesday 21st July evening

By 21 July 2009

I have not long got home after taking 45minutes to travel from Tuggeranong to Banks due to the huge traffic jam caused by the Tharwa Drive duplication roadworks. Not happy as this appeared to be caused by witches hats blocking off one lane of Drakeford Drive near the Johnson Drive roundabout. No obvious reason for [...]

Falun Gong take it to the streets

By 20 July 2009

[First filed: July 18, 2009 @ 22:08]

Around midday this Saturday I was collecting some roast duck and noodles from the exemplary Tak Kee Roast Inn in Dickson and was a little surprised, as I walked back to the car, to see a column of traffic approaching all bearing placards bolted on to roof racks.
The Falun [...]

Out There Productions taking over Summernats

By 17 July 2009

The ABC is speculating that the company behind the Australia Day Live events, Out There Productions, are the much speculated on Summernats buyers.
If no contrats have yet been signed then there’s still a long way to go.
One suspects given the tone of Australia Day Live that a lot of strippers will be out of work [...]

Oops ACT Police Fumble?

By 16 July 2009

Anyone else recieve a Reminder Notice for Traffic Offence in the last day or two?
Better check it out closely because it might just one of the many that were sent out by mistake.
I received a warning last December and low and behold I got a notice in the mail to pay 177.00.
After [...]

Canberra’s rampant window smashers?

By 15 July 2009

Car windows being smashed ..our peaceful Saturday night was ruined when a car drove up and someone lent out the back window and smashed the rear window of our car, we assume with a golf club or bat…..why …. who knows!!!!
We are out of pocket for this and when talking to the guy that [...]

Who to see for rego inspections?

By 11 July 2009

I have recently moved to ACT and need to change my rego from NSW.
Can anyone recommend a authorised service centre that won’t give me a huge repair bill?
Its an 95 EF Falcon there are minor issues.

Still sub-zero at 9am? Tips for getting cars started?

By 6 July 2009

The Bureau informs us that it’s still below zero out there even at 9 in the morning.
The next two mornings are also forecast to get down to -3.
So for those struggling to get their cars going in these conditions have you got any tips?

Crash on Gundaroo Drive

By 6 July 2009

There appeared to have been a very nasty crash on Gundaroo Drive this afternoon, involving at least two cars. Does anyone have any details?
Gundaroo Drive was closed between Nudurr Drive and the new turn off to Crace (Areba Avenue?), resulting in quite large detours for traffic on this busy road.
We happened on the scene apparently [...]

Driving is differnt here in country Pennsylvania

By 4 July 2009

I’m over in the US at the moment for a short stint of summer camp work.  Been for a few drives… the driving style here in northern Pennsylvania is very different to home in Canberra.  Just trying to work out why…
Country road speed limits are 45-55mph here, roughly 70 to 90km/h.  In the ACT or [...]

Civic parking fees go up up up

By 1 July 2009

The ABC is warning that a lot of parking fees in Canberra are set to nearly double from Monday:
An all-day ticket at a City West car park, between Marcus Clarke Street and Gordon Street, will rise from $5 to $9.
Meanwhile, drivers parking at either of the two carparks near Phillip Oval in Woden, will pay [...]

11 teenagers in a Nissan Pulsar?

By 30 June 2009

AdelaideNow is reporting on a teenager from the Canberra suburb of Griffith caught on Northbourne Avenue with 10 teenage passengers in their Nissan Pulsar.
Police found there were two passengers in the front seat beside the driver, six passengers in the back seat and two more in the boot.
The 10 passengers were all between 18 [...]

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