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Ex-Fluffy contract worker raises looting allegations

Mr Fluffy

UnionsACT is calling for the immediate suspension of all Mr Fluffy demolition work and contracts in light of allegations by an ex-worker that his former employer looted asbestos-tainted material from homes set for demolition.
UnionsACT and the CFMEU have called on the ACT Government to conduct an urgent inquiry into the allegations and to “initiate a [...]

Police v Burch and CFMEU

Police barrier

Over coffee last week, I wandered through the Canberra Times and stopped to look at the insert “The Public Sector Informant”. Now, as a 30 year veteran of both the Commonwealth and ACT Public Services, I don’t usually skim through this stuff. When I said goodbye to the Circus, I didn’t mourn the parting of [...]

Why should the gov’t bail em out

By 17 May 2012

CFMEU branch secretary Dean Hall saying the government should act as a ”model client” and step in to guarantee any money owed to employees and subcontractors for these projects.
Read more on the Canberra Times.
Is this now the responsibility of the Government to help out employees of shonky, poorly managed companies who cannot quote for jobs [...]

CFMEU joins the call for hostels

By 2 December 2011

The ABC brings word that the CFMEU has noticed there’s nowhere in Canberra for workers to live.
The construction union is calling for hostels to be re-established in Canberra, amid fears a lack of accommodation is making it hard to attract interstate workers.
Hostels were used during major construction booms in the 1950s and 1970s to provide [...]

CFMEU to sponsor the Special Olympics

By 14 October 2011

Labor MLA Chris Bourke has announced that the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) (that which owns the Tradies) is going to sponsor Special Olympics ACT Region.
Try not to snigger at the thought of Canberra tradies’ union dues paying for the special olympics.
But before you snicker too hard the ACT Government is also [...]

Purdon Associates give the Tradies the answers they want

By 9 August 2011

The Canberra Times is letting us know that the ACT needn’t trouble itself with auctions or markets.
Rather cosy mates deals and assurances that they just can’t see why anyone else would want things is the order of the day.
At issue is selling a carpark in Dickson to the Tradies so they can own all [...]

Perplexed by the CFMEU over the ASIO Trespasser?

By 23 March 2011

Can anyone explain why the CFMEU is going to ‘make sure justice is done for both him (trespasser) and his family’ regarding the crook who broke into ASIO site and fell on his arse.
Why wouldn’t the Police charge him for trespassing and the union focus on employees (who pay their wages) concerns???
[ED - There are [...]

The observatory cooks off

By 28 September 2010

[First filed: Sep 27, 2010 @ 12:14]

The dereliction of the beautiful observatory buildings in the old Downer Club has long been a tragedy. This morning it burned as recorded in these postings from the ESA:
5:33am Monday 27 September 2010 – Fire in Dickson The ACT Fire Brigade is responding to a fire inside an old [...]

Overpass argy bargey

By 11 September 2010

The ABC reports that the CFMEU Secretary Dean Hall has been playing secret squirrel at the Kings Avenue overpass site after being refused entry:
CFMEU secretary Dean Hall says he tried to enter the Kings Avenue flyover construction site about 6.00am to check on safety before a major concrete pour.
But he was refused entry by the [...]

Rudd St collapse site partially re-opened.

By 7 November 2008

The ABC reports that the QEII site in Civic, host to last week’s spectacular building collapse has been partially re-opened.
It sounds, however, like there’s still a long way to go before they can get back to work:
“The ORS [ACT Office of Regulatory Services] says it is still waiting for engineers to sign-off on the safety [...]

Building Collapse and OH&S in the ACT

By 31 October 2008

Firstly, can I thank all of you who have posted to Riot Act over the past few days on the collapse of formwork at the Leighton’s job in civic on Monday.  It is important that the issues surrounding occupational health and safety on construction are discussed in all social and political forums, and prevention of [...]

Subcontractors and CFMEU out in the cold on building collapse

By 29 October 2008

The ABC is carrying an epic whinge by the CFMEU in the wake of the Civic building collapse.
“CFMEU national safety expert Martin Kingham has been denied entry to the site by the builder Leighton Contractors.
Mr Kingham says he is concerned for the safety of workers and wants Leighton Contractors to let him on site to [...]

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