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Dumping at charity shopfronts – don’t be a tosser

By 27 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

If you drive past a charity bin – or a charity shopfront like the Salvation Army or Vinnies after closing hours, it’s likely you’ll see a few overflowing bags, and possibly a variety of electrical goods like fans and heaters (I’ve even seen a dishwasher before!) cluttering up the area next to the bin, or [...]

Unwanted clothing

By 1 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

We have just had a huge wardrobe cleanout and have everything from brand new items still with tags through to much-worn things.  Mr Catty says charities won’t take any clothing and it’s a waste of time taking them. He wants to take them all to the tip, but my scruples won’t let me; there are [...]

Small reduction in charity bin dumping

By 8 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC is claiming a small 10% drop in the amount of crap being illegally dumped on charities:
During the Christmas break there was a 10 per cent drop in the amount of waste being left at collection points under the guise of a donation.
Over the past few years several charities have removed collection bins [...]

Charity bins to be consolidated, clamping down on filthy bogans

By 26 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Mayor Rattenbury has made known the success of the charity bin trial (consolidating the bins to areas they can be better policed), and plans to extend it Territory-wide:
“The development of the Code of Practice follows a six month trial where a range of measures were tested to see if they improved the management and reduced [...]

City of filth. Charity bin disgrace returns

By 26 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

So this is what Dickson looks like this boxing day morning.
Congratulations to every lazy dirty bogan who was so keen to “give to charity” they couldn’t be arsed doing their illegal dumping at the tip.
You walk amongst us and for reasons passing understanding we’re not allowed to brand your foreheads for easy identification.

Gungahlin Charity Bin BBQ

By 10 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a charity bin fire which occurred yesterday afternoon (Sunday, December 9).
Around 2.20pm Gungahlin police officers saw a large amount of smoke coming from the Salvation Army charity bins located on Ernest Cavanagh Street.
ACT Fire and Rescue attended the scene and extinguished the blaze, managing to limit the fire damage [...]

Charity bins Gungahlin style

By 15 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

This in from Golden-Alpine:
This picture was taken at the charity bins at Gungahlin today, Saturday 16/9/12 at 12:10pm.
Join the dots…
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Pre-emptive recycling at Dickson Shops


Spotted at Dickson shopping centre on Sunday arvo, a superb example of resourcefulness from a couple who decided to cut out the middleman of the charity shop and do their shopping from the charity bin itself.
And, of course, not pay for it.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email [...]

Charity Bin Pilot Project 2012 to stop illegal dumping near bins

By 30 July 2012

On Saturday Katy Gallagher announced a new trial program to resolve illegal dumping next to charity bins. The trial will begin on Wednesday and involve relocating charity bins in Weston Creek shopping centres to Cooleman Court and enhancing enforcement on unmoved bins (more detail here).
“Charity bins are a great way for people to donate clothing, [...]

Dumping the tele at the charity bins. It’s the Australian Way!

By 7 June 2012

Thanks to P1 for sending in the pic with this note:
You can dump’em for free, but there is still a broken telly by the charity bins in Kippax tonight.
Flat panel too.
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More dumpers busted

By 24 April 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are celebrating the catching of three more miscreants dumping around Gungahlin’s charity bins:
City Rangers issued another three on-the-spot fines to people for illegally dumping rubbish around charity bins in Gungahlin on the weekend.
The blitz took place following two others that have taken place earlier this month which have fined a [...]

Illegal dumping crackdown nabs scum at charity bins

By 18 April 2012

Territory and Municipal Services bring us the happy news that rangers have been out around the charity bins and have caught some of the illegal dumpers blighting our community.
City Rangers issued another four on-the-spot fines to people for illegally dumping rubbish around charity bins in Gungahlin on the weekend.
The blitz took place following one [...]

Charity bins retreat to evade the dumpers scourge


Chief Minister Gallagher has annnounced her government is running up the white flag against charity bin dumpers and making strategic withdrawal:
“Since the last roundtable in January consultation has taken place with charity groups. Today’s roundtable agreed that a pilot program will be undertaken.
“This will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the options to address [...]

Chiefly moves on charity bin dumping

By 17 January 2012

A problem known for years gets some media traction in the silly season and Chief Minister Gallagher is all over it like a rash:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher will convene a roundtable next Wednesday to try to find a solution to illegal dumping at charity bins, and [...]

This is not charity. Dumping in Canberra

By 28 December 2011

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 28 December 2011, I went to the Southlands (Mawson) charity bins to donate some clothes to charity by placing them in the bins. Found a disgraceful mess. Ended up taking clothes home. Had camera with me, and decided to take some pics. Decided to visit other [...]

Solution to Kippax dumping?

By 17 October 2011

Stuart has sent this gem in with this note:
The charity bins at Kippax are treated as nothing more than a cheaper version of the tip by many people. So here’s the Government’s reaction to the problem. Good to see it’s proving so effective…
(it’s nice to see that someone’s thoughtfully made sure to include [...]

What the salvos do with charity bin dumpings

By 11 February 2011

Damien Haas has sent this one in after unloading his packed panel van at the tip for a princely $10.
Apparently two men and the truck were needed to offload all the crap.
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When Canberrans just can’t wait for the op shop to open

By 31 December 2010 FEATURED ARTICLE

Owen has sent through this pic of the state of the donations bins in Kippax.
West Belco represent!
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(And yes, after a short coastal break I’m back. Thanks to Jazz for holding the fort)

Charity Bins – Rubbish left outside – is it legal or not to take it?

By 4 October 2010

I am a mother of 3 on a low income and I pass by my local charity bin every Sunday and notice that there are mountains of goods left outside the bins. 
Now my understanding is that anything left outside the bins is considered rubbish, cannot be sold on by the charity as it is [...]

Charity Bins Becoming Rubbish Dumps

By 31 January 2010

This morning after a long overdue clean up of my spare room, I made a visit to the tip (or whatever it is now known as). I duly paid $10 to dump about three boxes of rubbish from the boot of my small car.
I then drove on to the Woolies carpark in Gungahlin to put [...]

Junkyard at Woolies Gungahlin Carpark [WHINGE]

By 3 February 2008

Can someone please explain to me why the Charity Bins in the Woolworths carpark at Gungahlin, are ALWAYS surrounded by mountains of junk? I HAVE NEVER FOUND THEM EMPTY AND THEY ARE ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY JUNK. DISGUSTING!
Please, please please people … if you have rubbish, take it to the tip.
IF you have WORTHWHILE charitable goods, [...]

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