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Chooks beheaded by human not fox: RSPCA

By 24 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Beheaded chickens

RSPCA has confirmed that humans rather than foxes were behind the beheading of six chickens in Melba over the weekend and is calling for community assistance to track down the culprits.
A spokesperson for the RSPCA said claims the injuries were the result of a fox attack were unfounded. A veterinary examination confirmed that human intervention [...]



The ABC has the delightful news that increased chicken ownership in Canberra is driving an exploding populations of foxes!
The number of foxes lurking in the streets of the nation’s capital city is on the rise.
Fox sightings in Canberra have increased as cubs become independent and more people keep chickens in their backyards.
Chris Condon, from [...]

Chicken thieves strike

By 20 April 2013

This in from Karen:
I know it sounds completely ludicrous, but yesterday afternoon between 1500hrs and 1830hrs someone removed the palings from my back fence and stole nine of my pure bred pekin bantam chickens (they left the crossbreeds).
I have attached a picture of my rooster and ask if anyone has any information could they [...]

Chicken Processing near Canberra?

By 24 February 2013

Does anyone know if there is an abattoir near Canberra where I could have my chickens processed so they could legally be sold?

Urban foxes killing backyard chickens in Canberra

By 16 September 2011

Seems to be quite a spate recently of foxes killing chickens.
We lost two chickens (in the middle of the day) after a few weeks of constant effort by the fox after an unsuccessful attempt.
Neighbours also lost 5 of their chickens (here in Hackett) and others in Ainslie have also mentioned losses.
Sounds like [...]

Backyard Chickens in Canberra

By 2 May 2011

Backyard chickens in Canberra

What is murdering our chickens?

By 30 April 2011

I am hoping RiotAct readers can help with our poultry problem. My wife and I live in Dickson and we have a backyard chicken coop. We have never had a problem until our last batch of three Isa Brown chickens came of age and we replaced them with some Chinese Silkies. These fluffy white chickens [...]

ACT chooks and charity

By 5 December 2010

Ok, thought I’d post some info for all the backyard enthusiasts out there and to let you know we have 150 chooks ready for rehoming now at 12 each with 2 going to ACT eden monaro cancer support group.
Hens begin their ovulating life cycle as early as 18 weeks and are called pullets or point [...]

Looking for pure breed chicken ASAP

By 8 August 2010

Hello all you chicken types out there.  Our poor Isa Brown carked it today.  She was only two, and I wonder if her hybrid nature (bred pure for battery conditions) predisposed her to an early death.  ‘Lay fast, die young’, I believe is the term – they kind of burn out really early.   
I’m looking for [...]

Backyard Chooks in Canberra

By 13 April 2010

Hi all,
I am thinking of getting a few chooks for egg production and composting.
I live on a small block in Canberra and have called Canberra Connect and RSPCA but have not been able to find much information on raising egg laying chooks in small urban backyards.
Any advice, personal stories or links to physical or online [...]

UnPaultry poultry at EPIC

By 9 June 2009

[First filed: June 08, 2009 @ 14:06]

While a more intimate and boutique event than last year, the Royal Canberra Poultry Show continues to be a source of delight to my family. The range of chook shapes and sizes is remarkable. Well worth the $3 admission.
With some of the birds, their raptor ancestors are [...]

Ingebra free range egg site back online

By 20 April 2009

The server was attacked where the site was being held so had to be rebuilt and is now up and running again.
Approx 60 hens are available for backyard layers July ’09. Part proceed of sales go to the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

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