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Childcare challenges

By 12 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

For as long as I have been a mother I have been aware of the cost of childcare and impact it has on the family budget if parents either have to or choose to work.
In Australia we are reasonably lucky to have government subsidy on childcare, which, frankly, makes it vaguely affordable for many families [...]

No Childcare? Try au pair?


Rising childcare waiting lists in Canberra with no immediate solution in sight, is driving families to seek options elsewhere. Nanny agencies and au pair placement services are overloaded and the hunt for a solution to look after precious children is becoming competitive.
Many families are placing unborn children on childcare waiting lists to guarantee a spot, [...]

Canberra Child Care fees to drop?


It was reported on the local TV news last night that Canberra families pay the highest fees for childcare in the nation. In the same report it was announced that a change would be made to ‘red tape’ to eliminate a $30 application fee for certain child care workers.
Apparently experienced child care workers already in [...]

Child care cost

By 21 January 2014

How much are people willing to pay for child care spots in Canberra?
Prices seem to be $105 – $112 per day in a central location… as to the quality… well… that seems debatable according to all the research I have been doing.
$120 – $165 a day in Sydney and waitlists do not exist in a [...]

Under 2 childcare?

By 20 January 2014

Who can tell me if they or someone they know is on a waiting list for child care in Canberra?
Would love to hear from you as to how long you have been waiting, what your stories are etc
it would be good to talk to people to hear what they think about the current wait and [...]

Child Care Info in Canberra?

By 29 December 2013

Hello all,
Maybe this riot act community could provide a little bit of assistance for some analysis of the current state of mind and positions for families seeking child care.
Here is a hypothetical for you….
Lets assume for conversations sake, that a new child care facility was going to open in the not so distant future.
Again lets [...]

Mawson childcare incident

By 20 December 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue are on scene the Jenny Wren Childcare Centre, 18 Enderby Street, Mawson.
Firefighters were called to the centre following a power failure.
Due to the heat, 92 children have remained inside the building with crews monitoring their safety.
ACTEW is working to restore power.
ACT Fire & Rescue has two units on scene and a [...]

Zed wants your thoughts on childcare

By 5 December 2013

Senator Seselja is looking for your input to an issues paper on child care:
Senator Seselja said the Productivity Commission will take a holistic view to reform, including looking at issues facing mothers returning to the workforce, rural, regional and remote communities, shift workers, and disadvantaged and vulnerable children. “The work lives of Australian families are [...]

Commuting with toddler to city: options?

By 27 July 2013

My 1.5 yo daughter is changing day care so she is next to my office in the city.
Having undertaken an uncomfortable test run with her on the bus (lots to carry, including child who doesn’t want to sit still), working out that it takes 45mins to get from home to work if traffic is [...]

More childcare centres in Canberra please!

By 16 July 2013

More of a whinge than anything. I know, shock and horror, a Canberran whinging.
I am looking for just one day a week in a childcare centre for my 12 month old. I have the other four days sorted with in home care but really wanted to have one day for her to socialise with other [...]

Burch drops childcare bung

By 30 May 2013

The unsavoury practice of pre-announcing budget goodies to massage the media perception continues today with Joy Burch and Andrew Barr doling out $2 million for upgrading community based childcare:
The 2013-14 ACT Budget will deliver an extra $2 million to continue the ACT Government’s successful childcare centre upgrade program, which has supported centres in Government owned [...]

Unvaccinated kids may be banned from schools during outbreaks

By 21 May 2013

ABC News are reporting that the ACT may follow NSW’s lead in considering to allow childcare centres and preschools to excuse children who have not been immunised during outbreaks.
Katy Gallagher is against the idea.
Ms Gallagher says ACT’s chief health officer is looking at better ways to keep non-immunised children at home when cases of whooping [...]

Franklin and Barton centres bring another 208 childcare places

By 9 January 2013

Joy Burch is letting it be known there are more childcare places coming online:
“New childcare centres opening at the Franklin Early Childhood School (120 places) and at Barton (88 places) commencing operation shortly will give Canberra families combined total of 208 new places,” Ms Burch said.
“In addition, investment in existing ACT Government facilities has added [...]

Pre-school enrolment shenanigans

By 29 October 2012

I enrolled young Master Cholet at Isabella Pre-School earlier this year. Thankfully the little tyke has been accepted and is very much looking forward to being a big boy at big school. At this stage he attends a fabulous long daycare facility that does also provide pre-school education for his age group – but at [...]

Gallagher promises more childcare tweaks

By 16 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is promising more childcare centres, places, and educated workers if given another 4 years at the top:
If re-elected, ACT Labor will provide $4.5 million to deliver more affordable quality childcare across Canberra to create up to 100 new childcare places.
We will release at least three additional sites for new childcare centres with [...]

Child care survey for the Fraser electorate

By 27 June 2012

Calling all people from Fraser!
Federal member Andrew Leigh has asked that anyone living in the Fraser electorate with kids aged 0-4 fill in a survey regarding your views on child care.

More Gungahlin childcare advances on the game board

By 27 June 2012

Joy Burch is letting us know she’s sold more land for the purpose of building childcare places in the increasingly stalinist ACT land release system:
Ms Burch said the Land Development Agency had this week sold the 3,505sqm corner block with frontage to Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Hinder Street for $2.4 million to developer Kai Wen [...]

Childcare places doubled


Joy Burch is celebrating her publication of all that is good in childcare:
Ms Burch said the ACT Government-produced information booklet, Delivering Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care, shows that since 2001 there has been an increase of more than 80 per cent in the number of long day care places across Canberra, from 4121 [...]

Holt childcare centre kicks off

By 6 June 2012

Joy Burch has the happy news that the land has been sold for a childcare centre in Holt.
Ms Burch said the sale to developer Temloc Pty Ltd for $685,000 is part of the broader childcare planning strategy to ensure that Canberra families have choice in their children’s education and care, in areas most in demand.
The [...]

Wanted, child care answers in Canberra?

By 4 June 2012

Afternoon all…
Why is it seemingly so difficult to find places for child care in the ACT?
Let us know if you are on a wait list like us, and how long you have been waiting?
If there are over 500 new places that are / have been approved then why is the demand so high still… why [...]

More money for childcare centres


The ongoing prostitution of the budget process continues with today’s announcement that there’s some money (a bit less than the amount required to build a seagull intersection on a highway) going into childcare.
Making the announcement at Civic Early Childhood Centre, Ms Burch also released the ACT
Education and Care Workforce Strategy 2012-2014, which outlines the Government’s [...]

More childcare comes online

By 9 April 2012

Minister for Community Services Joy Burch is celebrating a rise in the number of licensed long day care places in Canberra’s childcare centres:
Data from the Community Services Directorate shows that between January 2011 and March 2012 the Directorate approved licenses for an additional 532 long day care places in 26 centres across Canberra.
“These extra places [...]

Courageous Vicki Dunne tries to halt child care construction

By 28 March 2012

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne has taken the very brave step of announcing she’s going to try and block the construction of a childcare centre in Holder:
In 2008, the ACT Labor Government promised two new childcare centres at a cost of $4 million. Neither has been built, but the government now wants to spend almost double [...]

Childcare centres, Nannies, waiting lists, and working after hours

By 27 March 2012

There’s an interesting discussion going on over at smh about the Mad monk’s proposed nanny benefit.
We’ve all been here- by we I mean working parents, solo parents etc. You know the drill- Child care centres full, waiting lists, requiring care after the standard 9-5 work schedule because you may be a shift worker, rushing to [...]

Everything OK for childcare?

By 20 February 2012

Wearing her Community Services hat Joy Burch has announced that all is sweetness and light in the world of childcare:
An ACT Government survey of childcare centres across Canberra has found there has been a net growth of childcare places in 2012, and minimal cost increases, with the implementation of the National Quality Framework.
The Community Services [...]

Dodgy Childcare centers in Canberra.

By 26 January 2012

I have recently withdrawn my child from a certain childcare center in Canberra. I have since discovered that this childcare center has featured in a past article of the Canberra Times in relation to its negligent standards and abusive staff.
I have made a formal complaint with the relevant government bodies and today received a letter [...]

Southside childcare centres with part time/half days in Canberra?

By 24 January 2012

Are there any childcare centres on the Southside that offer part time hours or half days?  If so, what is your experience with this centre?
Thanks Rioters!

Flynn childcare centre opens

By 17 January 2012

Joy Burch has announced the opening of a new childcare centre in Flynn:
ACT Minister for Community Services Joy Burch said the new Alkira Childcare Centre is part of the ACT Government’s $8 million redevelopment of the former Flynn Primary School site.
“The new childcare centre has the capacity for 115 children and it has effectively filled [...]

The Burch-Dunne war returns to the childcare front

By 7 December 2011

In the continuing stoush between Labor’s Joy Burch and the Liberals’ Vicki Dunne we’re back to the subject of childcare.
Vicki opened up with a go about the cost of the business.
Joy Burch was today forced to admit that the cost of childcare will increase by five times her original estimate under Labor’s childcare reforms, according [...]

Burch v. Dunne Deathmatch continues

By 1 December 2011

Labor MLA Joy Burch has had a go at Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne again over childcare.
As part of the ongoing deathmatch Burch accused the Liberals of trying to “quietly abandon their policy” on childcare.
She said:
“The alternative plan from the Opposition is to create one big childcare waiting list, a policy which families don’t want, the [...]

Andrew Leigh says don’t feel guilty about daycare

By 29 November 2011

Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh has posted about his research (when he was a researcher) on the impacts of childcare on children.
The basic findings of the paper are:
– the differences in behaviour between kids in parental and non-parental care are small;
– there isn’t ‘one effect’ of daycare – it differs across socioeconomic groups; and
– kids [...]

Playschools for 3yr olds in Canberra?

By 4 November 2011

Our beautiful 3 year old daughter is ready for school however because she was born in June she wont be able to attend preschool until 2013. We’ve been looking into Playschools in the ACT for 2012 and have ended up on a waiting list for a few as they seem to be extremely popular.
I would [...]

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