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Big Screen Angry Birds on City Walk

By 21 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

TransACT have a better than average promo (so much so I’m going to give it a plug).
To demonstrate the Acer Android Tablets they’re bundling (as the owner of an Acer Android Tablet I can report it’s made me pretty happy, the web’s still prettier with Flash) they’ve got a huge working touchscreen emulating a [...]

Grievous Assault at 2.20am

By 19 December 2011

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a grievous assault on a 26-year-old Aranda man outside a city nightclub on the weekend, which left the victim hospitalised.
About 2.20am on Sunday (December 18), police were approached by members of ACT Ambulance Service for assistance in front of ICBM, on Northbourne Avenue, in Civic.
The 26-year-old man sustained [...]

The Uni Pub brawl

By 12 December 2011

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a large disturbance at a city pub over the weekend.
About 12.50am on Sunday, December 11, police were called to a large disturbance outside the Uni Pub on London Circuit between patrons and security staff.
Two men suffered injuries and were taken to The Canberra Hospital for treatment.
The investigation into the [...]

New Years in the City

By 5 December 2011

[ 31 December 2011; ]

Events ACT have published details of the show they’re putting on for those who remain in town this New Year’s Eve.

The city will be in party mode on New Year’s Eve with two celebrations to bring in 2012.

Civic Square will play host to a family-friendly music line-up while Garema Place brings in the New Year [...]

The 17th Santa Claus Bar Crawl is on 16 December 2011.

By 4 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 16 December 2011 at 6:00 pm; ]

Word has reached us that the Santa Bar Crawl for 2011 is kicking of on 16 December.

It’s a great way to meet people, get silly, go to bars you normally wouldn’t darken the door of, buy website editors drinks (very important tradition trust me on this, it brings luck).

There’s a facebook event up for it [...]

A worse than usual night for getting stupid on the juice

By 2 December 2011

ACT Policing is supporting Operation Unite this weekend (2-4 December) in delivering key messages about youth drinking and the risks associated with excessive and binge alcohol consumption.
Police across Australia and New Zealand will be using this weekend to re-enforce important messages to the community about the risks associated with alcohol consumption including the long-term health [...]

Nightrider rides again

By 18 November 2011

The late night inebriate needs an occasional bus service like a fish needs a bicycle.
But Simon Corbell has announced that the very expensive and doomed to fail exercise in keeping the Greens happy known as the the Nightrider bus will be returning this festive season.
“Nightrider will run most Friday and Saturday nights in December, with [...]

Now we can tell which bin does what.

By 17 November 2011

Following on from the confusion earlier in the week, surrounding the new recycling bins in Civic, we’re pleased to note that they do now have stickers on making it easier to figure out their purpose.

New bins in Civic. Erm, which one is the recycling? [With poll]

By 15 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has proudly announced the arrival of new garbage bins in Civic.
A trial of thirty-seven recycling bins in Civic will start from today, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Simon Corbell, announced today.
“The ACT Government has committed $165,000 to install the new recycling bins and bin shrouds as part of the new public place [...]

Civic Bus Interchange to do the hokey pokey

By 9 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACTION are warning that the Civic Revitalisation Program is going to be causing trouble with the bus interchange as pavement work is conducted.
First off the bat platform 5 is being moved behind platform 3 from Monday 14 November.

The maccas crowd ever closer

By 3 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

It appears as though there’s yet another Maccas opening in the city bus interchange right next door to IGA.
Interesting considering it is about 200m from the James Court Maccas.
How much bad food does the city need?
[ED – Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

Civic road closures

By 31 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory And Municipal Services are warning of a swag of road closures around Akuna and Bunda Street in November.
But the city will gain a tower crane.

Bush Pack gets lights.

By 31 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last week we were very pleased with the new sculpture on City Walk, “Bush Pack”.
But there were some concerns about whether the art could survive the rigours of Civic’s night life.
This lunchtime it seems they’re needing more work:

UPDATE: We’re assured they’re just getting lights installed.

Police at London Burgers and Beers

By 27 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

There are rather a lot of police currently at The London in the bus interchange.
And quite a lot of media standing around as well.
We’ll update you when we know more.
UPDATE: This statement from ACT Policing:
Police have executed a search warrant at a business premises on London Circuit. Further information to follow at the conclusion of [...]

Greens kiss QIC donations goodbye and stand up for Civic

By 26 October 2011

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur has announced her plans to move against the QIC takeover of Civic in the Legislative Assembly:
“My motion raises a number of issues which have been of growing concern to shoppers and small businesses in Civic. These small businesses in City Walk and East Civic provide retail diversity to Canberra’s commercial [...]

The sheep are in so much trouble. Bush Pack on City Walk

By 24 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

There’s been no word from ArtsACT, but there’s a wonderful new piece on City Walk waiting for ingenious drunks to find a way to ruin it.
Called “Bush Pack” by its creator Amanda Stuart it is a beautiful expression of both the joy and the menace of wild dogs.
For mine this is the best of what [...]

Pole retaliation underway

By 15 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

On Thursday we exposed the pole based takeover of Civic’s spaces, possibly as a precursor to the long awaited stripper invasion.
Not a day went past before the forces of resistance had swung into action.
This pole was felled at some point on Thursday night and such was the shock to our pole installing overlords that it [...]

Honkytonks. New bar in Garema Place

By 15 October 2011

So last night I had my name on the door for the opening of the new bar on Garema Place, which (in the interests of disclosure) a friend has a stake in.
It’s called Honkytonks, it’s where Mama’s Trattoria used to be, and it’s going to be a bit of thing (at least until the new [...]

The Civic Pole Farm

By 13 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

As a regular cyclist through Civic (although for those keeping score at home let it be noted that I do once again own a car) I do wonder from time to time why we need quite so many poles getting in the way.
The corner of Northbourne and Alinga is probably the worst for a busy [...]

You Are Here to kick on in 2012, and they want your contribution

By 12 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The You Are Here festival has announced they’re going to do it all again in 2012.
They’re keen to get your involvement this time around:
But enough about us – who are YOU? Let us know who you are and what you do, and what you WANT to do. Tell us what you think Canberra is missing [...]

Cube employee arrested for indecent acts to women

By 30 September 2011

A 37-year-old Kaleen man will face the ACT Magistrates Court today (Friday, September 30) charged with two acts of indecency.
About 2.50am ACT Policing Beats members were notified of an incident at the Cube nightclub in Civic where two women were allegedly subject to indecent acts by an employee.
Police attended the club where they arrested the [...]

Evacuations at the Avenue

By 28 September 2011

The ACT Fire Brigade has evacuated 80 people from a city residential building after receiving reports of a fire.
Firefighters responded tonight to the Avenue apartment complex on the corner of Moore Street and Barry Drive Turner to find smoke from burning food in an oven set off a smoke alarm.
7:20pm Wednesday 28 September 2011

Fire [...]

Another assault outside the Quick and Go

By 11 September 2011

ACT Policing arrested three men early this morning following an assault on a shop manager in Civic (Saturday, September 10).
About 1.50 am the men entered the Quick and Go convenience store located on the corner of Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street, City. They were observed by a shop attendant to place a number of items [...]

Burns at Hogs Breath Civic

By 6 September 2011

Two men have been taken to the Canberra Hospital by the ACT Ambulance Service after sustaining burns in a Civic resturant.
The ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire Brigade where called to Hogs Breath Cafe on London Circuit just before 5 o’clock this afternoon.
Intensive care paramedics arrived to find two male patients in their twenties. One [...]

More cunning prefabrication from the ANU Exchange

By 27 August 2011

To a non construction worker it’s fascinating watching a modern building going up. The new ANU Exchange seems to be using more prefabrication than most of the other buildings that have been going up around Civic.
But it looks like a smarter way to do things.

The giant apple-raspberry drink. Images of Canberra

By 25 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Well what else would you expect to see on East Row at lunchtime?
And what giant things would you like to see?
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

Is Civic Dying?

By 23 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

I had a few minutes to kill this morning in Civic and I was struck by the growing number of empty shops in the city, especially in the Centrepoint complex.
Is this just a repeat of the boom/bust cycle for Civic or are we seeing a long term trend emerge?

Veterans Park revamp

By 12 August 2011

The Economic Development Directorate has published a pdf of proposed works on Veterans Park in the heart of Civic.
Interesting to see that building marked as “future Stockland Development”.

Down to meet their makers

By 10 August 2011

John has sent in another great shot of the construction of the forthcoming Manhattan apartments in Civic with this dramatic note:
What Fowell Mansfield Jarvis & Maclurcan shall design with podium to lessen turbulence, so shall another mob rent asunder, for the temporary reprieve of chaotic Binara winds.
Their toil is nearly complete, and yet [...]

Spitting blood on the police

By 1 August 2011

Two ACT Policing officers were exposed to blood and saliva by an aggressive, abusive 28-year-old male outside a Canberra nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Around 2.15 on Sunday morning (July 31), members of the City Beats Team approached a small group causing a disturbance in Alinga St, Civic, and where one man was [...]

He’s got a big punch. Civic king hitter arrested.

By 26 July 2011

ACT Policing has arrested an 18-year-old man and charged him with intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm, following an incident in Civic on Sunday morning.
Police will allege that around 5.30am on the corner of Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street in Civic, the alleged offender callously struck the 41-year-old Irish tourist in the face, causing the victim [...]

Civic head injuries. Nothing good happens after 2am.

By 24 July 2011

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to an incident in the city early this morning (Sunday, 24 July).
About 5.30am police received a report of an unconscious man lying out the front of the Quick and Go convenience store on the corner of Northbourne Avenue and Alinga Street.
Upon arrival police found an unresponsive man lying on the [...]

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