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Baby, it’s cold outside


The forecast was for an overnight minimum of 4 degrees, but the mercury dipped to -1.8 at around 11.30pm and it’s still 0 out there now as families head off for school and work at 8am this morning. The city is shrouded in fog, too.
We’d love to see your fog photos on our Facebook page [...]

First icicle of the season (and second and third)


Yep it got cold last night.
Pat has sent in this picture of the first icicle of the year hanging from his quad bike.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

UPDATE: From the frozen depths of Kambah Smee has this offering:
-5.3C in Kambah is cold.
Hi Guys,
Here [...]

The coldest December morning on record

By 6 December 2012

The ABC has the unhappy news that it really was very cold overnight.
The mercury dipped to 0.3 degrees Celsius overnight in Canberra, the coldest December temperature on record.
The record books were also re-written in Braidwood where the temperature dropped to minus 0.4 degrees and in Goulburn at minus 1.
There were also snowfalls on the Brindabella [...]

Rain falling on Canberra

By 12 October 2012

Yesterday was apparently the coldest day October day on record since 1968 according to the Bureau of Meteorology reaching the lofty heights of 8.6C at 4pm. We’ve had reports in of snow on some roads out towards Goulburn and towards Michalego (send those pics in to & there was a number of road closures [...]

-7 overnight

By 1 September 2012

So the Bureau tells us it really was extremely cold last night hitting a ballcracking -6.8 at the airport at 6:17am.
We’re hearing it’s the coldest spring day on record, ever.

Frostiest Canberra winter since 1997!

By 29 August 2012

According to weatherzone this winter has been the frostiest in 15 years.
That’s a lotta frosts for you outdoor car parkers to deal with!

Yep, it’s been cold.

By 9 July 2012

Just in case the weekend’s sport has not given you enough water cooler icebreakers for easing your human interactions today the ABC is providing a trigger for being the first to mention the cold:
Canberra has experienced its coldest run of temperatures in 36 years, with the mercury dropping below zero for the seventh time [...]

-5.4! (Make that -6.3!)


So that was a good hard frost this morning and still not over zero.
The Kelpie of Few Accomplishments and I thoroughly enjoyed the frosty walk to The Eagle’s Nest this morning (left the bike at work last night for reasons best not gone into).
Did you get of shot of the frost this morning? Send it [...]

So wow, minus 5 eh?


So -5 overnight here in Canberra.
Above is a frosty scene found out doing the rounds with the Kelpie of Few Accomplishments this morning.
Tips for keeping warm overnight?
Enjoy the bright clear, albeit cold, day we’re going to have.

How’s summer working for you?

By 11 January 2012

Well according to the bureau it’s 17 degrees out there and, wait for it, getting down to 6 tonight.
One hell of a summer we’re having.

Are we in for an extremely cold winter?


Is it just me or is Autumn this year extremely cold?
I don’t recall seeing negative temperatures during Autumn last year. We hit -6.7 degrees Saturday night.


By 14 July 2010

The Bureau’s ACT grazier’s alert seems to say it all:
A cold front will bring COLD, WET and WINDY conditions Wednesday.
Yesterday’s note on the weather explains all the different sorts of cold wet and windy piling upon us:
A trough of low pressure is moving through South Australia and is dragging moisture down from [...]

Hail warning

By 11 August 2009

No warnings yet from the bureau.
But we’re getting reports of hail in the northern suburbs (Mitchell) moving south.
So time to get the car under cover if you can.

Windy enough for you?

By 7 August 2009

After a lovely still early morning the weather’s turned mean with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing warnings:
Warning Summary at issue time:
Small Boat Alert for Canberra Lakes. Severe Weather Warning for Damaging Winds above 1200m.
Current Weather Situation and Future Developments
A cold front will cross the ACT today bringing windy conditions with the chance of some isolated [...]

Warm Winter in Canberra?

By 21 July 2009

Is it just me or is it unusually warm this winter?  Everyone bangs on about how ‘cold’ Canberra is but we’ve had but a few measly frosts and a dusting of snow in the far distant hills.  Is this normal, or are people just whiners and like to bang on about ‘cold’ Canberra and dress [...]

Jack Frost hard at work this morning.

By 16 July 2009

These lovely patterns were on the roof of a car I passed this morning. Reminding me in no small part of a lot of the art-deco prints popular at the moment.
To think these things appear all over town at the same time, and then disappear before most people notice.
The Bureau predicts cold frosty mornings to [...]

Still sub-zero at 9am? Tips for getting cars started?

By 6 July 2009

The Bureau informs us that it’s still below zero out there even at 9 in the morning.
The next two mornings are also forecast to get down to -3.
So for those struggling to get their cars going in these conditions have you got any tips?

Icicle weather!

By 12 June 2009

Yesterday morning shocked everyone I think by getting down to -6 degrees.
As I can’t recall the last time I saw icicles I thought it worthy of taking a picture.
Today the Bureau forecasts a whole 12 degrees.
But with the 10.24am update registering a mere 1 degree I’m having my doubts about getting there.
So much for that [...]

Missing Women – Cold Cases in Canberra

By 29 May 2008

I was wondering if anyone remembers or has any information on the unsolved disappearances of:
 -Wendy Dalla in 1975
 -Elizabeth Herfort in 1980 from Vernon circle
 -Megan Mulquinney in 1984 from Woden Plaza
 -Karen (surname escapes me) around 1971 (body found at air disaster memorial)
Or any other local cold cases which are of interest?
Is there a possibility that some of these [...]

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