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And here we go with #actvcc

By 12 June 2012

The ACT Virtual Community Cabinet, possibly the stupidest thing in the sorry history of humanity doing stupid things, is kicking off again from 12.30.
Be part of the signal to noise ratio below or by searching for #actvcc .
I mean what better use of an hour is watching people who could have used google get referred [...]

Twitter cabinet with added n00b horror @ACTVCC


[ 12 June 2012 at 12:30 pm; ]

We have in the past been less than enthusiastic about Twitter Community Cabinets.

But the ACT Government is to be congratulated for finding a way to make it even more horrible.

They’re promoting the upcoming 12 June TwitCab and (here’s the evil genius part) are encouraging non twitter users to take a quick Library course on Twitter [...]

ACT Virtual Community Cabinet kicking off at 12.30 #actvcc

By 28 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Twitter Cabinet is happening again at 12.30. This time around there’s a theme; “The Canberra you want to live in past 2013″.
Even if you’re blessedly free of Twitter you can follow the action below.

new TWTR.Widget({
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search: ‘actvcc’,
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title: ‘ACT Virtual Community Cabinet’,
subject: [...]

Twitter Community Cabinet sallies forth once again. #actvcc

By 21 November 2011

It seems like only yesterday that we were thrilling to the worst form of communication yet devised, the Twitter Community Cabinet of August.
But it’s something our pollies can just about get their tiny heads around, and it gets them glowing press from journos trying to justify their personal Twitter use on company time!
Therefore Chief Minister [...]

August Virtual Community Cabinet in review.

By 30 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Once again four cabinet ministers debased themselves on the altar of Canberra’s tiny twitter community.
The self-promoters, the attention seekers and the griefers were out in force, as were the jokers. It was all one would expect from a community as self-regarding as Twitter.
Here’s a look at the tweets that caught my eye (taken from two [...]

Virtual Community Cabinet tonight from 7pm #actvcc

By 30 August 2011

The ACT Government is once again facing off against the internet and more specifically the twittering classes.
It’s kicking off at 7pm and if you’re not of the twitterati you can still view the action here.

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title: ‘ACT Virtual Community Cabinet’,

Second Twitter community cabinet

By 19 August 2011

[ 30 August 2011 at 7:00 pm; ]

As someone with a who’s been involved in the practical application of information technology since the mid 90s the use of Twitter for community cabinets appals my sense of “the right tool for the right job”.

But Twitter is what every glib suit in the political-media nexus is gibbering about (mostly to justify their use of [...]

ACT Virtual Community Cabinet: How to do it better

By 29 July 2011

While I applaud the idea of using technology to make community cabinet meetings more accessible and representative of the community, we used the wrong technology.  Twitter is great for discussion, but it is terrible for ensuring that the time is spent answering the best questions.  It also won’t scale if any decent number of people [...]

And they’re off! ACT Virtual Community Cabinet

By 26 July 2011

You wouldn’t run a public meeting without a moderator, but #actvcc on Twitter is the place to be to see everyone try and talk at the same time for an hour.
Or if you just want to watch and pass comment in our more structured form you can see it here:

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Cabinet touring regional Belconnen

By 12 October 2010

The increasingly Chiefly Katy Gallagher is inviting the distant denizens of Belconnen to avail themselves of an ACT Cabinet meeting at the Belconnen Arts Centre:
“Cabinet in the Community gives Canberrans an opportunity to meet informally with Ministers over morning tea,” said Ms Gallagher.
“It is another way they can share their views and suggestions about things [...]

Meet your Minister – Community Cabinet Session (Gungahlin) – 4 August 2008

By 29 July 2008

[ 4 August 2008 at 3:30 pm; ] Just in time to coincide with the recent announcement and sudden Renaissance in “nouvelle vogue” community consultation, the ACT Ministers are holding a Community Cabinet session in Gungahlin this coming Monday 4th August 2008 (Gungahlin Community Resource Centre, 47 Ernst Cavanagh Street).

Naturally it is occurring at a time that is deliberately awkward for individuals [...]

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