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Food queue the one to watch at IKEA Canberra

Ross and Kim Morgan

Visitors to IKEA on its opening day told RiotACT the crowds were much smaller than they’d expected, and that there was no wait to get into the store when it opened for the first time.
The only part of the store that looked busy enough to cause any aggravation was the restaurant, where a substantial queue [...]

Costco petrol no longer cheaper?

By 24 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I filled up at Costco on 22 January at $1.16 per litre. Checking Woolies fuel app on 23 January it would appear that the airport is the same price as most other outlets in the ACT at $112.9.
Does this mean that Costco is no longer offering cheaper petrol than anywhere else? I thought this would happen. [...]

How low will petrol prices go?

By 31 December 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Canberra motorists have been treated to a drastic reduction in the price of fuel since the opening of Costco’s petrol station in early December.
On a trip to the Majura Park precinct just before Christmas, I was surprised to see unleaded fuel down to $1.17 a litre at both the Costco and the nearby Woolworths petrol [...]

Found Pandora Bracelet

By 18 January 2013

Found a Pandora bracelet recently at costco in the car park, looking to find the owner as they have sentimental value
If you have lost one and can describe what charms are on it would be happy to return it to you.
Please send email with description to

Parking Costco style!

By 23 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

2620watcher has sent this in:
Its a double whammy:
1) hilarious attempt at parking
2) White commodore
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Costco photo printing – any good?

By 20 July 2012

Just wondering if anyone has had photos printed out at Costco, and is able to comment on the price/quality?

Please help a little lost lamb find his way home!

By 8 April 2012

Hi all – long time reader but first time poster here.  I’ve seen some heart-warming stories on RiotAct and am really hoping mine will be one of them!
I currently have a very miserable 18 month old, as a result of losing his best friend this afternoon at Costco.  The best friend is ‘Lamby’ – a [...]

What else would one drive to Costco? Images of Canberra

By 4 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd has sent in the above with this note:
Someone bumped a old thread asking about stretch hummers for hire. Took this pic @ costco a couple weeks ago. the plates are yellow but said A.C.T on them. A family got out and went into Costco but i doubt its their everyday driver and it would [...]

Costco wins the Mully Cup for July 2011!


RiotACT is thrilled to announce that Costco has won the prestigious Mully Cup for July.
The Mully Cup is awarded monthly to the leading cause of comment in Canberra during a calendar month.
Congratulations to Costco for getting Canberra talking!

I came, I saw, I Costco’d

By 22 July 2011

I went to Costco’s opening day because of the lure of free eggs. I figured we’d paid our $60 joining fee so we might as well get a freebie and I was hoping that 8am on Friday would be more manageable then the expected craziness over the weekend. It was great- I was in and [...]

Costco Opening This Month!

By 13 July 2011

[ 22 July 2011; ] With Costco due to open in a week and a half, I thought I would have a poke around the internet to see what we are in for. Having been to Costcos in Canada and the US, I am excited about the prospect of discounted groceries but also wondering how the typical Canberra home will [...]

If at first you don’t succeed…

By 28 June 2011

So having failed to excite Canberra shoppers with the factory outlet experiment that was Brand Depot, Canberra Airport is announcing the April 2012 arrival of the Majura Park Shopping Centre, featuring Canberra’s biggest Woolies, a Big W, and a Dick Smith.
I guess the recent addition of a Woolworths petrol station at Majura Park should have been a [...]

Costco aiming for July opening

By 14 February 2011

Costco are the subject of some fascination around the place, if only because it’s a whole new model of retailing for Canberra.
Liam has sent through this photo of movements on the Costco front.
I spotted this out at Brand Depot this morning, it seems to be set up mostly for PR purposes. The people inside [...]

Costco to fill out the empty space at Brand Depot

By 21 January 2011

Last October we noted that retailing giant Costco was gearing up to move into Canberra.
Today Chief Minister Stanhope is celebrating this vindication of his economic leadership.
“This is good news for Canberra, good news for shoppers and a good sign of the confidence that a major international company such as Costco has in the strength of [...]

Costco cometh to Canberra

By 22 October 2010

Australian retail watchers have been speculating that as part of the mammoth Costco chain’s push into the buoyant Australian economy they might open an outlet here in Canberra.
A keen eyed reader has noticed they’re staffing up.
It’s a new model for us, really aimed at families. You have to join their club at $55 a year [...]

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