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Who is Canberra’s Batman?

Kim and Batman

I ask this question, not in search of a vigilante to save our city from ruin, but rather to consider what heroism, villainy and justice might mean in the nation’s capital. One could achieve the same thing by substituting Batman with Wonder Woman, Wolverine or a ninja turtle. But the caped crusader is particularly instructive [...]

Police report big drop in crime

Police wrap

Crime reports across Canberra have dropped 10.5 per cent in the first months of 2016, according to police.
Weston Creek has experienced the most dramatic reduction, down 21.8 per cent compared with the same period last year, according to ACT Policing statistics.
Other areas to experience a significant drop for the January to March quarter included Tuggeranong [...]

80% increase in Canberra car break-ins – is this avoidable?


In the last few months I have noticed a lot of people reporting stolen cars, smashed windows and thefts on various online community notice boards. I wasn’t sure if crime had spiked or whether online posts were encouraging more people to come forward.
ACT Policing recently confirmed that there has been an 80 per cent increase [...]

Crime stats show crime declining in Canberra’s north

Police wrap

ACT Policing’s latest quarterly crime statistics show a decline in crime reports in Canberra’s north and in reports of assault, sexual assault, offences against a person and other offences, which includes weapon and drug offences, across Canberra over the past year.
The release of the April to June 2015 quarterly crime statistics show Gungahlin experienced the [...]

This was the best year ever

By 14 December 2013

Far too often crap for brains types try to hark on about how the old ways were best and call for a return to yesterday.
Think Progress has a refreshing seasonal story on why the year just gone was the best one that ever was.
Which is no excuse not to try and do better here in [...]

Dob in those dodgy guns

By 9 October 2013

Simon Corbell is letting us know about a new police campaign aimed at getting guns out of the hands of Canberra’s lackwitted criminal fraternity before they hurt themselves (a far greater risk than hurting anyone else):
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, today launched a new campaign aimed at removing illegal firearms from Canberra’s [...]

Improvements in indigenous youth detention and other crime statistics

By 13 August 2013

Simon Corbell brings news of better statistics related to indigenous people held in juvenile detention:
Mr Corbell welcomed the findings of the June 2013 Criminal Justice Statistical Profile which was tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly today.
“In the 12 months to June 2013, there were 53 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remands and committals at the [...]

Simon says crime on the way down

By 28 February 2013

Attorney-General Simon Corbell is breaking out the bubbly over the latest crime statistics:
New figures showing a continued decrease across a range of crimes in the ACT, including public order offences such as drunk and disorderly behaviour being down 22% were welcomed today by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell.
The December 2012 Criminal Justice Statistical Profile, tabled in [...]

Zed to fight crime with a $100,000 community grant

By 13 September 2012

Zed and Jeremy have been out to announce their grand plan to “combat crime”:
if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will commit $100,000 each year for community grants to combat crime. Mr Seselja said the grants will be given to community groups which support crime prevention.

“This initiative will assist services like Neighbourhood Watch, Victims of [...]

When your son’s charged with raping a man’s daughter you think you’d watch the C-bomb around him?

By 28 June 2012

The Supreme Court released the sentencing of Dennis Bloomfield after a houso on houso punch up on Twamley Crescent Richardson last year.
In February 2011 two Richardson families (Coghlan and Bloomfield) butted heads.
The Coghlan son had allegedly sexually assaulted the Bloomfield daughter in his family’s home the previous year and was subsequently charged. The two families [...]

Batman Corbell to reduce crime by 10%

By 31 May 2012

Simon Corbell has announced his grand plan to cut crime in the ACT by 10% by 2015 and motorvehicle theft by 20%.
Mr Corbell said the government had developed a clear plan to achieve the new property crime
reduction targets.
“The government believes that stopping the cycle of reoffending, intervening early before offences take
place, creating a more robust [...]

New crime maps from ACT Policing

By 24 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced a new crime map:
Mr Corbell launched ACT Policing’s latest web tool today at the ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show and said it was a great way to provide the community crime statistics by suburb, draw comparisons between suburbs and view crime trends over the past five years in a quick, easy and [...]

Greens trying to de-rail the Laura Norder train.

By 13 August 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is courageously trying to introduce some rationality to the rush for longer sentencing options for judges (presented to us as “tougher sentences”).
The ACT Greens are calling for a full review of criminal sentencing in the ACT in light of the current raft of bills before the Assembly to increase penalties.
There will [...]

Hardened Segway criminals rampaging along the lake foreshore

By 4 July 2011

Segway scooters are famously not legal to ride in Australia either on the footpath, or upon the road.
But it is the way of scofflaw criminals to video themselves in breach of the law and publish it for all the world to see on YouTube.

Area with the lowest crime?

By 28 May 2011

I moved to Canberra in February to start a new job. I decided I want to live close to the city, so I moved into a sharehouse in Reid with the budget of ~$200. Unfortunately, my car has been broken into three times. I’ve had to rent a car space in Civic at the cost [...]

Crime in Weston Creek

By 1 April 2011

Has anyone else heard of a higher than usual spate of crime in Weston Creek area lately?
My house was broken into last week, and two other burglary’s in the street today (only about 30 or so houses in the street so not great odds).
Someone else at work who lives in the same suburb has had [...]

Canberra, Australia’s scum capital.

By 15 February 2011

I have lived in Canberra for 2 years. I will be glad to see the back of this awful place! I thought when I moved here I would be moving to a small friendly city, where the family was safe and we could make a new life and take advantage of all the just opportunities Canberra seemed to offer. How [...]

Hand holding for Canberra’s worst crime families [with poll]

By 7 February 2011

On Saturday the Canberra Times had an intriguing story on the 12 families in Canberra responsible for 25% of property crime in the city.
Sadly the families were not named, but an intriguing approach to the recidivist criminals was announced:
As The Canberra Times reveals these astonishing numbers, the police are taking a unique approach by [...]

Police claim crime on the run

By 21 January 2011

The ACT has recorded significant decreases in most reported crimes over the past six-month period.
Comparing the period July 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, to the corresponding period in 2009, ACT has seen a 29.5 per cent decline in burglaries, a 35.2 per cent drop in reported motor vehicle thefts, a 54.8 per cent reduction [...]

What’s the Quangers bit??

By 2 January 2011

I know it goes both ways…
Geesh most of people in Quangers in court on Mondays are from Oaks Estate (ACT) Majority of them came from ACT (still in ACT) just offended in Quangers.
Civic wanted them out,,,,give them Govvy housing in Oaks Estate and send them in Qbn for thier Methadone and free meals…Still ACT’s issue [...]

Progress measurement – Crime, Sports, and Safety

By 6 December 2010

The ACT Government’s Measuring Our Progress site has spat at some new data. So here we go:
– Offences against the person/property shows a gloomy red down arrow with the news: The number of property offences has increased slightly over the reporting period.
– Participation in sports/physical recreation: gets a blue both ways arrow but has this [...]

Remembering Joe Cinque

By 26 October 2010

Let’s not forget that 13 years ago tomorrow, in a duplex in Antill St Downer/Dickson, student Joe Cinque died at the hands of criminal narcissist law student Anu Singh – who got away scot free and failed to take responsibility to any degree.
Joe Cinque’s parents in Newcastle would probably like to know that Canberra [...]

Stolen white 1994 Holden from garage of house in Fisher

By 24 September 2010

Yesterday, while my son and I were out at work, someone broke into our house by forcing a window with a key operated lock on it. While they were in the house picking over our things, they found a set of keys to my son’s  white 1994 Holden, registered YDU 34M. They then loaded the [...]

Stolen over the weekend

By 6 September 2010

Above is a picture of a very unique bike, only one in Canberra that I know of. It was stolen over the weekend (possibly during the 23 hours of service that I put in helping people during the weather event with the SES!)
If you see this Triumph TT600 Sports Bike (Rego: 75112) please call Crimestoppers [...]

Full time thieving a viable career option

By 9 August 2010

This hot on the back of indigenous representation in our judicial system and an appeal following a burglary.
Sunday times brings us an article which everyone pretty much knew was the case anyway.
They bring to light that a small percentage of crooks are responsible for an estimated 90% of Canberras Crime. They also report $11 [...]

Are the police in Canberra accountable?

By 10 June 2010

It is my understanding that ACT Policing does not record a complaint unless they intend to actually do something about it.
Is there anyone out there who can either confirm or refute that please?

The ACT Crime League Table – March 2010 data

By 29 April 2010

So how does your suburb stack up for crime?
With Crime Statistics now online I’ve taken the very crude measure of ranking police patrol sectors by the total crimes committed per 1000 people in March. Interestingly nicer areas seem to have more crime. Do they have more to steal? Or are they more likely to report?
155.3 [...]

Canberrans in the Crime Paranoia charts

By 24 February 2010

Over at Pollytics, the blog that proudly wears its wonkishness on its sleeve, Possum has crunched the numbers from the ABS’s reported and perceived crime statistics, to come up with a “Crime Paranoia Index” of the states and territories.
The ACT makes it to number two in the rankings – meaning that we’re second only to [...]

Police Wrap – 27 January

By 27 January 2010

Over the weekend and Australia Day its been car burnings, aggravated robberies and assault, what a way to celebrate.
A burglary in Ainslie has seen some unique items being stolen and the police would like everyone to tnoify them if they hear of the following items:
A gold wedding ring with 1911 W v gent [...]

Fake Kambah Cops

By 9 December 2009

From the ACT Policing media release site:
ACT Policing is investigating an incident which occurred in Kambah yesterday (Thursday 3 December) at about 10.30pm.
A 28-year-old female was driving southbound along Namitjira Drive when she saw flashing red and blue lights coming from the vehicle behind her. She pulled her vehicle over near [...]

Justice denied?

By 2 November 2009

The Canberra Times brings word that the fighting between our judiciary and executive government has worsened.
Their Honours are pushing for a fifth supreme court judge and pointing out that crimes committed last year are unlikely to come to trial until 2011 under the current four judge arrangement.
Simon Corbell reckons some roster fiddling can fix the [...]

What’s happening down south?

By 12 October 2009

Is it just me, or is there lots of crime and anti-social behaviour going on around  Richardson, Chisholm, Calwell lately?

I seem to think that there is a surge in crime with so many articles in the newspapers and police reports on The RiotACT.

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