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Power Station / Data Centre finds a financier

By 21 April 2010

The Australian reports that after all the sturm und drang surrounding the data centre development in Hume (with associated power generation capacity) the whole thing has finally secured a financier to actually build it.
Challenger Financial Services (owned by the Packers IIRC) is putting up the money for $1 billion development.

ACTPLA greenlights new power station site

By 10 March 2009

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) have announced that the new power station (and data centre) location in Hume has passed the first hurdle with conditional approval.
“Conditions are attached to the approval such as the requirement for approvals from government entities including the Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Territory and Municipal Services [...]

Data Centre Developers Getting Ready for Green Light to Go

By 24 February 2009

The Australian is reporting that the developer of the proposed Data Centre in Hume – Technical Real Estate – hopes to start construction of the facility in early May.
Interestingly, what seemed to be insurmountable problems associated with moving from their preferred site across the road from the Mugga Lane tip have been overcome with TRE [...]

Gas-Fired Power Station component of Canberra Technology City to gas Canberrans

By 5 February 2009

To all those that sat idly, awash with BS from the Chief Minister and his buddy-buddy proponents’ of the gas-fired power station and data centre… The issue’s not with the data centre, it’s the huge natural-gas fired jet turbines and their more than 3 million tonnes of output a year and what that contains for [...]

Power station site selection complied with a bad process – Auditor General

By 10 December 2008

The ACT Auditor-General has announced the release of a report titled: “Proposal for a gas-fired power station and data centre – site selection process”
Note that even the Auditor-General is calling this beast a power station first.
Here are the key findings:
– Government agencies complied with the existing Government processes, leading to the agreement on a site [...]

Alternative site for the power-station/data centre – Hume after all.

By 5 December 2008

The Chief Minister is having a little hissy fit over being forced to compromise by no longer holding a majority in the Assembly.
In particular he’s petulantly noting that there is a site in Hume proper where the accursed TRE data centre with power generation could go.
“At the request of the consortium behind the data centre [...]

Next chapter in the data centre site selection saga

By 2 December 2008

The ABC reports that a special taskforce has come back saying the current proposed site for the data centre is the best.
The report is going to cabinet for a government decision. I would have thought in this new-look ‘cooperative’ Assembly that there would have been some open, transparent and consultative discussion before making a decision. [...]

Data centre health impact assessment now public

By 18 November 2008

Here’s one for the doubters: the shelved HIA was released late yesterday.
You can download it from the ACT Health website
Or directly.
Be careful before clicking that last link: it is a 23MB pdf file. So much for ACT Government web accessibility guidelines.

The power station EIS is out

By 17 November 2008

The long awaited Environmental Impact Statement on the “Canberra Technology City”, otherwise known as the power station, is now online.
Very curiously it has its own domain rather being hosted by, say, a Government department.
If the summary actually makes recommendations I’m yet to find them.
The ABC reckons the EIS is a great big green [...]

Zed finds a solution on the power station?

By 14 November 2008

Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has announced a solution to the impasse on siting the proposed data centre/power station.
After early discussions with both Technical Real Estate and the ACT Greens, Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has indicated that there may yet be a positive outcome to the Tuggeranong Power Station and Data Centre issue.
A dialogue is now [...]

Data centre now moving

By 13 November 2008

It seems Michael Costello has given his permission for the data centre to be moved according to the ABC.
This from the TRE people who said that if they had to move, they would leave
Curiouser and curiouser.
[ED - a bluff called.]

I’m the only one who bosses planning in this town – Stanhope

By 3 November 2008

The ABC has a classic piece of Jon Stanhope mystery theatre with the angry man huffing and puffing about the dire consequences of our elected assembly having any say in his planning administration.
Particularly he wants his beloved datacentre/powerstation to be built on the edge of Tuggeranong and nowhere else.
Suddenly his planning process is sacrosanct, never [...]

Rival data centre bid

By 31 October 2008

Putting the lie to TRE’s accusation that investors would stay away from Canberra in droves, another investment group has revealed advanced plans for a data centre and associated stand-by power station.
On 666 this morning, two reps of the proposal explained that they have identified a site, have had discussions with Liberals and Greens (nothing sinister [...]

TRE tries to heavy the greens

By 29 October 2008

[First filed: October 28, 2008 @ 09:30]
The Canberra Times has a piece in which Technical Real Estate tries to put the frighteners up the Greens and all opponents of their planned data centre / power station.
It seems they’re frustrated from doing business in a functional democracy and have determined that the only viable place for [...]

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