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By 16 February 2014

Can anyone confirm what’s happened to Babars in Civic. Has been closed since earlier this week, no signs on the doors to indicate why?

regional excursions for dining

By 30 January 2014

i thought i’d trawl the riotous hive mind for some food for thought.  my family has a significant milestone this year and we are considering clumping together, a rare event, and go somewhere nice for a meal and perhaps an overnight stay (there’s the folks and three [proper old] kids, mebbe a partner or two [...]

Slow socialising, not speed dating – Fri 14 June, from 6 pm

By 1 June 2013

Fine dining, new people in a warm and cozy place at the top of Red Hill?

Dinner night for singles looking for like-minded friends or a potential partner at one of Canberra’s breathtaking views.
Relaxed conversation and dining to allow a natural environment to meet and get to know other
participants.  No online profiles or rushed speed [...]

Belco Plagued With Crap to Dine On?

By 20 December 2011

We took some visitors from Sydney to dinner last night firstly to Jammo Wests where we we’re denied entry as we had rubber thongs on.
Needless to say the previous day we’d been to many places in Sydney in the same thongs but no, not allowed in the pokie palace at
Jammo. Next was an [...]

For a good meal, the City Club is the place – to avoid at all costs

By 30 July 2010

Small footy clubs have long had a tradition of propping up players’ games fees with part-time work in the local pub or club. So perhaps that’s what’s going on at Garema Place’s Magpies City Club.
Regardless the reason, who ever is back there in the kitchen, it ain’t a cook.
Garlic bread: passable but strangely lacking anything [...]

Recommendations for kid-friendly places to eat in the city

By 21 August 2009

Right hive-mind, I need some recommendations!
A bunch of my feral hippie friends are coming to Canberra for the mega homebirth rally on Monday 7 September at Parliament House.
We’re looking for places to eat with our kids on Sunday and Monday night, right in the city centre (not general inner north, I need true CBD).
Now, despite [...]

Restaurant Review – Rocksalt

By 26 June 2009

Rocksalt, located at the Hawker shops in Belconnen has long been one of my favorite dining experiences. Its one of those culinary gems you often find hidden away at suburban shopping centres and my visit last night reaffirmed my delight.
Its style is firmly Modern Australian, and while its definitely a fine dining restaurant you wont [...]

Where can i get decent roo meat?

By 19 January 2009

I know i’ve mentioned this before but i’m actually still searching! 
I’ve search high and low for fresh Roo meat that is not in little plastic vacumn sealed packs at a ridiculous $18 a Kg…  But i just cant find anywhere. 
The Game Butcher in Fyshwick Market only sells the little plastic bags of roo [...]

Offally good tucker.

By 20 August 2008

This thread and this one have awaken in me a hunger for more delicious offal.
Any recommendations as to which café or restaurant in Canberra serves a nice dish of devilled kidneys, crumbed brains, tripe and onions, stuffed hearts, pigs liver or any other offalicious dish?
Where can I get a good black pudding or haggis?  How about some [...]

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