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By 16 February 2014

Can anyone confirm what’s happened to Babars in Civic. Has been closed since earlier this week, no signs on the doors to indicate why?

Zeffirelli – vale the lost, or soon to return?

By 14 February 2014

Hi all,
Now, I know there will be many views on the merits of the food or the hiring policies, or the link to the Copa, but that aside….
Does anyone know what is happening with the last of the Zeffirelli restaurants, Belconnen?
The windows are covered over, the phone is disconnected, and the seating is all outside [...]

regional excursions for dining

By 30 January 2014

i thought i’d trawl the riotous hive mind for some food for thought.  my family has a significant milestone this year and we are considering clumping together, a rare event, and go somewhere nice for a meal and perhaps an overnight stay (there’s the folks and three [proper old] kids, mebbe a partner or two [...]

Supper Club asks you to dine out for a good cause

By 12 April 2013

[ 2 May 2013; ]

Fancy supper?

Visit any one of twenty two restaurants from in and around the ACT on Thursday 2nd May, eat awesome food, and help out camp quality.

This is a win/win kind of situation Rioters.

Apparently bookings are filling up fast, so make sure you get on board.

Camp Quality Supper Club is a one-of-a-kind fundraising experience marrying fine [...]

Great authentic Thai food at ayutthaya Belconnen

By 7 March 2012

enjoying Ayutthaya Belconnen

Restaurants that provide low fat options?

By 3 February 2012

Does anyone know of any restaurants around Canberra that provide low fat options for dieters?  I have been dieting pretty hard in an attempt to wash away the sins of the Christmas holidays and would like a break from home cooked stuff for a night.  Thanks for any ideas!

Civic lunch venue for group

By 23 March 2011

I know there have been similar posts in the past, but with all the new eateries that have sprung up around Civic in the last year or two I am wondering whether anywhere has emerged as a particularly good venue for groups of 20 or more?
By this I mean somewhere that does not insist on everyone ordering [...]

Restaurant Review – Rocksalt

By 26 June 2009

Rocksalt, located at the Hawker shops in Belconnen has long been one of my favorite dining experiences. Its one of those culinary gems you often find hidden away at suburban shopping centres and my visit last night reaffirmed my delight.
Its style is firmly Modern Australian, and while its definitely a fine dining restaurant you wont [...]

The European Menace

By 17 April 2009

I briefly heard her deputy chiefliness on ABC this morning responding to a caller concerned about the rapid rise in the population of European wasps.  I remember when they were first detected in Canberra, and there was great concern to eradicate them wherever possible.  Well, it hasn’t worked.
I had breakfast in Manuka last weekend, and it [...]

Anzac Day Dawn Service – Where to go for a club breakfast ?

By 4 April 2009

[ 25 April 2009; ] With only 3 weeks to go before Anzac Day. I am looking for a club that does a bus out to the dawn service, then afterwards back to the club for a breakfast. All for a fee of course.

So many clubs used to offer this service but I am yet to find any this year.

I [...]

Food van review: Gaby’s in Barton

By 3 April 2009

Had lunch today from Gaby’s food van in Barton.
This is parked behind the new PM&C building and almost-open new AG’s building, next to the oak plantation just off Kings Avenue.
Apparently it has been here for 20 years; certainly the last decade I can warrant. But for some reason I’ve never had an actual [...]

Dining in large groups

By 30 March 2009

Where do Canberrans dine out with a large group (20 or so) for occasions like Mother’s Day.
Recently I have had pretty ‘ordinary’ meals at a well known Club in Gungahlin.
Ideally I’m looking for a venue where you pay before you dine is available as it’s easier than trying to split bills.
Although we live [...]

Sizzle Bento Blast

By 30 March 2009

I have always been a loyal and devoted customer of Sizzle Bento and adore sushi until my recent experience at their Garema Place store turned me off it completely.
I bought something to eat at the Sizzle Bento store in Garema Place and went to pay for my bill and the manager who works there started [...]

Pad Thai @ Yum Thai – Recommended

By 28 March 2009

[First filed: March 27, 2009 @ 10:45]

One of my favourite things to eat in all the world is the king of noodle dishes, the takeaway pad thai.
But Canberra has, to date, been a little disappointing on this front. We’ve got a lot of Chinese and Vietnamese places that put it on the menu but can’t [...]

Another Restaurant question post…

By 18 March 2009

The in-laws are taking me out for a nice dinner because I recently had a *ahem* significant birthday (the age, feel the age).
But we’re trying to find a nicey restaurant to go out to but are a bit non-plussed by what we’ve found.
Save me RiotACT community, what restaurant ideas are there for a special occassion?
[ED [...]

Cafe In The House – Breakfast

By 16 March 2009

Today I had Breakfast at Cafe In The House, which is the eatery in Old Parliament House.  I was with a group of about 10.
I’ve eaten there before, and always been underwhelmed, and today was no exception.
One standout though was the young lady who was serving, she was excellent: competant and helpful.
Unfortunately we had [...]

Jalepeno Shortage hits Subway!

By 10 March 2009

A while ago I posted news of a supposed pineapple juice shortage and, miraculously, almost immediately the pineapple juice started to flow once more.
Envoking Murphy’s Law, I’m now alerting Rioters to the absence of jalepenos in Canberra Subways (the sandwich chain), apparently due to an American supply shortage.

TUGGERANONG HYPERDOME’S HUNGRY JACK’S- Are you really that hungry???

By 5 March 2009

It was just a typical stop-in today, at the Hungry Jack’s in Tuggy.. precisely the problem.
It all started with that androgynous cashier (who always seems to find me) taking my order. You know, the one with the unkempt curly brown hair and indiscernible voice (by the way: this, how shall we say, individual, is quite courteous & attentive, and [...]

Thoughts on Cafe Gaudi.

By 26 February 2009

Well, I just had a Vanilla Slice from Cafe Gaudi.  They’re usually quite nice and made by some private baker.  The thing I’ve noticed about them is they leave the old stock on the cake shelves for too long.  Today the shelf was full so I thought they’d be nice.  I’d got back to work [...]

From the North – new eatery in Civic

By 26 February 2009

After wandering back to the city west carpark over recent weeks and watching a shopfront change from newspaper, to newspaper with “coming soon” on it, a restaurant has opened!
I grabbed a menu on Monday night, and safely accompanied by a motley array of colleagues we ventured to the North China Noodlearium. Hooray, I just invented [...]

Pastys – where to get decent ones?

By 18 February 2009

Ok, following on from the “good sandwich” thread, I’ve been inspired to put in a request of my own.
Does anyone know where I can get anything like a good “Cornish” pasty in Canberra?* I’ve had many things masquerading as “pastys” in Canberra, and in Aus, but nothing has come close to a real “Cornish” pasty. [...]

Valentines Day rip off?

By 15 February 2009

My son took his girlfriend out for Valentines Day dinner at Sage in Braddon.
When he booked the table he wasn’t told there was a $100 (per person) set menu for the night. Add to that three glasses of wine ($10 per glass) and one glass of water ($9 per glass) and the bill came [...]

Burns Club – New Bistro

By 2 June 2008

I went to the burns club on saturday night, with the intention of feeding the family – unfortunately, there were no kids meals, and the tables had tablecloths on them. only about 3 people eating there. hmm. Went to the counter – (we came in the back way) and found that it is now called [...]

Santa Lucia, Kingston

By 3 May 2008

Just had lunch at that Canberra institution, Santa Lucia.  I didn’t have high expectations, as the only strong memory of the place is many years ago, our hockey group got a conga line going through the restaurant and got all the other punters involved, but when the line went out the front door, the owner [...]

Ardeche – resteraunt review

By 21 April 2008

With Baby G tucked up soundly at her nan’s and the G2 family addition just around the corner the missus and I kicked up our heels with a night out on the town. I dug through the entertainment guide and found Ardeche located on the corner of City Walk and Ainslie Avenue opposite the [...]

Best Restaurants In Canberra

By 14 April 2008

After reading the thread about the worst places to get a bite to eat in this town, I’d like to know where some of the better ones are.
On Friday night I celebrated my birthday @ La Bella Vista on the lake in Belconnen. In all honesty, it was one of the best [...]

Down about dumplings…

By 21 March 2008

This evening I decided to pop into my old favourite, Godori, in the city for a quick feed. I ordered a small serve of dumplings as I wasn’t that hungry and, mainly, because I didn’t want to be out for too long. The dumplings took some time to come out, say 10-15 minutes (note I’m [...]

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