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Refined approach key to tourism, business growth for Canberra

Jennifer Dwyer Slee

Every city interested in making its mark on the world continually looks for ways to become more attractive to business and tourism. Ways to shine brighter on the world stage, and not just because they are proud of who they are. It’s because building a city’s economy through conferences, events and tourism in general is [...]

Canberra slips from 3rd to 6th strongest Australian economy


ACT has slipped from Australia’s third strongest economy to the sixth, according to the ‘April 2014 State of the States’ report issued by CommSec yesterday.
The report also shows ACT has the weakest levels of investment.
The area of the report that may be surprising to read is unemployment rates in the ACT, [...]

Business confidence collapsing in the ACT?

By 29 November 2012

Sensis has some bad news about their survey of business confidence in the ACT:
The ACT has recorded the largest fall in business confidence among small and medium businesses of any state or territory over the past quarter, with confidence now below the national average.
The November Sensis Business Index results show confidence levels among ACT [...]

Why in the name of god are we running stimulatory deficits in a boom?

By 23 July 2012

Andrew Barr is having a celebratory crow about the performance of the ACT’s economy as recorded by a recent Commsec report.
The report found that:
• The ACT has Australia’s third highest economic growth, at 19.7% above the decade-long average, and behind only WA and NT, which both have large mining and resources sector investment projects.
• The [...]

Your thoughts wanted on Government involvement with business

By 14 December 2011

The Economic Development Directorate has released an invitation to comment on what the ACT Government can and should be doing to grow the local economy.
The ACT Government recognises the need for a diverse ACT economy. A diverse economy provides for solid and stable employment and growth, provides opportunities for innovation and provides a buffer to [...]

Andrew Barr on the ACT Economy

By 18 August 2011

Treasurer Barr has published his statement to the Legislative Assembly on the state of the ACT Economy.
Basically things here are as good as can be but don’t hold your breath if the world goes to hell (which it might).
Or in pollie speak:
The national economic fundamentals and those of the Territory are strong.
But we are not [...]

What is the deal with retail employment?

By 25 May 2011

Many empty shopfronts, yet many desperate retail outlets looking for employees… how can both be true?

Economy going gangbusters

By 18 April 2011

Katy Gallagher is taking credit for the latest data from the Commonwealth Bank showing Canberra’s economy is booming (if the cranes on the horizon weren’t telling you that already).
Dwelling construction, new home loans and population growth in the ACT are all reported to be above decade averages and ahead of other jurisdictions, which are [...]

$18 billion in construction projects in Canberra

By 30 March 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope is thrilled to announce that Canberra currently has nearly $18 billion in construction projects planned or underway.
“These positive results are evidence of a strong economy and the sustained confidence in the future of our city from the business community.”
Construction activity is spread across the ACT with a major focus on developments in [...]

The future challenges to ACT Prosperity

By 17 January 2011

The Canberra Times has a story on CommSec’s assessment of the ACT’s economy and its prospects:
ACT political and business leaders have welcomed the good news in the CommSec report, which puts the territory at the top. But the report also said Canberra was troubled by skilled labour shortages, one of Australia’s most rapidly ageing [...]

New $31 million hole in the ACT budget – No worries just yet.

By 11 November 2010

Katy Gallagher is engaged in turd polishing trying to put a positive spin on the Commonwealth MidYear Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) which has torn $31 million in GST revenue out of the ACT Treasury.
Katy remains committed to somehow balancing the books in 2013-14, safely after the next ACT election in 2012.
On the bright side [...]

The booming ACT economy

By 25 October 2010

Katy Gallagher is crowing about the latest Commonwealth Bank “State of the States” economic report:
Key results for the ACT:
– Economic activity- the second best performance nationally, with the level of output in the June quarter 2010 27.5 per cent higher than its decade average level
– Unemployment- the lowest in the nation at 3%, well below [...]

State Final Demand surges ahead

By 4 October 2010

[First filed: Oct 2, 2010 @ 9:18]

“Measuring Our Progress” has found some more progress to celebrate this time it’s a sharp uptick in State Final Demand per capita.
The latest available data indicates that seasonally adjusted SFD in the ACT increased by 5 per cent in the June quarter 2010, predominantly reflecting a positive contribution from [...]

Your input wanted into a clean economy

By 17 September 2010

Jon Stanhope is asking for your submissions into a University of Canberra framework document on a “clean economy” for the ACT.
“This scoping study is the first step towards the development of an evidence-based clean economy strategy that will enable the Government to deliver on its vision for a sustainable and progressive regional economy,” Mr Stanhope [...]

ACT retailing in trouble

By 8 September 2010

The ABC has a story on the falling ACT retail sales as our planning processes pump ever more retail space into the market.
David Rumbens from Access Economics says sales lagged in the June quarter.
“A slowing construction activity, potentially as the fiscal stimulus is withdrawn. Potential for further rate rises may have a greater impact [...]

ACT economy still booming

By 26 July 2010

The Chiefly Stanhope is thrilled to announce the ACT still has the fastest growing economy in the nation with a stonking 8.1% growth rate.
“This is a remarkable result for such a small economy as ours,” Mr Stanhope said. “The ACT’s 8.1 per cent growth rate demonstrates the fiscally-responsible approach we adopted, heading in and out [...]

Canberra leads the nation in rising rates of bankruptcy

By 4 July 2009

The Canberra Times reports that Canberrans, despite our rosy local employment figures, are going bankrupt at higher rates than last year.
New figures from the Insolvency and Trustee Service reveal a 50 per cent rise in bankruptcies in year-on-year comparisons of the June quarter.
Between April and June this year, 66 Canberrans declared either personal or [...]

ACT employers feeling bullish?

By 24 June 2009

The ABC has an item on Hudson recruiting’s latest survey:
The survey by recruitment firm Hudson shows employer confidence has risen for the first time in more than a year and is now 11.5 per cent above the national average.
Hudson ACT general manager John Henderson says public sector dominance helps cushion Canberra especially during an economic [...]

David Jones closed

By 16 April 2009

DJ’s in Civic has had extensive water damage from its sprinkler system and may be closed for weeks.

Minimal risk at Cooleman Court

By 16 April 2009

The Canberra Times has a bit on the trouble at Cooleman Court where asbestos has been found in the aircon and shops have had to close:
Four Cooleman Court shops are gradually reopening after an asbestos scare late last week.
The shops were closed on Thursday when asbestos-related material found in an air-conditioning duct months ago [...]

Dirty tricks against Giralang Shops Development

By 14 April 2009

In the last fortnight pamhplets have been mailed to every house in Giralang. The pamphlet opposes the Woolworths development at the derelict shop site and is attributed to “Combined Residents Action Group”. Sound familiar? It seems that it was intended to deceive Giralang residents into believing it came from the Giralang Residents Action Group (GRAG). [...]

LOLbogans of the Monaro Highway

By 8 April 2009

Kerces has sent in this picture, with her captions, as seen on the Monaro Highway yesterday.
Kevin will be thrilled that good ordinary Aussies can be relied on to do the right thing.
(Although as our economically minded readers have noted maximum effect for the local economy would be had by drinking locally brewed Zierholz beer out [...]

Want to be a mystery shopper?

By 4 March 2009

[ED - Before any of you start screaming. I asked Rachel to send in some information on this and no money or any other consideration has changed hands]
SpySee Mystery Shopping and Reviews are Canberra’s only locally owned and run mystery shopping specialists.  No doubt you have heard that mystery shopping is a great way to make [...]

Canberra to get some much needed retail excellence

By 2 March 2009

Many of us are quite hopeful that an economic downturn might encourage retailers to rediscover the lost art of customer service.
The Chiefly Jon Stanhope has today announced that more encouragement is on the way:
Chief Minister and Minister for Business and Economic Development Jon Stanhope, has today launched the inaugural ACT Chief Minister’s Retail Excellence [...]

Chamber sides with the big end of town, tells members to learn to love the QIC monopoly

By 24 February 2009

The Canberra Times reports that the local chamber of commerce is warning noisy civic shop owners to stop annoying the mighty ALP owned mega corp QIC which now owns the town.
While Mr Peters declined to comment on the majority of allegations against QIC, he did give some advice to retailers claiming the corporation was unfairly [...]

Has the economic slowdown finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?

By 23 February 2009

Has the economic slowdown (I noticed they’re not calling it a crisis anymore) finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?
My house was broken into last week. This wasnt totally unexpected as I dont live in the best area of town, but what was taken was very intersting. A piggie bank, a ring, a [...]

Canberra Economy Rocks OK?

By 21 February 2009

Forget the doom and gloom that other sheep-like media spread around rather than think for themselves.
The Daily Telegraph has a deeply jealous story on how strong the local economy is in this city of smart, beautiful, and rich, rich, rich people.
Canberra is bucking the economic trend, while the rest of Australia is hurting from [...]

$350 mil in wonga coming our way

By 6 February 2009

[First filed: February 05, 2009 @ 19:58]
Like a drunk waking up after a week long bender, rather than shaving, showering, ironing a shirt and getting to work – instead we’ve found a bottle of bourbon and we’re going to have one last hurrah before we face the music.
The Chief Minister proudly announces that the ACT [...]

Where and why: Major retaillers

By 6 February 2009

Where do you shop in Canberra and why?
As the economy heads for tougher times ahead, there is much talk around Canberra about the unsustainable number of major retailers competing for our business in a relatively small market.
Some say that we’ll see some well known stores close, others merge and significant change overall in the local [...]

30% of businesses planning to hire

By 21 January 2009

Despite earlier doom and gloom the ABC now informs us that actually 30% of Canberra businesses are looking to hire in this first quarter of 2009.
“Recruitment firm Hudson surveyed more than 270 local employers and found close to 60 per cent planned to maintain current staff levels, while 11 per cent expected to shed workers [...]

Unemployment to double?

By 19 January 2009

Idiot media are busy talking us all into a serious economic downturn. The local ABC is joining in warning that unemployment in the ACT is set to “Double” (Terrifying!).
Coming off a base so low that job creation has become a negative when developments are assessed this actually means a rise to a still very low [...]

Canberra Follies

By 20 November 2008

What are we going to do with the Feds porked up money for jam, err I mean economic stimulus? My top five follies de-jour for Canberra are:

Large indoor wave pool with attached self sustaining rainforest
Seasonal open air bars on the shores of the lake
A canal estate
Autobahn between Canberra and Sydney and Canberra and Melbourne
Many many [...]

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