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Gungahlin Library opens its doors

By 21 May 2011

Simon Corbell has announced the long awaited opening of Gungahlin Library:
“This is a great facility for all Gungahlin resident to enjoy, and today’s open day is a perfect opportunity for people of all ages to learn about what services this new library will provide for them,” Mr Corbell said.
“The Government has invested approximately $12 million [...]

140 Character Hazing – Education 2.0

By 25 April 2011

During a weekend social outing with friends I was swept up in a discussion about teaching in the ‘digital age’ that was punctuated with some choice quotes from a Twitter stream of a UC lecturer.!/elpcg1
From what I have seen, after the submission of blog entries, all students of the course go through a hazing via [...]

UC takes over the name of two schools

By 22 March 2011

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s handed over the names of two schools to the University of Canberra:
Today I launched the University of Canberra (UC) partnership with the ACT Department of Education and Training, which sees Lake Ginninderra College and Kaleen High School officially become the University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginninderra and [...]

Best training in Canberra

By 17 March 2011

Where to go for training?

BarCamp Canberra returns on 19 March 2011

By 4 March 2011

[ 19 March 2011; ] For the 4th year BarCamp Canberra is on!

BarCamp Canberra is a free one-day volunteer-run ‘unconference’ where the participants are in charge.

As ever, depending the attendees, we’ll have speakers on topics such as: Social Innovation, Gov 2.0, Web, Design, Makers/Hackers, Science Communication, Skeptic/Critical Thinking, Sustainability/Environmental, interdisciplinary topics and more.

Lunch is provided, and we even have a [...]

In Praise of Ian Chubb

By 25 February 2011

ANU has posted posted the speech given by their Chancellor Gareth Evans to the farewell dinner of long serving Vice-Chancellor Ian Chubb.
Here were the highlights of achievement:
Let me count the ways in which Ian Chubb’s leadership has been so special. He has consolidated our position as Australia’s No 1 university, and unequivocally our top research [...]

Andrew Barr’s plans for education in 2011 unveiled

By 7 February 2011

Andrew Barr has celebrated the start of the school year with a visit to schools in Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.
More interestingly he’s outlined what he wants to achieve this year in education:
That’s why 2011 will be a year that sees the ACT Labor Government:
• provide principals with more say over who teaches in their school and [...]

Canberra kids lead nation in nerdiness

By 22 December 2010

Andrew Barr is pleased to announce that the ACT’s year six students are more science literate than other states.
The 2009 National Assessment Program Science Literacy report, produced by the Ministerial Council
for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs is the result of tests conducted in 635
primary schools across Australia, including 56 in the ACT.
Minister for [...]

Over 80,000 ANU graduates

By 15 December 2010

ANU has proudly announced that they’ve graduated their 80,000th student.
ANU marked an important milestone earlier this month with the conferring of awards at the December graduation ceremonies bringing the total number of University graduates to over 80,000.
Around 1800 students received their awards during six ceremonies held at Llewellyn Hall last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. [...]

Henry Parkes Oration, free at the National Library

By 29 October 2010

[ 29 October 2010 at 6:30 pm; ]

Hello Rioters,

Tonight the annual Henry Parkes Oration is on at the National Library, 6.30pm, and it’s free:

The importance of public education as a fundamental building block of a sustainable democracy is the theme of the Oration, to be delivered by Associate Professor Lyndsay Connors. She will argue that Henry Parkes’ vision for public education [...]

Mediocrity, thy name is school

By 26 October 2010

I would have thought, with an Honours degree under my belt, and having started a PhD, that there would be nothing for me to learn from kindergarten.
My eldest daughter started school this year, you see. Surely, with all that education, kindergarten in Canberra could offer me nothing more.
Well, it turns out not to be strictly [...]

ACT schools the most reliant on fundraising?

By 25 October 2010

The ABC has education union research showing the ACT’s public schools are the most reliant in the country for fundraising to conduct their basic operations.
So are we happy for parents to keep making up the difference (entrenching postcode disadvantate)? Shall we hope the Federales throw some money at it? Or should the ACT Government live [...]

Geoscience Australia Open Day 2010

By 11 October 2010

[ 17 October 2010 at 10:00 am; ]

Geoscience Australia celebrates Earth Science Week 2010

Geoscience Australia will celebrate Earth Science Week 2010 with a range of activities.

 The main event, Geoscience Australia’s annual Open Day, will be held on Sunday 17 October from 10am-4pm. Open Day offers a diverse program of activities, science displays, tours and talks that will showcase our agency’s latest research [...]

Canberra Private/public debate on seconday schools

By 8 October 2010

I am in the processes of considering a move to Canberra from Melbourne with my husband that is from Canberra, but out of touch with schools (as of course they change over the years). I have a daughter and a son that are to enter high school (one in high school when we plan to [...]

Om Shanti College?

By 14 September 2010

While down at the Cook shops this morning, getting milk for my early morning cuppa, I noticed a posted advertising courses  for “Professional Organisation” and offering to train one up to a certificate in such things. As some one who is as organised as a one legged man on a pogo stick in a ball [...]

Andrew Barr is off to China

By 9 September 2010

Andrew Barr is letting us know he’s off to China to sell education:
“The ACT education system has a world reputation for excellence. That’s why there are around 6,000 international students studying in Canberra, including more than 450 in ACT public schools,” Mr Barr said. “Overseas students contribute around $200 million a year to our economy. [...]

Won’t any one think of the private schools?

By 26 August 2010

The Liberals’ Steve Doszpot is stamping his tiny feet that the Greens and Labor won’t agree with him about guaranteeing rivers of gold to private schools.
“I presented this motion today to give the Greens and the Labor Party an opportunity to step up an support the non-government education sector, which provides quality educational outcomes for [...]

The Gary and Lin Show

By 19 August 2010

Labor’s Kate Lundy doesn’t have to sully herself with the undignified matter of wooing voters.
But the Liberals’ Gary Humphries and the Greens’ Lin Hatfield Dodds want to have an education debate. They’ve got, as far as I can be bothered to tell, the same decades old boring argument on just how much public money we [...]

Queanbeyan Private Schools

By 13 August 2010

We currently live in Queanbeyan East and are looking to move to Greenleigh Estate.
We have a 16 month old son and are starting to consider his schooling, and are aware that St Gregorys’ is the only private school in Queanbeyan.
Are folks in our region using this school (present or past), and are there other alternatives [...]

Your say on improving schools

By 3 August 2010

[First filed: Aug 2, 2010 @ 13:51]

The ACT Department of Education and Training has issued a discussion paper on “Improving ACT Public High Schools and Colleges”.
The discussion component seems to be driven by two pages asking “What if?”:
… high schools and colleges worked together as connected learning communities to offer greater choice to students?
… [...]

Theory v practice

By 16 July 2010

I am sure most Rioters would be aware that, here in the ACT, we have the highest proportion of people with tertiary qualifications in Australia.  We also have the highest proportion of people with a post-graduate qualification in Australia.  One might reasonably assume, then, that there exists a collectively higher IQ in our fair land. 
This [...]

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Canberra

By 8 July 2010

My workplace has asked that I get my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I’ve started to do some research, and have literally found dozens of programs that offer this program, which all claim to be the best.
I’d preferably like to do a combination of face to face and distance learning, although I’d also be [...]

Co-principals for the P-10

By 21 June 2010

In the world of ACT Education “innovation” seems to be “untested experiments to try on your child”.
It’s a problem because you can’t just trade the kid in if the twelve year experiment doesn’t work out.
Andrew Barr has announced that the already novel Kambah school serving primary kiddies to year 10 young adults is to have [...]

Joint ANU/UC education degrees

By 10 June 2010

In a move confirming UC’s role as a technical college, the ANU has announced that they’ve signed an agreement to offer joint education degrees:
The Vice-Chancellors of ANU and UC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Canberra this morning to capitalise on the complementary strengths of the two institutions in research, education and professional training. [...]

Bilingual education in Canberra

By 8 June 2010

I am keen to send my kids to a school offering bilingual education if possible. 
Does anyone have any feedback on Telopea park or Yarralumla for kids who come from non bilingual families. 
In particular, I haven’t heard too much about how the bilingual Italian teaching is going at Yarralumla primary.  Are the kids doing [...]

Ian Chubb announces his resignation

By 4 June 2010

[Photo: Belinda Pratten]
The ANU brings word that Vice-Chancellor Ian Chubb will be leaving the uni next year after more than a decade leading it up the world rankings.
“Professor Chubb has invigorated ANU, made the most of its exceptional research strengths, and extended those riches to all students, making the educational experience at ANU a [...]

College selection

By 4 June 2010

I am having some issues with the choice of a college. 
I am hoping that some fellow RiotACTers will be able to help me out with the choice between Canberra and Narrabundah College. 
I am interested in English and Law and I am your typical A grade student (and I would like to stay that [...]

Librarians, what are they good for?

By 28 May 2010

The Canberra Times is bemoaning the lack of demand for “teacher librarians” which in turn is leading to a decline in this ancient and noble tradition in Canberra and elsewhere.
Does anyone care?

Teacher librarians
Have crucial skills which must be maintained
Should go the way of buggy whip makers
View Results

 Loading …

Short courses during winter?

By 27 May 2010

I’m on my winter break from uni now and am looking to do a short course to keep me busy.
I’ve looked at all the CITace ones but none of them are tempting or work for me on the day they are on.
Does anyone know of any places other than CIT (and the colleges [...]

cLc to roll out to every public school

By 26 May 2010

[First filed: May 25, 2010 @ 14:34]
Andrew Barr has announced that the “Connected Learning Community” (cLc), currently being trialled at eight schools (Hawker College, Lake Tuggeranong College, Stromlo High School, Alfred Deakin High School, Campbell High School, Weetangera Primary School, Ngunnawal Primary School and Wanniassa Hills Primary School) is going live to the rest of [...]

Cradle to grave education?

By 24 May 2010

Apparently the youth of Kaleen High and Lake Ginninderra College have had their fates determined.
Andrew Barr has announced that the University of Canberra has bought naming rights to these schools:
From 1 July Kaleen High School and Lake Ginninderra College will be renamed University of Canberra High School, Kaleen and University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, [...]

It’s time for a College Cake Sale (Again)

By 7 May 2010

Well kiddies, here we are in Term 2, 2010.
I have received information from one of my insiders, that again the various Technology faculties in ACT Colleges are running out of money, because parents still are not paying the Voluntary Contributions.
Gosh Darn.
So what should they do……
1. Have a massive Bake Sale, so [...]

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