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ANZ supports small business in Canberra with workshop on cash management

By 11 September, 2009

Small business operators in Canberra are invited to an ANZ small business workshop designed to help them cope with the cash flow challenges of the current economic environment and plan for more prosperous times ahead.
ANZ Group Managing Director, Commercial Banking, David Hisco said this was the first time the free ANZ workshops had been offered [...]

Save our schools doesn’t want some schools?

By 24 August, 2009

The Canberra Times notes an interesting change of direction for the “Save Our Schools” group.
The Government is talking about turning the Weston campus of the Canberra Institute of Technology over for use as an Islamic school.
Strangely when the government hands over unwanted facilities for Christian schools it passes without note.
But the SOS group, who have [...]

Best university?

By 11 August, 2009

The ABC brings word that the annual report card on the ACT’s universities has thrown up much the same results as always.
ANU is number one in the ACT. The University of Canberra is still best at getting its graduates a job but still hated by its graduates. Signadou appears to have improved its disability access [...]

Police road safety roadshow hits the streets

By 29 July, 2009

Simon Corbell has proudly announced a new road safety show and tell to try and “ram home the safe driving message”.
(I normally find that messages which require brute force are of dubious merit, but let’s move on)
The attention-grabbing display, entitled Real Decisions, Real Consequences has as its focus a wrecked vehicle from a fatal [...]

Careers careers careers – Canberra Careers Market at the AIS

By 29 July, 2009

[ 5 August, 2009; 6 August, 2009; ] For some of us it might be a little late in the day.

But for younger readers considering their education options, and the parents of younger readers, it’s worth noting that the Canberra Careers Market is on again in early August.

From their blurb:

The Canberra Careers Market is an annual event usually conducted on the first Wednesday [...]

Andrew Barr comes out swinging against the publishing industry

By 19 July, 2009

To make my own biases clear, I’ve long been of the view that the Australian publishing industry is made up of a bunch of smug, underperforming, unimaginative bastards who conspire to make my beloved books more expensive.
I don’t know if they’d be first against the wall, waiting for a bullet, come the revolution. But if [...]

ACT teachers demand massive government secrecy and censorship to protect themselves from scrutiny

By 15 July, 2009

The ABC brings word of a push by the local education union to have the Government impose fines on any media outlet that has the temerity to take government information and compile it.
Penny Gilmour from the Australian Education Union says she is still worried that newspapers could compile publicly available results and publish simplistic lists.
“We [...]

The future arrives at UC Village?

By 1 July, 2009

Andrew Barr is very excited by the opening of a vast student accomodation complex at the University of Canberra:
Minister for Education and Training Andrew Barr today officially opened the University of Canberra Village, a $38 million, 507 bed student accommodation complex on campus.
“With a 5-star energy efficiency rating, passive solar designs, grey [...]

Bullying at Kingsford Smith?

By 1 July, 2009

When the ACT Government began rolling out plans for “Super Schools” many were apalled at the idea of cramming overly disparate age groups into the same facility.
The Liberals’ Steve Dozspot is claiming that out at the newish West Belconnen Kingsford Smith School all is not well:
“Systemic bullying and a lack of a ratified school specific [...]

Preschoolers and the Education Tax Rebate

By 30 June, 2009

I have a child in kindergarten 2009 and kind of presumed that I could claim the new Education Tax Rebate for only half of the 2008-09 financial year.
However I’ve discovered (quite by accident) that the Canberra Preschool Society have a ruling from the ATO that children attending preschool (at least at government ones that are now [...]

Recommended schools?

By 29 June, 2009

We currently live in Belconnen and are planning to move to the Woden/Weston area in the next couple of years.  We both work in Woden and have children attend childcare in the area and would like to enrol our eldest child in a preschool here mainly for logistical reasons (ie. picking up after school) and [...]

More scholarships to CIT

By 25 June, 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that the ACT Government is going to pay for a thousand extra students to attend CIT next year, up from 300 current scholarship places to 1,300.

An extra 1,000 Canberrans will have access to scholarships to help them study at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) from 1 July this year, Minister [...]

Karabar High School beatings

By 19 June, 2009

The Canberra Times has a story on beatings in Queanbeyan yesterday:
Two teenagers are believed to have been targeted by a pack of up to 10 youths in a series of premeditated attacks across Queanbeyan.
It is believed some of those attackers have taken photos and video footage of the incidents on their mobile phones.
On Monday [...]

ACT picks up $140 million in P21 loot

By 10 June, 2009

Andrew Barr has proudly announced that Canberra’s schools have picked up $140 million in stage two of the Primary Schools for the 21st Century program (more memorably referred to as P21).

Sixty seven schools across the ACT will receive funding to build major infrastructure such as new libraries, multi-purpose halls, classrooms, assembly halls and performing arts [...]

Government caves on disability funding of private schools?

By 10 June, 2009

Back at the end of April I was astonished that Steve Doszpot was pushing for the Government to take over the provision of disabilities in private schools.
I went so far as to label it the most pointless whinge in history and this morning it appears I was wrong.
I still maintain that for the long term [...]

Dozspot to end bullying?

By 4 June, 2009

The Liberal Steve Dozspot’s pom pom girls often ascribe amazing powers to him.
But his latest media release suggests he too subscribes to this thinking.
The headline promises a great deal:
A tall order for a shadow minister. And through what mechanism is he going to solve a problem that’s been with [...]

Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School named as a Top Teacher

By 29 May, 2009

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards have been announced for 2009 and Phillip Hall from Yarralumla Primary School is carrying the flag for the ACT.
This from the media release:
Phillip recognises the special needs of students with autism and has developed systems to ensure that his students can achieve their very best. Using techniques such as [...]

Any excuse to scupper accountability of educators?

By 28 May, 2009

The Greens’ Meredith Hunter is leaping upon doubts raised by a single education expert Professor Brian Caldwell over publishing of school performance data.
“We expect the Education Minister to address concerns about the potential negative effects of the introduction of new testing and reporting systems that will make compiling league tables possible – a policy [...]

Catholic secondary school in Gungahlin?

By 27 May, 2009

Last night I attended an information night re the new Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Harrison.
It was mentioned that a site has also been reserved for a Catholic secondary school in Gungahlin, and I wondered if anyone knows where it actually is? Apparently, it was suggested, the site may not actually be used for [...]

Merit based pay becomes half arsed banding

By 26 May, 2009

It seems simple enough, pay your talent more to stay.
But the Canberra Times gives an insight into how simple things can go terribly wrong in the totalitarian wasteland of the education system.

”The Government won’t agree to an uncapped number of positions at that level [$100,000pa],” Mr Barr said. ”We can’t just write a [...]

Flame of the Week – Defending Gold Creek Old Skool

By 24 May, 2009

Big ups to my man Drummett who came out of nowhere to claim this week’s coveted FOTW with this stellar effort:
#14 posted by Dummett
22:53, 24 May 2009
hey everybody,
i would just like to start off by saying i am an ex student of gold creek school (1998-2008)and although you could say i have never experinced [...]

Education Department fails in proof reading

By 21 May, 2009

I’ve just been looking through a full page ad in the Canberra Chronicle for ACT Public Schools.
It advertises the Information Sessions at Canberra’s High Schools and Colleges throughout May and June.
But every date (or day) is incorrect.
Alfred Deakin High has 2 sessions, on Friday 16 May and Thursday 22 May, but the 16th is a [...]

ACU goes for a public policy institute.

By 18 May, 2009

The Canberra Times brings news that the Australian Catholic University is going to set up a public policy institute.
The sort of public policy they’ll be promulgating no doubt to be of a Catholic bent. Something confirmed by dean Patrick McArdle’s promise to provide “an explicitly religious voice”.
One supposes they have the right to articulate their [...]

Dozspot taking up cudgels against the wrong foe?

By 14 May, 2009

The Shadow Minister for pointless whinges, Steve Doszpot, has once again excelled himself.
“I have received details from a concerned parent that the Education Minister, Andrew Barr, used school students in his own cynical publicity machine by inviting cameras into a Canberra School without the approval of parents for the children to be filmed,” Shadow Minister [...]

Bugger all drugs and dangerous goods – what’s wrong with today’s kids?

By 7 May, 2009

The Canberra Times reports that there were 26 cases of students found with illegal drugs in public schools last year (no mention of the teachers), and just five cases of dangerous items (sharpened rulers etc).
This really is unnacceptable. What’s wrong with the kids of today? There should be far more of this stuff going around.
Or [...]

Paying parents to sit on school boards

By 5 May, 2009

The Canberra Times brings word that Andrew Barr is considering paying parents encourage them to get involved with school boards.
He said he was ”not suggesting directors’ fees a la company board of management, but it might be worth considering tying in some money to make a broader range of parents participate and to recognise that [...]

The prescient debate on the founding of the ANU

By 5 May, 2009

The ANU Reporter’s Jane O’Dwyer has had a look at the heated parliamentary debates of 1946 surrounding the foundation of Canberra’s Australian National University.
The concerns of Adair “Chill” Blain, Member for the Northern Territory, seem particularly far sighted:
He also feared the rise of ‘rat-bag’ views would infest the University though the inclusion of the [...]

Canberra Sustainable Careers Expo

By 1 May, 2009

[ 4 June, 2009; 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ]

Here’s something for younger readers trying to figure out what to do with their lives. This from the email that came in:

We are a small group of youth working to organize Canberra’s first Sustainable Careers Expo, seeking skills and energy from passionate people.

We are looking to promote environmental courses, jobs/careers, volunteering opportunities, and support for [...]

The most pointless whinge in history?

By 30 April, 2009

Here at RiotACT we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the fine art of complaining.
But we doff our lids to Steve Doszpot’s latest effort:
Shadow Minister for Education and Disability, Steve Doszpot, has today condemned the Stanhope-Gallagher Government for failing to acknowledge the rights of 411 students with a disability currently enrolled in the non-government school sector.
The ACT [...]

Want to be like Josh Lyman?

By 22 April, 2009

The ANU brings word that, for those of you with better than average tertiary qualifications, a chance is coming up to fulfill every West Wing fan’s dream, to be more like Josh Lyman.
In particular they’re holding an information session on how to apply for the next round of Fulbright Scholarships:
An information session on Fulbright Scholarships [...]

Super School Rant

As a former student (graduate) from one of the primitive predecessors of the so-called Super School concept, I am ready to speak out about the priorities and spending from these schools.
At A***** School, year 3-10 students share the same grounds, with no privacy from each other, the seniors (9/10′s) sharing classes with many year 8′s, [...]

School leaving age to jump to 17

By 15 April, 2009

[First filed: April 14, 2009 @ 09:55]

Very very quietly, without a media release, the ACT Department of Education and Training has slipped out it’s “Pathways to the future” paper.
The paper is dated February 2009, but the DET website reckons it was released on the ninth of this month.
The Canberra Times, however, is now onto it. [...]


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