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Should I move to Canberra?

Ask Riot

I own my own villa in Oxley Park suburb of Sydney and currently living there with a 7-year-old and my wife who stays at home. We are on PR right now and I will be getting my citizenship likely in December this year. I am an experienced Oracle DBA and currently employed and work from [...]

Canberra Times puts out call for new General Manager …. on competitor Seek


Things must be getting pretty rough at Fairfax if they can’t get a job response for the General Manager’s position via their own advertising network.
[My contacts] inside CT report a major shake-up underway which may see Canberra’s only daily rag reduced to a tiny operation operating out of someone’s mum’s basement. Printed edition to be [...]

ACTPS Bargaining Agreements?

By 4 February 2014

Well, theres a fair amount of actps that visit (or well, use to, I suppose, before the last few weeks) and I was just wondering if anyone else is kind of sick of waiting for the cpsu to finalise our enterprise agreements. You know. the ones that expired last July. That they have repeatedly said [...]

Taken off the roster

By 4 February 2014

I would love some advice if anyone can help.  I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine – he is an employee of a company that is contracted as a security contractor to a business here in Canberra.
He also happens to be in the country on a student visa – one [...]

A new immigrant, asking for employment advice

By 1 December 2013

It’s very difficult to understand a country only by web browsing!
I’m a self educated graphic designer, planning for my settlement in CBR in near future. I’ve been granted a permanent work visa by the government.
Both being proud of having this golden opportunity to live and work in Australia -hopefully forever-, and concerned at the same [...]

Looking for a nice place to work or change of career

By 22 September 2013

I’m an APS2 public servant and have been looking forward to a promotion at the end of the year that will finally see me back on a wage I can live comfortably on. So it was a huge shock last week when I was told that I won’t be getting the promotion that I have [...]

I guess at Club X the work just comes naturally


In a way the continued existence of Club X in the heart of Civic is as comforting as other anachronisms, like the Canberra Times.
But on the way from the bank this afternoon I couldn’t help notice their hiring based on nothing but gender and looks.
How sweet of them…

AGL call centre boned? UPDATED

By 2 July 2013

This just in from a friend:
I just heard from my sister that works at the ACTEW Callcentre that all the staff have all been let go.
Supposedly just happened, I have seen nothing on the riotact or Canberra times about it.
We’ll follow up and let you know.

UPDATE: This just in from ActewAGL:
ActewAGL Chief Executive Officer Michael [...]

Possible cheated wages/being underpaid??!

By 22 April 2013

Hi everyone,
I am posting this for my partner, I do not wish to mention his exact trade nor the company for obvious reasons, as I wouldn’t want anyone he works for that may possibly read this see its about them,
My partner is working for a company as a sub-contracter, and has been with them for [...]

Only 4,000 local jobs to go says Zed

By 21 February 2013

The ABC has reassuring noises from Zed Seselja over not needing to fear an Abbott Government because the job losses will only be 4,000 rather than 12,000:
Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to cut 12,000 jobs from the Commonwealth public service if he wins government in September.
But Mr Seselja has told a Legislative [...]

Jobseekers and Employers Join Canberra Arts Freelancers it’s great!

By 13 January 2013

Canberra Arts Freelancers is useful to both arts jobseekers and employers looking for talent.
Arts jobseekers in Canberra can create an account and upload your CV as a PDF. Notifications can be set up so you can receive an email when jobs become listed in the category(ies) of your choice. Then you can bid on the [...]

Resume assistance in Canberra?

By 30 October 2012

After 10 years I am in the position of looking for a new job. 
I know that the standards for resumes etc have changed in that time – so I am looking for someone to help me overhaul my resume. 
There are several people who advertise this service but has anyone had any experience with [...]

ACT PS doesn’t know why its hiring

By 25 October 2012

The Auditor-General has announced the release of an audit report on Australian Capital Territory Public Service Recruitment Practices.
It’s not the worst report card the ACT PS has had in recent years. but does give the impression of an organisation making things up as it goes along:
There are shortcomings in agencies’ recruitment practices in that there [...]

Employment scam in Canberra?

By 21 October 2012

In the past week I have received two different unsolicited offers of employment via email that both look a little too generic to be true. They were sent to two separate email addresses, both of which I have used in the past to seek work. Neither email address has ever been “in the public” such [...]

Efficiency dividend the Wong decision?

By 20 April 2012

In an article featured in Crikey today, the downfalls to the ‘efficiency dividend’ announced in December by Finance Minister Penny Wong are discussed. While the cuts were only from 1.5% to 4%, as the online questionnaire sent to 1000 Community and Public Sector Union delegates shows, a little goes a long way.
An online questionnaire [...]

APS – work in a small agency or a big one ?

By 6 April 2012

Hi Rioters!
So I work in a large agency, and have done for the 4 years of my time here in Canberra.
I recently stunned myself by being found the least-worst candidate for a position in a small agency. The position comes with a significant pay rise but I’d have to leave a place where is honestly [...]

Don’t slits your wrists yet

By 5 April 2012

Crikey has a cheerful analysis on why the public service will continue to grow:
While stories about staff cuts are attention-grabbing, we should also take into account that there will be other some other areas of the public service that will grow.
We already know, for example, that Ausaid is to expand enormously, with (roughly) a [...]

Rainbow Ghettos

By 3 April 2012

In light of the past story on Pink Ghettos in Canberra I was wondering if there were any Rainbow Ghettos in this city? That is places that are friendly to, and good employers for sexual orientation and gender diverse people?
I’ve had some friends leave a major government employer specifically because of their poor attitude towards [...]

Want to work for RiotACT?

By 13 March 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE currently has an opportunity for a dynamic and driven Advertising Salesperson with a passion for digital media to join our team in Canberra. As a critical member of the RiotACT team you’ll have the opportunity to play an influential role in a fun, flexible and rapidly growing company and help shape its future.
You [...]


By 28 February 2012

Last week on HerCanberra, I shared the story of little Maya, who was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer at just three weeks of age.
Yesterday, her parents were dealt another blow…Maya’s dad, Mark, has been given two weeks’ notice from his job. He’s the family’s sole wage earner, supporting a family of four whose lives [...]

Not enough compliance work in your office? Meet the Greens’ bullying inspectors!

By 7 November 2011

Having driven out Canberra’s light plastic bags (now replaced by heavier bags) the Greens have now turned their attention to another aspect of your life, workplace bullying:
ACT Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA, has proposed new laws to improve the investigation of workplace bullying in the ACT, by creating positions for inspectors with specialised [...]

Progress on Unemployment!

By 19 August 2011

The “Measuring Our Progress” website is recording the big green arrow of improvement for unemployment in the ACT.
The trend unemployment rate in the ACT has followed a general downward trend since late 1996 and reached a recent low of 2.5 per cent in December 2008. It trended upwards during the Global Financial Crisis, peaking [...]

Canberra women talking tax

By 18 July 2011

[ 22 July 2011 at 12:00 pm; ] You’ve all heard the statistics about women’s workforce participation being lower than men’s, lower average weekly pay, and less superannuation on retirement. Some economists have said that tax and transfer systems are contributing to these problems. Canberra women will have an opportunity to tell their story and contribute to discussion of solutions at a consultation [...]

Spence Supermarket celebrates a year of employing Canberrans with mental health issues

By 8 July 2011

This media release has come over my desk and seems worthy of note:
The Spence Friendly Grocer Supermarket and Nexus Humans Services are celebrating the first birthday of their partnership, which creates employment opportunities for people living with a mental health issues via retail traineeships offered by the supermarket.
Nexus Human Services Chief Executive Officer Lisa McPherson-Sturt [...]

Gazza the Public Service Defender leaps into the fray

By 1 April 2011

Liberal Senator Gary Humphries is wailing and gnashing his teeth over speculation that 500 jobs might go from Centrelink.
“Before the election, Labor pledged there would be no public service job cuts, however it would seem that Canberra is once again in the firing line as a result of Labor’s fiscal ineptitude,” Senator Gary Humphries said [...]

Return to work grants widened

By 16 March 2011

Joy Burch has the intriguing news that she’s making it easier for women returning to the workforce after child rearing to access the $1,000 Women’s Return to Work Grants.
ACT Minister for Women Burch said she instructed the ACT Office for Women to expand the criteria to include women who have been out of the workforce [...]

Security clearance?

By 4 March 2011

Security clearances. Are they the insane hassle they seem to be? To me they seem like the biggest catch 22 around. I’ve been contracted to a Govt dept for the past 12 months, coming up to the end of my non-ongoing contract. I’ve started applying for new jobs (both govt and private) for about the [...]

Fair Work Ombudsman plays Santa to under-paid Canberrans

By 17 January 2011

The Fair Work Ombudsman is touting a $65,000 haul of backpay they’ve squeezed out of gouging employers around Canberra.
Here are the headline cases:
– $15,000 for a Woden hairdresser who was underpaid penalty rates and allowances.
– A Fyshwick cashier has been back-paid $9900 after she was underpaid the minimum hourly rate.
– A Manuka real estate agent [...]

Got fired again, any jobs for loners?

By 21 October 2010

[ED - This should be taken as a follow on from an earlier story]
I can’t understand it, I got fired again last night.
I was working in a fast food restaurant and have been there for a few months. My shift supervisor and I got on well, but the boss had been riding me hard after [...]

Does Canberra need cheaper childcare?

By 22 September 2010

The ACT Business Woman of the Year for 2010, Kate Sykes, has told ABC News that the Federal Government needs to implement policies that make childcare cheaper. With childcare centres costing over $75 per child, per day in Canberra, it’s not hard to see why a parent with a low income job struggles to justify [...]

Unfair Dismissal advice?

By 21 July 2010

One of my kids has just been sacked by the legal firm where they worked as a part time assistant. No explanation was given for the termination, and only one week paid in lieu of notice.
What’s the feeling among the Riotacters? Is this something worth taking up to the FairWork Commission?

APS contract dilema?

By 18 July 2010

Hi all, I have an urgent need to move jobs and I wont go into why that is. I’m looking into entering the public service and have an interview next week. However I’m concered that if successful it could possibly take months to find out and for the position to commence. Is that accurate? Due [...]

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