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Update on ACTION Mobile Application

By 15 February 2011

Hey all,
We recently released an update to our application which we mentioned several times on this site before, and was featured on some local news channels.
Our free application now contains accurate bus times and routes, informs users of what bus trips are accessible for disabled commuters, and reflects what is available on the ACTION website, [...]

Can you help? Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Assesment Submission

By 5 February 2011

Author Jackie French (of the Araluen Valley) is calling for everybody to use their research skills and resources >>>>>to hunt for flaura/fauna studies for the area surrounding Major’s Creek which can be used to prevent the Dargue’s Reef mine proposal<<<<<
The Dargue’s Reef Mine proposal concerns us Canberrans, because the major waterways/water supplies of our favourite [...]

How important is biodiversity to the ACT? How are we going to manage and protect our native wildlife and ecosystems in the future?

By 28 January 2011

Have your say on the ACT Government’s review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980.

Cycle recycling

By 28 December 2010

I’ve just completed a post-Christmas clean-out and managed to separate the spiders from five or six old bikes.
I would love to see them enter a new life, perhaps in a third world country, but I don’t have any means of getting them to a recycler.
Can someone recommend an organisation that may be able to help.

Welcome to Canberra, the nanny city!

By 5 November 2010

Ok so I have posted a similar rant before (refer here) but I have to have another go at the ridiculous so-called “standards” that TAMS in ACT claim they use to install traffic lights with filter turns. 
Yes, I am talking about those damn red arrows, forcing unnecessary delays to roads that barely warrant traffic [...]

Cycle lanes

By 16 October 2010

As a recent “immigrant” to Canberra I am bemused and a little concerned to see great swaths of green paint slathered on the road.
I’m told this is to protect cyclists but I question the effectiveness of the colour green, it seems to just blend into the background.
I cant help but think that so [...]

Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy

By 12 October 2010

The ACT Government welcomes input on Canberra’s clean economy strategy for the Territory. The direction of the strategy will be guided by a study by the University of Canberra: Framework for an Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy – Economic, Environmental and Social Perspectives.
More information on how to input and the UC Framework report [...]

Can we do more to save the orangutans???

By 4 October 2010

[ 22 October 2010 at 7:00 pm; ] The ECO Event – Save the Orangutans
The Uni Pub Lounge Bar
Wear Green OR Jungle Theme
Prizes for Best Dressed, 80′s Dance Hour, Raffles, Games and more.
Food and Drink Vouchers included!
Free Eco sample bag + ‘Green’ gift
Tickets $15 or $20 on door – Tickets on Sale at Landspeed Records – Garema Place, City
*Eco Friendly Products [...]

Canberra Chronicle – stopping unwanted deliveries

By 7 September 2010

[First filed: Sep 6, 2010 @ 9:35]
[Proof drivers can achieve tight groupings over time]
I do not want the Canberra Chronicle delivered.  The only reason it is delivered free is because it makes enough revenue from advertisers to be economically feasible to publish and deliver.
My reasons are: – the cost to cut the trees down, [...]

Environment grant winners

By 1 September 2010

Simon Corbell has announced the lucky community groups who’ve won environment grants:
– Southern ACT Catchment Group ACT Community Weed Control Assistance – strategic weed control assistance to ACT rural landholders and community landcare through training and a weed spray trailer – $20,000
– Greening Australia Capital Region Supporting our Schools, Naturally – expansion of school [...]

Affordability v. Sustainability??

By 24 August 2010

Andrew Barr is asking for your thoughts on the draft Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Statements) Amendment Bill 2010 (Explanatory Guide also available).
ACTPLA describes the bill thusly:
The draft bill is designed to refine the triggers for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure that the highest level of environmental assessment required for an EIS [...]

Stanhope to make the willows weep

By 20 August 2010

I like willows.
I like the way they look, the sound they make as they move in a breeze, the way their roots build up a shoreline, the way the highlight a watercourse across a landscape.
And I’ve got a soft spot for ratty and mole
Jon Stanhope does not like willows. His government likes to go [...]

Canberra Walk Against Warming

By 15 August 2010

Took the dog for a walk and a protest broke out, as a bit over 1000 people came together for the Canberra Walk Against Warming. Seems to be working as its bloody cold and cloudy today.
Senator Bob Brown was there along with MLA Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds, local Getup [...]

Support OzHarvest Canberra and you could win a double pass to a great night out!

By 12 August 2010

Thanks to our fantastic supporters the National Convention Centre Canberra (a member of the International Hotels Group-IHG) we have 2 double passes to an amazing concert to be held in December.
Less than a month after being honoured with the award of a Member of the Order of Australia, guitar maestro Tommy Emmanuel has announced plans [...]

Where’s the water going?

By 13 July 2010

A friend, who has lived in the first stage of Macgregor West for about 18 months, recently received an unusual water bill; featuring excess water charges of well over $400.
This is unusual for many reasons, but mostly because it is only her living there, and besides the usual washing and toileting, she uses [...]

Community forum July 13th on Canberra’s 2020 carbon emission targets

By 7 July 2010

[ 13 July 2010 at 12:00 am; ] SEE-Change, in conjunction with the Canberra Loves 40% campaign, is organising a series of public discussions with members of our legislative assembly to discuss Canberra’s carbon emission targets. These meetings will give the public a chance to question their MLA’s about the upcoming government decision on Canberra’s emission targets.

 The first meeting on 24 June in [...]

Water Tanks and Installers

By 7 July 2010

I am looking to install a 5000L round water tank at our home, our second.  The first installation we had was through a local company, they were ok but we were not 100 per cent happy with their service, in particular their installers/plumbers leaving cigarette butts in our vegetable garden and all over the back [...]

The Container Deposit Scheme to reduce recycling?

By 5 July 2010

Simon Corbell has announced that the ACT is getting on the bandwagon for a national container deposit system (getting a few pennies for every drink bottle you bring back).
Hopefully this is meant (should it not be derailed by a big state that would already have it if they wanted it) to improve recycling rates.
Although [...]

How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R – Save Collector Creek YouTube protest video

By 3 July 2010

If you care about the local environment, please watch the “Save Collector Creek”
How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R  YouTube video here:
Thank you!

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Backyard Tour – Retrofitting and everything Solar!

By 21 June 2010

Matthew Driver of Lyneham has extensively retrofitted his 1950’s Lyneham house, dramatically reducing electricity, gas and water use and cutting their households carbon emissions on energy use from 19 Tonne a year to minus one Tonne.
Join us for a tour of this house to see what can be achieved with your existing house. On display will be rain [...]

Women in Climate Change event

By 17 June 2010

[ 24 June 2010 at 7:15 am; ] The 1 Million Women Campaign presents – OUR CANBERRA BREAKFAST, JUNE 24 - Women in Climate Change, a national forum series.

Following sell-out events in five state capital cities drawing over 1700 women of Australia, the 1 Million Women campaign ( is delighted to bring our Women in Climate Change (WICC) national forum series to CANBERRA.

JOIN US at this special event to hear [...]

Canberra is 5th most livable sustainable city

By 15 June 2010

According to an ABC report on a Conservation Foundation survey of Australian cities.
What more can I say? Stanhope just has to try harder in getting us to use our cars less.

Destruction of Heritage Collector Creek Bridge – this week?

By 8 June 2010

[First filed: Jun 7, 2010 @ 8:45]

Dear Canberra Neighbours,
I just found this site, and thought I might let you know that the old wooden Collector Town Creek Bridge (that you cross directly before arriving at the Collector Pumpkin Festival) is being demolished by our local council this month – maybe even this week – bridge [...]

What is a seedstick?

By 31 May 2010

[ 4 June 2010 at 11:00 am; ]

Don’t know what a seedstick is?  There’ll be hundreds in Garema Place this Friday (4 June) as giveaways for the World Environment Day event.  Our seedsticks are weeping red bottlebrush… great native for the Canberra climate.  You can simply take the seedstick, follow the instructions and plant your very own bottlebrush.

And there’ll be lots more [...]

Politics in the Pub

By 13 May 2010

[ 19 May 2010 at 5:30 pm; ] Got this in an email today from The Australia Institute.

The Australia Institute’s Executive Director Richard Denniss will discuss the state of play in environmental policy in the context of tax reform, the Budget and the deferral of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Wednesday, 19 May
5.30pm for [...]

Update on Inner North Community Fair

By 9 May 2010

Here’s the original story about the Inner North Community Fair.
Got some more details about who and what you can see at this event. It’s on Sunday 16 May from 11am til 3pm at Hawdon Oval in Dickson. It’s organised by the ACT Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water to promote awareness of [...]

Celebrate World Environment Day

By 5 May 2010

[ 4 June 2010 at 11:00 am; ] The ACT Government is holding a World Environment Day celebration in Garema Place on Friday 4 June from 11.00am to 2.00pm.

The interactive event will include displays from local organisations and government agencies to celebrate our environment as well as showcase environmental inititatives and programs that can help our community.

Come and visit us in Garema Place [...]

ACTPLA forces solar company out of market

By 5 May 2010

I called this morning to arrange a quote for installation of solar panels from a reputable company. When I said I was in Canberra, the salesperson told me that regrettably the company had decided they would no longer provide services in the ACT.
I would like to congratulate the salesperson on their obvious efforts in restraining themselves as [...]

“National Parks – Can They Take The Heat?”

By 4 May 2010

For anyone interested in the science behind the protection of our wonderful National Parks and in particular Namadgi NP, there is a terrific Symposium being run this Friday/Saturday by the National Parks Association of the ACT Inc in the CSIRO Discovery Centre.
Nineteen speakers/presenters from all over Australia will be giving short, sharp and entertaining [...]

Inner North Community Fair

By 25 April 2010

[ 16 May 2010 at 11:00 am; ]

The ACT Department of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water have organised an Inner North Community Fair on Sunday 16 May, 11am til 3pm, at Hawdon Oval in Dickson.

Apart from having a great time and seeing what else happens in our local community to support the environment, they’d like people to check out the proposed [...]

Where is this smoke coming from?

By 20 March 2010

I can see from TAMS there was supposed to be a controlled burn in Namadgi yesterday 18 March – is this smoke from yesterday?
[Ed - we got a few questions on this one, lets hope a controlled burn is all it is - ESA has details here]

World Naked Bike Ride – Canberra

By 13 March 2010

[ 21 March 2010 at 10:30 am; ]

Freedom is not a word. Freedom is not a lifestyle that can be bought and sold. Freedom is an action. Freedom is the wind in your hair. Where ever than hair may be. Freedom is a bicycle and the open road stretching out into the horizon. Freedom is not needing permission. Or oil. Or clothes. [...]

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