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Playdates for the Planet, Canberra

By 8 March 2010

Playdates for the Planet, Canberra is a playgroup for families living in the Canberra region, who are trying to live lower impact lifestyles, or who are interested in finding out more! It aims to bring together local families with similar beliefs about protecting the planet we live on, and for those interested to find out [...]

Lanyon Drive upgrade

By 24 February 2010

Word on the Lanyon Drive job site is that both ACT and NSW Govt’s are scurrying to rectify a “mistake” made by ACT Roads on this latest bit of traffic jamming activity.
Apparently work has started without the proper planning approvals being in place.  The rumour is that some of the outstanding approvals relate to enviornmental and flooding [...]

State of the Service & Environment Sacrifice

By 27 January 2010

Thanks to the generosity of federal government conditions of service,  many permanent Canberra employees are currently entitled to salary sacrifice provisions by maximising the entitlement in the form of  acquiring their own motor vehicle.
Now here’s the environmental rub.  An incentive exists for those entitled to this condition of service to reside a long way from [...]

Making Civic Pedestrian Unfriendly

By 21 December 2009

Does anyone know who is responsible for the guys with the “stop/slow” signs who are discouraging pedestrians from using the pedestrian crossings in Petrie and Scotts Streets – the ones that connect the separate parts of the Canberra Centre.
There is no construction work going on.
Cars rule OK! So much for encouraging people [...]

Clothes Swap at Walk Against Warming this Saturday

By 9 December 2009

[ 12 December 2009 at 11:00 am; ] ACT otherWISE and Green Threads join forces again to bring you another GIANT clothes swap event at this years Canberra Walk Against Warming, this Saturday December 12th on the lawns of New Parliament House.  The purpose of the swap is to raise awareness of the impacts that our wardrobe choices can have on the environment, [...]

How clean is the waste water from an evaporative aircon?

By 10 November 2009

Does anyone know how clean / useable the waste water is from an evaporative air conditioning unit? I’ve got my unit draining into a 600 litre tank which then goes out onto the lawn. It doesn’t appear to be killing the grass, but then again the lawn ain’t looking that great either.
Would the water be [...]

Inner-North SEE-Change presents: Summer-Smarting our Homes (to save energy and money!)

By 2 November 2009

Peter Miller from the Home Energy Advice Team will talk about ways in which we can keep our homes cool in summer. Followed by Chris Mobb who will explain the Green Loans Program. Green Loans is a new Australian Government Initiative to assist families to install solar, water saving, and energy efficient products.The program provides a detailed [...]

Wright gets its environmental approval

By 27 September 2009

Working on the weekend Andrew Barr has proudly announced that the new town centre of Molonglo is coming together with the first suburb of Wright getting its Commonwealth environmental approval.
The suburb of Wright had been subject to an assessment under Commonwealth legislation and had been given the all clear. There are 800 blocks in [...]

Bagging the baggers of the bags?!

By 28 August 2009

A couple of months ago, there was a rather energetic discussion on the RA about the future of plastic shopping bags.
More recently, there was an obscure vox pop in the Chronicle and some official phone polling too (nobody calls me).
Well, it seems that it’s all part of a new Government campaign.  Stanhopia is spending $85 [...]

Legislative Assembly in hot water

By 18 August 2009

Today the ACT Legislative Assembly will be debating a bill for mandatory energy efficient hot water systems for new homes, which is being spearheaded by the Greens.
ACT Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur says:
“The Liberal Party, in their 2008 Climate Change policy release, said they would require ‘Solar or other low energy hot water systems on [...]

The Fed’s Ceiling Insulation Subsidy Scheme – hot or what?

By 16 August 2009

Today’s post is about the Federal Government’s ceiling insulation subsidy scheme. There are two of them – one for home owners and one for renters – offering a subsidy of up to $1600 towards the cost of installing ceiling insulation. It’s part energy efficiency feel-good factor, part economic stimulus for household trades.
You would think Canberrans [...]

Drought or climate change – will you save water this winter?

By 13 August 2009

Here’s one to start an argument. The ABC tells us that inflows into the ACT water supply dams are 90% below the long term average.
The ABC pins it all on rainfall, but the propensity of regenerating forest to guzzle it wouldn’t help.
So what are Canberrans going to do now about saving water? Is [...]

Rents still too high

By 4 August 2009

The ABC has a piece on the high rental prices in Canberra.
The report by the ACT Shelter organisation says the rental trap is putting pressure on the public housing sector as people leave crisis accommodation.
The report found the ACT has Australia’s highest proportion of people leaving crisis services and going into public housing at [...]

ACT Government plans for transport – how to achieve more cycling and walking – 30% shifts

By 30 July 2009

The ACT Government is consulting the community about its sustainable transport plan using an online forum (at least we won’t have to travel to have a say!). 
This is a 20 year plan aiming to achieve 30% mode shifts to walking, cycling and public transport.  They are asking how to achieve it and for input.  [...]

Why don’t bits of molonglo need an EIS?

By 29 July 2009

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is once again asking tricky questions, this time wanting to know on what basis Andrew Barr, as the planning Minister, decreed that certain parts of the planned new city centre of Molonglo didn’t need to undergo a Environmental Impact Study.
“We would think that an EIS would help identify the right [...]

Jerrabomberra wetlands neglected?

By 29 July 2009

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne appears to be passing the time by going back through old Stanhope government initiatives and checking to see how they’ve worked out. As useful a pastime as any for an opposition one supposes.
Today the subject of complaint is the Jerrbomberra Wetlands. Where the Molonglo slouches into Lake Burley Griffin.
Apparently it’s no [...]

What? You’re having a roundtable? Here’s the plan

By 27 July 2009

In a masterful example of consultation Stanhope style today’s roundtable, supposedly to start the development of a Sustainable Transport Plan, has instead been used to announce a completed Strategic Public Transport Network Plan 2010-16.
Through this plan the Government is looking to engage Canberrans on the future of our city and where they see the key [...]

What will a carbon-neutral Canberra look like & what will it take to bring it about?

By 27 July 2009

Do you get excited about the idea of Canberra becoming a completely sustainable city?
Do you want to do something but you’re not sure what? 
Come and be part of the solution 
SEE-Change is following up on last year’s beginnings and starting an active Southside SEE-Change group. 
To kick things off, on Tuesday 4th August 2009 Prof Will Steffen, Executive [...]

ACTEW hoping to shake all the crazies out this week on the Cotter Dam expansion

By 20 July 2009

Be you ever so nutty ACTEW wants to hear from you this week.
They’re finalising their consultation on the Cotter Dam expansion this week and calling for everyone to come forward and have their say. If only because it will save trouble later to get maximum exposure for the issue now.
Submissions can to be made in [...]

ACT otherWISE youth sustainability Workshops

By 18 July 2009

[ 20 July 2009; 5 August 2009; 12 August 2009; ] Are you a young person, aged (roughly) between 15 and 25 who is passionate about sustainability, or would you like to know more about how to make your life and your community more sustainable, and meet other young people committed to doing the same?

Then come along to the ACT otherWISE youth sustainability workshops

Learn more about [...]

The control freaks come for the bottled water

By 15 July 2009

[First filed: July 15, 2009 @ 10:52]

It started with a very local issue in the Southern Highlands where Bundanoon residents got the hump with their own water being trucked back with a 300x markup.
But now the tired recurring voices of rigid social control here in Canberra (particularly on 666 this morning) are calling for [...]

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North

By 10 July 2009

[ 20 July 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Inner North SEE-Change presents:  Creating Urban Wetlands in Canberra’s Inner North 

Edwina Richardson from the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water will discuss a range of wetland initiatives for Canberra’s inner north, including Banksia St, O’Connor Wetlands , Flemington Ponds, Mitchell  and Lyneham & Dickson wetlands.

Edwina is currently project managing the redesign & construction of the Banksia St, O’Connor wetlands [...]

The ACT’s Sustainable Cities winners

By 2 July 2009

Simon Corbell has announced the winners of the ACT Sustainable Cities Awards for 2009:
This years’ winners include;
– Community Partnerships – Oz Harvest;
– Environmental Innovation – Papercut;
– Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention – Orana School;
– Resource Recovery – Corinbank Festival;
– Protection of the Environment – Jervis Bay School – Booderee Junior Rangers;
– Energy Innovation – Hawker [...]

LBG free of the BGA! Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.

By 25 June 2009

The National Capital Authority has, at long last, advised that Lake Burley Griffin is once again fit for use after closures began in the long long ago of February.
NCA Chief Executive, Gary Rake said the lake is now considered safe for recreational use.
‘Water-quality results received today, show the levels of blue-green algae are now within [...]

The arboretum to save the planet?

By 24 June 2009

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is up in arms over the ACT’s climate budget being used to fund the Chief Minister’s beloved arboretum:
ACT Greens MLA for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury MLA has slammed the Government’s funding of the Arboretum from the climate budget following the tabling of a report* that indicated the emissions that will be [...]

CT goes into bat for Brian Lewis Crescent cottages

By 24 June 2009

With the much of the Inner North and South verminous with houses built over 55 years ago, and with that housing stock painfully inadequate to the people who want to live in those areas it seems very strange that the Canberra Times is complaining about plans made by the ANU to knock down five not [...]

Majura roo cull back on

By 22 June 2009

The ABC reports that the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal has had a chance to gather its thoughts and has dismissed Animal Liberation’s challenge to the roo cull at Defence’s Majura site.

Today the tribunal ruled that the Government’s original decision [to authorise the cull] should be confirmed because there is compelling evidence that the kangaroos [...]

Cotter Dam enlargement moves ahead

By 22 June 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s happy with the Environmental Impact Statement Assessment Report (EISAR) for the Cotter Dam expansion.
Now we just need to wait for the Commonwealth to agree.
ACTEW are breaking out the champagne.

Botanic Gardens finally get a water supply?

By 18 June 2009

The ABC brings word that the National Botanic Gardens have, after these many long years of drought, managed to get approval for a system to extract water out of Lake Burley Griffin, just as the Royal Canberra golf course does for the benefit of its members.
NCA chief executive Gary Rake says it will save the [...]

Inner North SEE-Change presents: Winter-wising your Windows

By 11 June 2009

[ 22 June 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] Windows can be a major source of heat loss on cold Canberra nights.

Single glazed windows can be up to 10 times worse at insulating, when compared to the same area of standard wall material. 

So what are the options when it comes to Window Insulation?

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, come learn [...]

Mulligan’s fox fence finished

By 10 June 2009

ABC has the news that the feral-proof fence around a big chunk of Mulligan’s Flat (next to Forde) has now been finished.
A project of the BOB (Bush on Boundary) group of environment organisations, the purpose of this fence is to preserve a section of grassy box woodland in a feral-free state, and even allow reintroduction [...]

Do you want your bags?

By 2 June 2009

This sign has gone up on Cowper Street in Ainslie.
If it is indeed a protest against plans to ban disposable plastic bags here in Canberra how do you feel about the issue?
The moves they are afoot.

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