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High number of wasp reports

By 5 November 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Reports to the European Wasp Hotline of wasps seeking sites and establishing nests in suburban Canberra are the highest in many years, the ACT Government has announced.
“After months in hibernation the queen wasps are now visiting homes and gardens and often getting into people’s houses in their search for food,” said Julie Garbode, Manager, Planning [...]

Watch out for them yellowjackets

By 28 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS are warning that it’s the time of year to keep your eye out for European Wasp nests:
The ACT Government is asking local residents to be on the look-out for European wasps and to report nests around their homes as soon as possible.
“Residents should watch for wasps flying in and out of walls in the [...]

Just can’t get enough of those wasps?


TAMS are putting out the call for someone to do a PhD on European Wasps:
Rangers from Parks and Conservation Services are working with researchers at the University of Canberra to investigate the biological impacts of European wasps. To do this, the university has established a PhD scholarship, for which they are seeking applications from prospective [...]

The rise of our wasp overlords


TAMS are warning us that new European Wasp queens are breeding right now:
“The tell-tale sign of a nest is a steady stream of wasps flying in and out of a hole leading to where the nest is hidden away. Wasp nests are usually located underground or are built into the structure of the house such [...]

Wasp Alert!

By 17 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory and Municipal Services have turned their thoughts to wasps:
Canberrans are reminded to keep an eye out for signs of European wasp nests in and around the home, Dr Philip Spradbery, wasp expert with Territory and Municipal Services, said today.
“Many Canberra families are returning home after the summer holidays to find swarms of European wasps [...]

Wasps on the march


Territory and Municipal Services are warning of increasing numbers of the winged menace known as the European Wasp:
The number of European wasp nests reported in Canberra this year has increased by 15 percent in comparison to the same period last year, Dr Philip Spradbery, wasp expert with Territory and Municipal Services, announced today.
“The European Wasp [...]

The wasp menace returns

By 19 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory and Municipal Services are warning that european wasps are regrouping after a horror movie scenes in Narrabundah and Fadden:
“In addition to the Narrabundah nest, another resident from Fadden experienced something that was perhaps more suited to a horror movie with hundreds of wasps breaking into her bedroom through the ceiling. The terrified lady was [...]

Long live the queens

By 30 July 2009

We are now well into winter, and by rights there should be no European wasps buzzing around our community as the nest normally die out except for the queens which are hibernating.
However, a very few will be over wintering, which means a new season quean has taken over the nest and kept it going. [...]

The European Menace

By 17 April 2009

I briefly heard her deputy chiefliness on ABC this morning responding to a caller concerned about the rapid rise in the population of European wasps.  I remember when they were first detected in Canberra, and there was great concern to eradicate them wherever possible.  Well, it hasn’t worked.
I had breakfast in Manuka last weekend, and it [...]

Wasps: help still needed

By 22 August 2008

Just a quick reminder that once again Dr Phillip Spradbery who runs the European wasp and insect identification hotline is in need of a live European wasp nest to continue his vital experimentation to find a means of controlling their spread in Australia.
Anyone finding one (rare this time of year) is urged to contact him [...]

European Wasps, You Can Help

By 25 June 2008

Further to a very informative and amusing post on RA regarding European wasps, if anyone comes across a nest, particularly in the ground between now and the spring, could they please report it to the European wasp hotline as it now (in winter)has significant scientific interest. The gentleman who runs the operation, Dr Philip Spradbery [...]

European Wasps Revisitied

By 14 January 2008

European wasp nest attached to roof awning
In the thread “European Wasp nest removal?”, only a few of us believed European Wasps liked to live in houses.
We gave the following advice:
1) Destroy by Flame: using either WD40, lighter fluid, or using well-aimed cans of burning Mortein for self defence.
2) The Aliens Alternative [...]

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