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Male feminists: do they really exist?

malcolm turnbull

Male feminism is arguably on the rise.
During the federal election campaign Malcolm Turnbull reaffirmed that he’s a feminist even though Julie Bishop thinks the label is “not useful”. The ultra-cool Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has promised to talk about his commitment to feminism until it’s regarded as normal and “there is no more reaction [...]

Does Feminism Need a Rebrand?

By 20 October 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ve been a feminist from a very young age. When my Dad first introduced me to Star Wars, I remember thinking Han Solo was a sexist jerk and that Leia should have chosen nice guy Luke (don’t judge me, that was before I found out about the whole brother/sister thing).
I grew up idolising the Spice [...]

Should the guy pay on the first date?

By 3 October 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

A question like this can change any group conversation to a heated debate, surprisingly. So many different opinions and different reasonings as to why.
Me? I’m not fussed either way. If a guy insists on paying I’ll let him. If I offer to split the bill and he agrees I won’t get offended. It doesn’t faze [...]

Public Lecture: Feminist scholarship and the public realm 1970-2012

By 10 December 2012

We are familiar with the story of feminist gains and losses in Australia over the last 40 years – the equal opportunity and reproductive health struggles, the triumphs and tribulations of the femocrats, the advance and retreat of gender equity in school systems, and more. In most of these struggles feminist research has played an [...]

Public Lecture: For Love…

By 3 November 2012

Building on the rich legacy of Clare Burton’s research and advocacy for women in the workforce, Jane Caro and Catherine Fox will bring their own take on the idea of “for love…”. As authors of The F Word: How we learnt to swear by feminism, their approach blends decades of experience as workers, mothers and commentators [...]

Cultural History of Climate Change conference at ANU – 27-28 August 2012

By 29 July 2012

[ 27 August 2012 to 28 August 2012. ] Here’s the stonking line-up:

Timothy Morton, This Is Not My Beautiful Biosphere
Nick Mansfield, Deconstructing the Sovereignty of the Earth: Bataille, Derrida and the Natural Politics of Climate Change
Elaine Kelly, Dwelling in the Future
Linda Williams, The ‘Little Ice Age’ and the 18th Century European concept of the Sublime
Angi Buettner, From Climate Change to Cultural Change: How to [...]

Petitioning Melinda Tankard Reist

By 19 January 2012

No Place For Sheep blogger Jennifer Wilson has directed our attention to an online petition asking Canberra social activist Melinda Tankard Reist to stop suing her.
We call on Melinda Tankard Reist to stop her current legal action against No Place for Sheep blogger, Dr Jennifer Wilson. As a public figure, we feel it is [...]

Reclaim the Night: Relic or Relevant?

By 24 October 2011

[ 28 October 2011 at 6:30 pm; ]

Next week women and men in cities and towns around Australia will be taking to the streets for the annual Reclaim the Night march and rally. At this event women—and men who support them— will come together to protest against sexual violence, demand their right to feel safe in public spaces, and demand an end [...]

The Boobquake cometh to Canberra

By 23 April 2010

[ 26 April 2010 at 2:00 pm; ]

Boobquake is one of those things we can probably all agree on.

Feminists don’t like being told what to wear by men, and men by and large like it when they can see boobs.

There’s a facebook page explaining the global phenomenon.

Basically an Iranian cleric has declared that women dressing immodestly cause earthquakes.

Women who like to be [...]

Our Bodies, Our Babies, Our Rights – protest on Thursday

By 16 February 2010

Last time I posted about birth politics, there was a lot of discussion… so I thought you might like to know about this event.
This isn’t about homebirth vs hospitals, or doctors vs midwives. It’s about women having the right to choose their own healthcare provider.
If I have a sore back, I don’t have to ask [...]

Cosplay at Impact Comics collides with reclaim the night

By 2 November 2008

[First filed: November 02, 2008 @ 01:38]

Poptop has been kind enough to send in photos from Friday night in Garema Place.
In the course of a weird night the cosplay contest collided with reclaim the night.
I leave you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions.
(Slideshow below)

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