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Canberrans, how does your garden grow?


In this bush capital there is no shortage of thriving gardens, edible lawns or green-thumbed Canberrans. However, there might be a shortage of inexpensive and accessible short courses on how to take gardening to the next level – going from gardening to creating sustainable, holistic systems.
This July, the Canberra Environment Centre is teaming up with [...]

Ask RiotACT: Reliable mowing services in Weston Creek area

By 16 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I have a large amount of weeds in the front and backyard that I need professional help in clearing. I originally asked Jim’s Mowing to do the job – it’s been two weeks and they haven’t shown up yet. Not sure if it’s because of the recent rain or because they’re too busy.
Does anybody know [...]

Food forests, olive oil and ginger beer workshops this August

By 31 July 2015
canberra environment centre

The Canberra Environment Centre has launched a new set of workshops as part of the Sustainability Workshop Series.
Workshops are refreshingly relevant to the evolving Canberra ‘scene’; markets, fresh food and a good drop.
Topics include growing a food forest (4th August), making olive oil (a talk, 18 August), and making ginger beer with Garry Sully from [...]

Costa Georgiadis in Canberra for Canberra’s Backyard Heroes

backyard heroes

[ 2 July 2015 at 6:00 pm; ]

Big personality of the gardening world, Costa Georgiadis, is dropping in on Canberra once again for the Canberra Environment Centre’s Backyard Heroes.

The event is on July 2nd and is a casual panel-style event at the Food Coop Shop and Cafe, hosted by Costa. It’s an opportunity to meet and uncover the everyday Canberrans engaging in innovative [...]

What grows in your garden?


[ 17 March 2015 at 6:00 pm; ]

The Canberra Environment Centre is running the second of its gardening basics workshops on Tuesday 17 March. The topic? Soil.

Last Tuesday, Keith Colls from Canberra City Farm invited participants of ‘organic pest control’ to learn different ways to identify pests and diseases, how best to treat common ailments as well as a good background on [...]

Advice for sick Kay Parris Magnolia plant?

By 24 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

 Hi, new to this forum and hoping someone can help!
Two weeks ago I planted a beautiful Kay Parris Magnolia in our front yard. Western facing, full sun, created a garden bed filled with lovely soil with the typical Canberra clay beneath it. It has now turned rather ill looking.

The bottom leaves are becoming dry and [...]

When to plant winter vegetables in Canberra

By 7 February 2014

Greeting Rioters,
My summer veggie patch is going busters at the moment.  Lots of tomatoes, herbs, corn, zucchinis, eggplant, spinach and all the other usual suspects.  Having a great time eating from my own garden.
However, it’s got me thinking about the winter crop.  Broccoli, sprouts, beans etc.
When/how is the best time to get these things going?  [...]

Aquaponics v traditional veggie patch in Canberra?

By 14 May 2013

Hi rioters,
I am starting to look at getting my veggie patch up and running. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think of Aquaponics? Is it easy or hard? Is it better than a traditional veggie patch?
I’ve noticed that building a traditional veggie patch might cost me about the same as a [...]

Growing food in the city?

By 26 June 2012

University of Canberra survey of food-growing in Canberra

Dog poo to blame for the lake’s woes?


The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is holding forth over last week’s report by the Environment Commissioner on the state of Lake Burley Griffin:
“It was interesting to learn that the bulk of contamination is coming from often unsuspected household sources such as garden chemicals, organic waste and pet faeces.
”Significantly, the Commissioner has identified numerous ways for us [...]

The Canberra Discovery Garden opens this weekend

By 7 February 2012

Actew advise that their Canberra Discovery Garden is going to open amidst some hoopla this weekend at the arboretum:
The Canberra Discovery Garden, located at the National Arboretum Canberra, was created by ACTEW Corporation to provide an inspirational and educational demonstration of waterwise gardening to the public.
“We’re proud to launch this exciting new water conservation initiative [...]

Chillis In Canberra

By 25 October 2011

Now that its warming up I am looking to acquire some chilli plants to grow on my balcony. The problem is I can’t find any established plants or even seedlings. Help!!!

Veggie Gardens in Canberra

By 23 October 2011

Mrs Hoo Haa and myself are about to try our hands at setting up a veggie garden but we know very little about it.
Does anyone have any good tips or can anyone recommend any good resources/links/books to learn more about the subject (specific to our climate)?

Where to buy half wine barrels around Canberra?

By 28 July 2011

Spring is almost upon us. I have potted citrus needing room to breathe and some hop rhizomes that I am looking to contain.
I am looking to get some half wine barrels.
I am sure I could do some pialigo browsing and find some, but I imagine some of the nurseries have larger mark ups than others. [...]

Seed Savers – Open Source Wheat?

By 15 February 2011

Canberra seedsavers are looking for seeds from heritage strains of food plants to share in order to preserve old strains and secure Australia’s food future.

Sharing garden cuttings?

By 24 January 2011

I’m a new gardener, and I’m looking at starting a new garden on a bit of a budget.  
Is there a gardeners’ etiquette to the process of sharing cuttings?  
Are there enough gardeners using this site that I could put out a request for certain cuttings?  
Do you do that?
Or is that considered cheap [...]

My Basil is Fawlty.

By 12 December 2010

What the hell is eating my basil plants?  Whatever it is is stripping an entire plant of all leaves overnight.  Interestingly when I have purple and green basil in the same pot it only eats the green and does not touch the purple.
In the surrounding pots I have various chillis, mint, oregano and asian mint [...]

So what on earth is this plant?

By 30 November 2010

I encountered this plant in a Canberra garden yesterday.
The fuzzy growth appears to be the flower of the otherwise normal looking plant.
Any horticulturalists want to shed some light on it?

Canberra plants (hedging)

By 18 October 2010

So googling – I discovered this discussion on RiotACT from April 2007 about plants the local ABC had suggested for Canberra.  Unfortunately the link from the ABC no longer works.
We’re about to plant a hedge out the front and it has to deal with some shade (our street trees are Pin Oak).
Everyone seems to do [...]

Gardener wanted?

By 20 September 2010

Over the last two years my Mr Cholet and I have become woeful at keeping our garden tidy, partlydue to throwing a small child into the mix, but mainly because we are probably just too pooped to fit in a good days gardening at the weekend. In the last few weeks because of the rain [...]

Snails – Crunch ‘Em or Munch ‘Em

By 6 September 2010

A warm wet spring is a great time in the vege garden. New seedlings are planted in anticipation of fresh home grown garden salads. But the warm wet conditions also give rise to the gardener’s arch nemesis – the garden snail.
Voracious in appetite, they happily devour your lettuce seedlings before you can [...]

Canberra – home to convict gardeners

By 11 August 2009

Stateline has an interesting piece about the tree plantings along Canberra Avenue back in 1926.
Back in those days, some of the early Canberra residents stole the newly planted trees for their own gardens in the new desolate Canberra suburbia. It seems that in 83 years things in Canberra still haven’t changed.
Maybe it’s something [...]

Survival of the Fittest – (in the plant world)

By 10 May 2009

It’s starting to get cold, the frosts are on the way. 
I have a wide variety of herbs growing in pots but only have room to move maybe four or five of them undercover. 
Now they won’t get much direct sun, but will miss the frost. 
So Riot Gardeners, which can I continue to grow [...]

Any old-fashioned gardeners left?

By 22 January 2009

I want a gardener. Not a landscape artiste. Not a Jamie Durie. Not a horticulturalist. Not an arborist. I want an old fashioned gardener.
I want someone who will come once a month and mow the lawn, pull up the weeds, cut back what needs to be cut back – and preferably take cash in exchange [...]

A Slow Goodbye To Claret Ash Trees In Canberra

By 8 January 2009

While this topic will be of little interest to some, as a keen gardener I though other “green thumbers” might be interested.
We recently bought a house in the Belconnen area, and one of the many positive aspects of the property were the beautiful mature trees.  The main two are a Red Gum and a Claret [...]

They came from outer space

By 7 January 2009

Well, they came from my backyard actually…but they do look large enough to star in an ‘Attack of the Killer Courgette’ remake (yes yes, I know it was rampaging tomatoes for all you geeks. This is a ‘reimagined’ version, frak you).
But I digress.

I came home to Canberra the other day from summer holiday fun to [...]

Triffid Terror Visited on the ACT – Mexican Feather Grass

By 14 December 2008

The Chief informs us that if we think we have it we need to let him know so his crack team of Ecowarriers can come and napalm it into submission (not really – they have to grub it out).
It is rather renowned for setting itself up and creating monocultures, choking out other plantforms and [...]


By 2 December 2008

Who can tell me if I am allowed to (legally) cut down a tree that doesn’t allow my garden to grow?
It’s one of those huge pine needle dropping Pines that cover and kill my lawn and anything I plant underneath it or near to it. All the needles that fall from it clog the gutters and cover half [...]

Gardening – What to do when to get what?

By 25 October 2008

By popular demand here’s a story about spring planting here in Canberra.

Over to you guys and girls.

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