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Gungahlin Drive holdups?

By 21 May 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with Gungahlin Drive between Well Station Drive and Sandford Street citybound? There’s been a few mornings this week where its gotten to be like there is a bottleneck like there was when the GDE was one lane – only once you crawl to the lights at Sandford Street, [...]

Parking fine or illegal advertising or something else?

By 3 August 2012

While rolling down the GDE this morning (yes, I know it isn’t really an extension anymore, but GD doesn’t sound as good) I witnessed a scene I shall now describe (as I was operating a motor vehicle and couldn’t use my camera).
Parked on the ample verge, at 90° to the roadway, was a ute with [...]

Broken promise from Chief Minister.

By 27 April 2012

In discussions on twitter either the Chief Minister earlier this year she indicated that landscaping work on the GDE would take place outside of peak hours after I indicated to her that I was concerned that Canberrans would again be subject to delays on the GDE so soon after work has been completed on the [...]

GDE 90 km/h implementation failures

By 16 March 2012

After a review that apparently lasted 5 months, the A.C.T Government decided to raise the speed limit on the Gungahlin Drive Extension from 80 km/h to 90 km/h.  The implementation was carried out over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of March 2012.  After the implementation of the higher speed limit, the following issues [...]

GDE gets 90kmph


The long wait is over people, Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that speed limits on the Gungahlin Drive Extension are going up to 90kmph.
“A review has considered the road design and road safety characteristics of the GDE as well as the outcome of noise surveys at various sites along the GDE corridor. This report recommended [...]

Just how bad is William Hovell Drive?

By 22 February 2012

At the last election 5% of the population voted for the Australian Motorists Party and for no one else at all.
The Liberals appear determined to at least get second preferences from One Nation on Wheels voters and so today we have Vicki Dunne weeping for the commuters of West Belconnen.
The car park that is William [...]

No news on GDE speed limit front

By 13 December 2011

I’ve written up another article re the GDE speed limit, with a table comparing road characteristics of the GDE, with others around the territory. Read on if interested:
I have not heard much on the GDE speed limit front. Last time I drove the road, the speed limit continued to be 80 km/h. Travelling at [...]

Proposed landscaping on the GDE – get ready for a slow trip again (maybe).

By 6 November 2011

On Twitter, I asked the Chief Minister and Simon Corbell (twice) whether or not proposed landscaping on the GDE would result in slower speed zones being put in place on the sections of the GDE near where the landscaping would be taking place.
Normally, both the Chief Minister and Mr Corbell are quite quick to respond [...]

The bus lane is returning on Adelaide Avenue

By 4 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory And Municipal Services inform us that the completion of the GDE means they are going to put the bus lane back on Adelaide Avenue:
With the Gungahlin Drive Extension (GDE) now fully open to traffic, the T2 transit lane on Adelaide Avenue between Melrose Drive and State Circle will be returned for use as a [...]

Katie Gallagher betrays Aranda on GDE 80kph

By 3 November 2011

Katie Gallagher made an extraordinary statement on 666 this morning, in the course of a discussion of discontent about the 80km speed limit on the GDE.
Katie made it clear that she thinks 80kph is too low. When it was pointed out by the 666 presenter that the ACT Government had made a commitment to [...]

GDE 80 km/h speed limit – not compliant with AS 1742.4

By 11 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ve written up an article on the GDE, and why the 80 km/h speed limit along much of the road from Mitchell to the Glenloch Interchange arguably does not comply with AS 1742.4 2.1.2(b). Read on below if interested.
“The extension to Gungahlin Drive (The Gungahlin Drive Extension, or GDE) has recently been completed. [...]

GDE officially open

By 7 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced the official opening of the Gungahlin Drive Extension after many false dawns.
“The nine kilometre, four-lane GDE will significantly reduce north-south traffic congestion during peak periods. It will play a crucial role in reducing journey times for trips to and from Gungahlin. It will also help to relieve congestion on other arterial [...]

GDE opening now

By 30 September 2011

One of our @gungahlincc tweeps (Mel from Curves Gungahlin) has reported that both northbound lanes of the GDE are open and they are in the process of opening both southbound lanes right now. Slick trip home tonight for you all!
And next week people will be able to try out using Gungahlin Drive (yes can we please [...]

GDE to be a wonder of the earth?

By 7 September 2011

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is having some fun comparing the construction time of the soon to be completed Gungahlin Drive Extension with other major construction projects.
“Of the ten years since ACT Labor came to power, approximately seven years have been spent with the road under construction.
“This is in contrast to the span of the Sydney [...]

Glenloch to be closed by night

By 22 August 2011

Territory And Municipal Services are warning that the much needed conclusion of the Gungahlin Drive Extension will mean road closures:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the Lady Denman Drive off-ramp and Glenloch Interchange on the Tuggeranong Parkway (both directions) will be temporarily closed from 10 pm to 5 am [...]

Does the GDE need a Calvary access road?

By 22 August 2011

Last week a baby was born in a traffic jam on Gungahlin Drive, which will at least be useful practice for the rest of its life.
Today Alistair Coe is asking why one can’t get from this supposedly arterial road to Calvary Hospital sitting pretty much next to it:
The ACT Government was advised to build an [...]

GDE two months early or seven years late? [With poll]

By 11 August 2011

The hawk-like Alistair Coe has plunged upon a tweet by Simon Corbell boasting that the mid October finish date for the Gungahlin Drive Extension will be two and a half months ahead of schedule.

“It’s startling, given that ACT Labor promised to build the road for $53 million in 2001, to be completed by 2004,” Mr [...]

GDE to be complete this October?

By 8 August 2011

WIN is tweeting that the long vexed tale of the Gungahlin Drive Extension (band name or what?) will be completed this October.
Who would have thought we should (hopefully) live to see this day?

Nocturnal parkway closures

By 2 August 2011

Territory And Municipal Services are warning that finishing the Gungahlin Drive Extension will mean closing the Tuggeranong Parkway between 10pm and 5am in late August.
Specifically between the 15th and the 23rd.

Glenloch interchange road closure

By 16 June 2011

View Larger Map
Territory And Municipal Services advise that they’re closing the William Hovell Drive southbound on ramp to the Glenloch interchange from 8pm Tuesday 21 June to 5am Wednesday 22 June as part of the Gungahlin Drive Extension.
Well you did ask them to get on with it.

Alistair Coe decries the Greens

By 9 June 2011

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is shrieking after his discovery that the Greens don’t favour new road building or urban sprawl.
“Why do the Greens believe that Gungahlin residents should have to put-up with congested roads like the half built GDE?
“How many hours of lost productivity and accidents must occur before the Greens realise that the current [...]

Stop Nihilism, and other works of the Gungahlin Drive Extension


Richard has sent in a cracking series of photos from the Gungahlin Drive Extension works, but we couldn’t resist this re-working of a stop sign.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

Women in a blue sedan wanted as witnesses

By 20 May 2011

ACT Policing is calling for two women who may have witnessed an assault in a car travelling along Gungahlin Drive yesterday morning (Thursday, 19 May) to contact police.
Around 11.40am the women were driving a blue sedan south on Gungahlin Drive when they may have seen a woman assaulted by her male passenger while driving a [...]

GDE or Monaro Travel Time

By 19 May 2011

I’m about to start a new job and will be travelling from Forde to Phillip. seems to think this will take me 36min if I travel past the airport, Fyshwick and up Hindmarsh… I suspect that between 7 and 9am that just won’t happen. It seems like it would be better to go down [...]

Gungahlin Drive Southbound closures through to June

By 2 May 2011

Territory and Municipal Services bring word that they’re shutting down Gungahlin Drive (south bound lanes), from Wells Station Road to Barton Highway, from 7.30pm to 6am Monday 2 May 2011 to Friday 10 June 2011.
This is to rehabilitate the pavement.

More Driver Bastardry on the GDE

By 25 March 2011

I’ve had a grumble in the past about drivers on the GDE who see the queue in the right hand lane between Mitchell and the Barton Highway overpass and so switch to the left hand lane, so as to pass a few cars and shove their way in further up the line at the merge [...]

Time to feed them whale at the London Circuit Soviet


Many thanks to ABC129 for pointing us at Jalopnik’s story on the repair in Japan of the Great Kanto Highway.
Compare and contrast with the slovenly road works in the ACT, particularly the GDE bridge collapse.
[Photo: AP via The Daily Mail, and jalopnik]

Gungahlin drive ramp from Gungahlin Drive to Ginninderra Drive closed.

By 22 March 2011

Territory And Municipal Services informs us that the off ramp from Gungahlin Drive to Ginninderra Drive is “now closed until further notice”.
Apparently it didn’t like the rain.

Second time lucky for GDE Bridge duplication over the Barton Highway?


Territory & Municipal Services have the news that the second attempt to duplicate the Gungahlin Drive bridging over the Barton Highway has been checked off and everyone is very sure it won’t fall over this time.
They can’t be this unlucky twice in a row can they?

Barton Highway closure extended

By 10 February 2011

Territory And Municipal Services (TAMS) are advising that the Barton Highway closures are going to over-run.
They’re hoping to finish the works on 24 February now, instead of the planned 20 February.

Images of Canberra – Glenloch art

By 25 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Facet has sent in this snap from the demolished Glenloch Interchange bridge with the following note:
Absolutely fabulous new sculpture for Gungahlin Drive Extension (GDE).
I understand the new sculpture is meant to represent Canberran’s secret love of using explosives to demolish obsolete infrastructure.
And to think it cost us nothing!
Got an image of Canberra you want [...]

Road closures on Parkes Way and the Barton Highway

By 7 January 2011

Two notes in from Territory and Municipal Services:
1. Parkes Way closed for the Triathlon:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the following sections of Parkes Way will be closed from 6 am to 3 pm on Sunday 9 January 2011 due to the Australian Triathlon Sprint Championships:
• Westbound between Anzac [...]

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