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Police seek witnesses to suspicious fires

Suspicious fires

ACT Policing, ACT Fire & Rescue and the ACT Rural Fire Service have identified a suspect in a relation to a series of suspicious fires lit in Canberra late last month and are calling for members of the public to come forward to assist with their joint investigation.
“To have people lighting fires in an around [...]

Ginninderra Drive Speeding Camera Direction?

By 5 December 2013

I was driving along Coulter Drive turning right onto Ginninderra drive.
I was quite tired at the time and didn’t see when it went orange and simply thought I could make it and wasn’t familiar with the area.
I definitely ran it when it was red (a second after it went red) as I didn’t [...]

Keep left on Gininderra Drive

By 10 September 2013

On Gininderra Drive there are keep left unless over taking signs west bound going up the hill just before the intersection with Gungahlin Drive and east bound just past the intersection with Kingsford Smith Drive.
Under the road rules keep left unless overtaking applies on roads with a speed limit greater than 80km/h or where signs [...]

Big Jim Murphy gets a bridge


Word has reached us that Chief Minister Gallagher is this morning naming a bridge after the late great Jim Murphy.
It’s the crossing of Gungahlin Drive over Ginninderra Drive, so a big honour for the big man.
View Larger Map

UPDATE: Katy Gallagher’s office have sent through this pic of the Chief Minister and the Murphy family out [...]

Did you see the Ginninderra Drive smash?

By 15 June 2012

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a collision that occurred last night (Thursday, June 14), which left a woman with serious injuries.
The collision occurred around 11.40pm on Ginninderra Drive, between Kingsford Smith Drive and Companion Crescent in Latham.
A white Toyota Corolla sedan was travelling west on Ginninderra Drive when it veered left off the roadway [...]

Ginninderra and Aikman upgrade complete

By 26 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

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On Friday Territory And Municipal Services let us know they’ve finished $2.5 million in upgrades to the intersection of Ginninderra Drive and Aikman Drive.
“The $2.5m project included the construction of a fourth leg at the intersection to provide access to the future suburb of Lawson which will be constructed to the north of [...]

Bridge repair Canberra style


Owen’s sent in this picture of Ginninderra Drive bridge reinforcement with this note:
Looks like they ran out of money for concrete, but no worries, a couple of bricks will hold the bridge up
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

Ginninderra Drive – road to nowhere

By 1 June 2011

Ginninderra Drive begins in Dunlop and travels East for 6.5km until it stops just 500m before it would reach Northbourne Avenue. Most major roads continue until they intersect with another major road, but this road just meanders into Mouat Street.
I used to assume it was to be extended that last 500m when the traffic increased, [...]

Stupid Canberra Drivers 1000001

By 28 April 2011

3-4 weeks ago the intersection of Ginninderra Drive and Kingsford Smith Drive was resurfaced and had the lanes and traffic signals adjusted. Previously in each direction there were 2 straight through lanes and one turn lane, with each straight and turn direction operating independently on the lights. Now heading towards the city (east bound) on [...]

Webers Circus – Now with photo


So “Webers Circus” popped up out of no where the other night at the intersection of Ginninderra Dr and William Slim.
Going by the times on the sandwich board it’s first performance is this evening but is anyone else concerned by how close the ticket office is to the edge of the highway?
It seems an [...]

Gungahlin drive ramp from Gungahlin Drive to Ginninderra Drive closed.

By 22 March 2011

Territory And Municipal Services informs us that the off ramp from Gungahlin Drive to Ginninderra Drive is “now closed until further notice”.
Apparently it didn’t like the rain.

Works for Aikman Drive

By 21 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

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Chief Minister Stanhope has announced changes to Aikman Drive in Belconnen, particularly where it intersects Ginninderra Drive and Joy Cummins Place:
Mr Stanhope said $2.4m will be spent on an upgrade to the Ginninderra Drive-Aikman Drive intersection.
The work will improve traffic control and flows into and out of this busy intersection while also [...]

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