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4 million tonnes of greenhouse gases saved?

By 14 February 2013

Simon Corbell is making known the successes of the ACT Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme:
The final report on the scheme, which required all electricity retailers to reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of electricity, will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly today.
“In the final six months of the scheme, the 16 retailers [...]

Renewable energy day

By 20 November 2012

[ 21 November 2012; ]

Renewable Energy Day is tomorrow and there’s quite a lot to do around town including tours of the Woodlawn bio-reactor and the local wind farm.

Worth a look.

There’s never been a better time to join SEE-Change

By 19 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

With energy prices predicted to rise steeply over coming years, now is the moment to retrofit your home for energy efficiency.
Join before 31st October to win a thermal imaging and air leakage assessment from Scinergy valued at over $500. Eliminating air leaks can commonly reduce household energy bills by 50%, and make [...]

An open letter from Michael Costello

By 13 June 2012

ActewAGL don’t often send open letters from their CEO. So here it is:
An open letter from ActewAGL
Wednesday 13 June 2012
In Canberra, we have considerably lower electricity prices than those across the border. At ActewAGL, we are working to ensure this continues into the future and that our services to the community continue to improve.
We know [...]

Carbon tax – extra ACT hit

By 5 May 2012

Are different arms & factions of the feds talking to each other? One lot who weighed up the carbon tax politics clearly felt that we’re a safe enough locality to add li’l ACTEW to the Clean Energy “dirty list”. Can it be a coincidence that this will hit supposed safe-Labor-seat voters in the guts? [...]

Greens displeased by ACT Government climate action


The Greens were as keen to get a hug for the cameras from the Youth Climate Coalition as anyone when Simon Corbell announced ambitious targets to reduce the ACT’s greenhouse emissions.
Today Shane Rattenbury has expressed some disappointment at the real progress being made, as recorded in their Weathering The Change report card.
The Greens’ analysis [...]

Greens stick their oar into emissions reductions

By 2 March 2012

The Greens’s Shane Rattenbury has announced the Green’s preferred path to reaching the ACT’s stated target of cutting greenhouse emissions by 40% in the next 8 years.
Of the 5 options outlined, the Greens favour Pathway 2, which combines building efficiency measures, sustainable transport, energy-from-waste and renewable energy.
“Pathway 2 comes closest to delivering the kind of [...]

Legislating the Green into planning

By 22 February 2012

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur has added to a busy week of Green announcements (in contrast to the very quiet Liberals as they watch their leader bleed out) with the announcement of an exposure draft for a Planning and Development (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets) Amendment Bill 2012:
“If we are going to address greenhouse gas emissions [...]

Simon seeking submissions for solar power

By 27 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has let the world know he’d like proposals for a large scale solar plant here in Canberra:
Renewable energy companies with proposals to establish large scale solar generation in the ACT are being invited to submit proposals to the Government as part of the ACT Labor Government’s plan to make Canberra Australia’s solar capital, [...]

Large scale solar moving forward

By 6 December 2011

Simon Corbell is celebrating getting the nod from the Legislative Assembly to ramp up solar power generation in Canberra.
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, has today welcomed in-principal support from the ACT Legislative Assembly, for legislation which will allow large-scale solar facilities to be rolled out across the ACT.
“The Government’s legislation proposes [...]

Which of Simon’s pathways to carbon neutrality do you prefer? [With poll]

By 5 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced his proposed pathways to the promised carbon neutrality of 2060.
The options are:
Pathway1: involves the use of renewable energy as the main strategy for achieving emissions reductions. The purchase of a small component carbon offsets is also included, as current modelling indicates that switching to renewable energy for the total ACT electricity [...]

The rich get richer in the green economy

By 16 November 2011

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja is very excited by internal correspondence from ACT Treasury stating the bleeding obvious, that rooftop solar is a way to enrich land owners at the expense of non-land owners.
An email obtained by the Canberra Liberals through freedom of information shows the public servant calculates that by purchasing a 1.7 kW solar [...]

Planning Minister speaks on building the future

By 29 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The University of Canberra have posted this video with the following note:
In this talk the ACT’s Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell MLA, outlines future directions of the ACT’s planning, transport and climate change policies in the context of the built environment and transport provision.

It’s amazing how the emissions rise when you’re not doing anything about them

By 25 October 2011

Here at RiotACT we have long noted that while the ACT Government talks a big game on greenhouse emissions, loves being photographed with the bright young things of the AYCC, and is partial to appointing friends to steering committees and advisory panels, there isn’t actually a plan to do anything about it until just after [...]

Climate Change Council announced.

By 21 October 2011

Simon Corbell has sent word of his appointments to the ACT Climate Change Council to which he is outsourcing the unpopularity of making people change the way they live.
The Council consists of six members including Professor Will Steffen, Ms Maria Efkarpidis, Doctor Frank Jotzo, Ms Lynne Harwood and Mr David Papps. Professor Barbara Norman is [...]

Transport for Canberra announced.

By 7 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced the launch of the much anticipated draft Transport for Canberra policy

Greens not thrilled by Transport for Canberra policy

By 7 October 2011

The Transport for Canberra policy is being released this morning, but the Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is already disappointed:
“Like many in the community, we’ve waited years for the new Transport for Canberra policy. It is supposed to reveal how the ACT will cut transport emissions in line with our 40% greenhouse gas reduction target,” said Ms [...]

Greens not impressed by the Sustainable Energy Policy

By 29 September 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has expressed his disappointment with yesterday’s release of the ACT’s Sustainable Energy Policy:
“The ACT has an ambitious greenhouse gas emissions target and yet there is no connection between meeting that target and this document, even though the two policies are inextricably linked.
“After two years of development and a whole host of [...]

We have a sustainable energy policy

By 28 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced the release of the ACT Sustainable Energy Policy 2011-2020:
The Sustainable Energy Policy sets out four key outcomes, backed by 27 detailed measures. The 4 key outcomes
– Outcome One: Reliable and Affordable Energy;
– Outcome Two: Smarter Use of Energy;
– Outcome Three: Cleaner Energy; and,
– Outcome Four: Growth in the Clean Economy.
Some of [...]

Gentlemen be aware. The Say Yes Mums are coming to Canberra.

By 8 September 2011

Say Yes Australia (a pro carbon tax website) is asking “Are YOU a Mum who says YES?”.
If so Parliament House is the place to be on Tuesday 13 September at 10.30am. (Also if you like the idea of mums who say yes).
Be part of history on Tuesday. Join with other mums and take your [...]


By 2 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 24 September 2011 at 12:30 pm; ]

Like parties?

Like bikes?

Support clean energy?

Want to take part in a global day of action?

Then….circle Saturday September 24 on your calendar!

That’s the day we’re calling Shake Your ACT!

What: Speakers, live music, fun ride and giant human sign

When: 12:30 – 16:00 Saturday 24th September

Where: Start Garema Place; ride to Parliament

Shake Your ACT! [...]

Carbon price forum at the ANU

By 29 August 2011

[ 31 August 2011 at 6:00 pm; ] Is a carbon price in Australia’s interest? 

Join us for an interactive community forum on the Government’s Clean Energy Future package.
With our expert panel:
  – Dr. Richard Denniss – Executive Director – The Australia Institute
  – Janette Lindesay – Associate Professor – ANU Climate Change Institute
  – Heather Bruer – International Co-director – The Australian Youth [...]

Truck convoy into Canberra – Monday 22 August-FYI

By 11 August 2011

I was sent this email this morning…..thought it wise to share with fellow rioters:
My husband works for Harden Shire Council and was advised by the RTA that a very large convoy of trucks will be converging on Canberra on Monday 22 August for a blockade.  He suggested I might pass this information on to you. 
The [...]

Say Yes Events Canberra

By 5 August 2011

[ 6 August 2011; 8 August 2011; 13 August 2011; ]

We are hosting 3 events in Canberra over the next 2 weeks.

1. On Saturday August 6 and Saturday August 13 we will be at the Gorman House Markets to talk to the public about the carbon price and what it means for you and Australia.


2. on Monday August 8 in the evening;

Grassroots Public Forum
Monday [...]

Forests and Climate Forum

By 28 July 2011

[ 13 August 2011; ]

For those with an interest there’s a very high powered forum on forests and climate going down at the John Curtin School of Medical Research on 13 August.

The speaker’s list is impressive

Who needs the Feed In Tariff?

By 15 July 2011

EnviroFriendly have put out a media release saying solar panel buyers are going to be better off without the feed in tariff after all:
Effective midnight Wednesday, the ACT Government announced the closing of the ACT Solar Feed In Tariff. The demise of the program has been described as a disaster by everyone involved in the [...]

The return of the Feed-in Tariff

By 12 July 2011

The ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate have announced the formal re-opening of the solar feed-in tariff scheme after the Liberals and Greens over ruled Labor in the Assembly.
Further to amendments recently passed in the Legislative Assembly, a revised ACT electricity Feed-in
Tariff will re-open on 11 July 2011, said David Papps, Director-General of the [...]

New solar installs to get 30c/kW

By 1 July 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is celebrating opening the “medium scale” feed in tariff for solar panels to installations down to 0 kW (so all of them).
The Liberals were needed to support it and Zed Seselja has a circuitous explanation.
The upshot is new installs will be able to get 30c per kW on power they generate.

The solar auction

By 30 June 2011

Simon Corbell is kicking off an auction for 40 megawatts of solar power provision:
“The government will lead the way to securing significant quantities of affordable renewable energy by conducting Australia’s first of type auction giving solar energy generators a chance to offer the best deal to consumers in the ACT.
“Industry also knows what financial support [...]

Climate change community grants

By 27 June 2011

Simon Corbell has announced the lucky winners of his ACT Climate Change Grants which he says “were introduced in response to the continued interest from the community in generating awareness and action on climate change.”
And if some in the community are interested in doing things Simon wants to be seen to be helping then they [...]

Rattenbury calls out Simon Corbell on Greenhouse ambition beyond ability

By 22 June 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is hauling Climate Minister Simon Corbell over the coals for not actually doing much to achieve the ACT’s lofty carbon emission goals:
Minister Corbell has today tabled the Government’s timeline for delivering Energy, Climate Change, Waste and Transport strategies. It reveals significant delays in delivering the strategies, most of them deferred [...]

Up, up, up go the power prices


The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has not yet bestirred itself to update its website, but the ABC informs us they’ve approved a 6.4% rise in the price of electricity for the coming financial year.
Acting senior commissioner Malcolm Gray says the main reason for the rise is the Federal Government’s increased renewable energy [...]

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