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Zed Van Winkle

Zed and Tony 2

I was reflecting on an article or two from Amanda Vanstone in the Crimes recently and since she is an opinion piece writer, not a journalist, she can express her views in any direction she likes. I am going to follow her lead. She is an unabashed Liberal and it is widely known, so why [...]

Can the Greens push beyond Zed?

Greens Federal candidates for the ACT with Greens leader Richard di Natale.

Election fever is on a soporific snail trail to double disillusion.
Despite all the whingeing or apathy, most voters stick with the two-party trick. The Lib-Nats bore us silly with their jobs-and-growth bleat and the Turnbull factor is a fizzer. Labor is a desperate wannabe full of promises. Are they ready to rule again? Is the [...]

A coalition with the Greens? Pigs might fly

fairies 2

There has been a bit of hoo hah in the media lately about the possibility of the ALP or the Libs going into coalition with the Greens to form government in the event of a hung Federal parliament.
It got me to thinking – what a lot of hot air and hyperbole!
Firstly the possibility of a [...]

ACT Election ’16 – now on!


Racing now in the Election Cup 2016! We now have candidates in all seats from the major parties. More on this later.
It needs to be acknowledged that there are other candidates running in the ACT election this year besides the major three parties.
We’ll have some independents running and we need to be able to distinguish [...]

Our ‘unrepresentative swill’ of a Senate

Senate chamber

Normally these days I have only a passing interest in federal politics because in the main it has been pretty boring due to its repetition. Labor got rid of Gillard in favour of Rudd to ameliorate the impending electoral disaster. The Libs tossed Abbott in favour of Turnbull to ameliorate the impending electoral disaster.
Plus ca [...]

Face-off: A mandate for light rail?

Corbell vs Coe

Our occasional Face-off series is back to look at one of the most-debated issues around town right now. Plenty of RiotACT readers already have a view on this question, but we decided to give Simon Corbell and Alistair Coe the opportunity to set out their opposing views on what has become a key issue leading [...]

Rattenbury, Greens score in shake-up

Shane Rattenbury

The big winner in ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr’s cabinet reshuffle today is Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury, promoted from Minister for Territory and Municipal Services to Minister for Education.
See the full portfolio allocation list here.
Read Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson’s response to the reshuffle here.
The Greens MLA’s appointment to the plum education role is surprising given [...]

Greens’ election prospects subject of much debate

Greens website

The representation of the ACT Greens in our legislative assembly following the 2016 election is being widely argued and carefully even apprehensively judged.
Following their poor showing in 2012 when they lost three seats and were reduced to Shane Rattenbury they acquired a kingmaker role keeping Labor in government.
Many people from both mainstream parties believe this [...]

Oaks Estate, the forgotten suburb

By 16 November 2015

In yet another snub to Canberra’s forgotten suburb, Shane Rattenbury has said Oaks Estate residents should clean public toilets.
As Transport Minister, Shane Rattenbury has previously refused to provide an ACTION bus. This is despite Oaks Estate having 55% public housing. The ACT average is 7%.
In mid-2015 the Oaks Estate Progress Association (OEPA) received first-phase approval [...]

Third time lucky for Esguerra?

By 26 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Indra Esguerra

Shane Rattenbury’s chief of staff, Indra Esguerra, her boss and former MLA Caroline Le Couteur are the Greens’ lead candidates for the 2016 territory elections.
Esguerra was a Greens candidate for the Senate at the last Federal election alongside lead candidate Simon Sheikh and ran for the seat of Fraser in 2010.
The long-time political staffer said [...]

Threat to Seselja real: Rattenbury


Liberal Senator Zed Seselja faces a real threat from just-announced Greens candidate Christina Hobbs because Labor Senator Katy Gallagher will attract a higher vote for Labor than was the case at the last election, according to ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.
“Those middle-of-the-road voters who move between the Labor and the Liberal parties will be strongly [...]

Greens appeal Kangaroo Cull


The Greens NSW have appealed to the ACT government not to proceed with killing more than 1,600 kangaroos.
“The mass kangaroo cull permitted by the ACT government should be cancelled on the grounds of animal cruelty and because there is no evidence that the removal of the animals benefits the local environment”.
“The Greens NSW Animal Welfare [...]

Donna and Mick riding against coal seam mining

By 3 December 2013

The Greens are planning to meet and greet Donna and Mick Franklin, a couple currently engaged in an interstate ride to raise awareness about the dangers of Coal Seam Gas mining and also the importance of water.
‘The Woop, Woop Ride‘ campaign has been going for three months now with Donna and Mick riding a team [...]

Greens call on Labor to help stop Uni fund cuts

By 28 November 2013

ACT Universities will apparently lose $79 million in funding due to the Coalitions plans to take $2.3 billion out of the higher education budget.
The Greens want to team up with Labor to block this in the senate.
Despite this being first flagged by Labor… well can’t blame the Greens for trying.
I missed a few episodes, who [...]

Rattenbury talks to Belco residents: BCC September public meeting

By 10 September 2013

The Belconnen Community Council September 2013 Community Forum will be held at:
7.30pm, Tuesday 17 September 2013
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library
Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Housing, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and Minister for Ageing, will answer questions about areas [...]

Greens pushing to make cycling safer

By 25 July 2013

The Greens are making a push to improve cycling safety in Australia, with a year long inquiry into the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, and motor cyclists.
What action, if any, this inquiry will result in is unknown, but I’m all for making cycling safer.
“Every year in Australia an average of 35 bicycle riders are killed and [...]

Green dollars turn up from under the couch

By 22 June 2013

The Greens have submitted a great number of political donations going back to mid 2012 which only overnight appeared on the return of gifts.
And so we have:
1) Sharnie Wu of Lithgow:

2) BJ Weatherstone of O’Connor:

3) Richard Stiles of Lithgow:

4) Neil Gunningham of Hawker:

5) Ethical Jobs of Fitzroy:

6) Michael Cebon of the same address:

7) Lithgow’s [...]

ISCCC Forum. Guest Shane Rattenbury MLA

By 28 May 2013

Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC) will hold a, meet the member, public forum on Thursday 30 May at Eastlake Football Club, Oxley St. Griffith
From 730 pm to 830 pm, Shane Rattenbury, Molonglo MLA, ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Corrections, Housing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and Ageing will speak and answer [...]

Annette Doran brings the Green love

By 9 May 2013

The returns of gifts have thrown up some Green tinged donations from Hackett’s Annette Doran.
Lucky old them.

Politics in the Pub. A conversation with Bob Brown

By 18 April 2013

The Australia Institute is inviting us to a conversation between Richard Denniss and Bob Brown.
Since the last time Bob Brown spoke to Politics in the Pub he has resigned from Parliament, created the Bob Brown Foundation which aims to help front-line environmentalists, as well as led a Sea Shepherd anti-whaling mission.
In an election year [...]

Greens get the goodies

By 16 April 2013

Elections ACT’s return of gifts has roared back into life with lots of gifts for Greens.
Judith Gamper of Kambah has been particularly busy:

But Gosta Lynga who loves in the post office box found some green joy in his heart:

As did Swinger Hill’s Natalie McDonagh:

Hughes’ Noel Semple rounds out the giving:

Greens want larger electorates, more members, and presumably more Greens

By 4 March 2013

ABC News has put up a story detailing how the Greens would like the ACT Legislative Assembly review to go.
The ACT Greens have lodged a submission calling for up to 27 members and larger electorates.
Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury says keeping three electorates would allow for more diversity within the Assembly.
“We believe there’s two reasons [...]

Julie Armstrong loves the Greens

By 17 January 2013

Overnight the Elections ACT Return of Gifts had some Christmas Cheer for the Greens to the tune of $1,250 from Duffy’s Julie Armstrong.

The faceless folk of the London Circuit Soviet

By 17 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A regular in the Assembly building (and won’t you all be trying to figure out who?) has sent this in:
assembly photo fit
i know its only been three months, but…
On a related note we can’t help but observe the losing Green MLAs are still getting their tweets pumped onto the Green website Meredith and Amanda appear [...]

Leaky Greens put blow-in Sheikh up against Gazza

By 6 December 2012

The Canberra Times has inside word that former GetUp! extractor of funds from the trusting Simon Sheikh is going to be the Greens’ Senate candidate at the next Federal election.
The Australian Greens have pre-selected former GetUp! director Simon Sheikh as their ACT Senate candidate.
Greens leader Christine Milne was about to officially announce Mr Sheikh’s candidacy, [...]

Voting closes in Greens senate pre-selection battle

By 3 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Canberra Times has a story about the efforts of former GetUp! frontman Simon Sheik to transplant to Canberra and make a doomed tilt at Gary Humphries’ Senate seat for the Greens.
Opposing him is Kate Hamilton who has only recently moved back to Canberra after two decades in Sydney but can say she grew up [...]

Simon Sheikh planning a doomed run at Gazza

By 23 October 2012

The ABC has the risible news that the former GetUp! frontman Simon Sheikh wants to run Green for an ACT Senate Seat.
He thinks Liberal Senator Gary Humphries’ seat is vulnerable.
I really don’t see Gary’s core constituency flocking to Simon Sheikh.
UPDATE 23/10/12 09:32: The Liberals’ Eric Abetz is taking this as a gotcha moment:
“Simon Sheik’s [...]

Avant Card of Beaconsfield finds $3k+ for the Greens

By 20 October 2012

The latest in from the return of gifts is $3,226 for the Greens from a “Avant Card” of Beaconsfield NSW.
Here to be precise:
View Larger Map

Greens propose an Urban Tree Trust

By 16 October 2012

The Greens Caroline Le Couteur is pushing the idea of an urban tree trust, presumably on the basis that the Government at large can’t be trusted to look something as important as Canberra’s urban forest:
“Protecting the urban forest means planning for the long term. Getting it wrong will mean more sick and dead trees, with [...]

Greens plans for Business

By 11 October 2012

Way back when Johnboy and I founded RiotACT I was still gainfully employed in the glorious public service. I left shortly afterwards, primarily because one of the decisions handed down from on high was, what i perceived to be, a colossal waste of money.
On perusing the Greens plans for business today (highlights below) I [...]

Greens on mental health and dental

By 9 October 2012

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is seeking the reflected glory of Richard Di Natale (yes indeed, who?) while launching more health policy:
The Greens health election release today includes new funding of:
– $35 million for mental health, to support people living with a mental illness, with a focus on community-based and run services;
– $1.9 million for dental [...]

Greens business policies

By 8 October 2012

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur has announced her party’s plan for business:
The ACT Greens will:
– Allocate an additional $811,000 to micro-credit programs in the ACT including additional support for Lighthouse for running these programs
– Provide $738,000 to establish a Business Services Office – a single entry business entry point
– Provide $200,000 for a cost-benefit analysis [...]

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