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Greens formally request Action bus data under Freedom of Informations Act

By 22 January 2011

Hey guys, this is the Imagine Team again. We just would like to thank you for all the support, and hope that any benefit we would get out of the aforementioned support we will pass on to you in the form of a usable Mobile bus timetabling application. Just as an update, the Greens have [...]

Greens arc up over Stanhopian green energy backsliding

By 21 January 2011

The Canberra Times explains the disappointment of the Greens’ energy spokesman Shane Rattenbury that agreed increases in the ACT Government’s use of renewable energy have not been met.
Green power accounted for 32.5per cent of the Government’s energy purchases last financial year but the Greens want to see that total boosted to 42.5per cent in [...]

Bob Brown’s new vision for Canberra gains traction

By 12 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC brings word that the Tasmanian Green Senator Bob Brown’s new grand vision for the sacred geometry of the parliamentary triangle is attracting some praise:
Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown is proposing a footbridge be built from London Circuit over Vernon Circle to City Hill, with a walkway extending along Commonwealth Avenue to Capital [...]

Greens call for natural burials in the ACT

By 11 January 2011

Until this morning I was blissfully unaware of the natural burial movement.
Now thanks to the Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur calling for the proposed Southern Cemetery to be a “natural cemetery” I have learned something new.
As far as I can tell the idea of a natural cemetery is to not have any markers (one assumes someone [...]

Labor sharpens knives for Nightrider

By 11 January 2011

The Canberra Times is expressing the Government’s displeasure with the NightRider service which in its first three weeks was costing $326 for each passenger taken home.
What do they expect for a new service?
It takes years for these things to become habitual to users.

Nightrider buses
Need to be persisted with
Should be scrapped
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Greens hacked again

By 21 December 2010

You need to looks at the page source code to see it, but the ACT Greens website has again been hacked by what looks like search engine optimisers.
Best of luck cleaning it up and closing the hole guys.
At least this time it appears to be nothing to do with the adult industry.

The plastic bag ban gets passed.

By 7 December 2010

Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?
Simon Corbell informs us that the plastic bag ban has been passed by the Legislative Assembly.
The ban applies to single use plastic shopping bags of 35 microns or less, generally the type distributed through supermarkets, grocery stores and takeaway food outlets.
The full ban will come into effect on [...]

Greens court wrinklies

By 9 November 2010

Some would say older canberran’s already have a wildly disproportionate influence in the running of the city.
But the Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is calling for them to have their own Assembly.
“An ACT Older People’s Assembly would produce important recommendations to inform ACT Government policy. While certain areas of ageing policy rest with the Federal Government, many [...]

Greens moving to protect worker privacy

By 25 October 2010

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has announced she’s bringing the Workplace Privacy Bill into the Legislative Assembly:
“New technology enables surveillance to become ever more pervasive, and this bill represents an important protection to Canberra workers’ privacy,” Ms Bresnan said.
“Despite most businesses having some form of surveillance, there are currently no regulations at all.
“Our bill will ensure [...]

Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Amendment (Disallowance and Amendment Power of the Commonwealth) Bill

By 30 September 2010

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is taking a traditional Speasker’s role by applauding the introduction into the Senate of legislation to stop the Commonwealth over ruling ACT Legislation by virtue of a disallowance motion.
“The Australian Greens are to be congratulated for showing respect for democracy and acting to uphold the principle of self government which was [...]

Mental illness rising in line with support for the Greens?

By 22 September 2010

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is pointing out that there’s been a rise in the incidence of mental illness in the ACT:
“The ACT Chief Health Officer’s report shows that mental disorders now make up 15% of the burden of disease in the ACT, compared with 13% in the 2008 report.
“Mental disorders also now make up [...]

Fraser The Greenest Of Them All

By 9 September 2010

The Greens are celebrating Canberra’s northern electorate of Fraser recording a 19.84% vote to the Greens.
Today’s official declaration of results from the Australian Electoral Commission confirms that the ACT is the greenest part of Australia.
“This election has seen the ACT Greens achieve their best ever result of 19.84% in Fraser, with an historic swing [...]

Canberra Chronicle – stopping unwanted deliveries

By 7 September 2010

[First filed: Sep 6, 2010 @ 9:35]
[Proof drivers can achieve tight groupings over time]
I do not want the Canberra Chronicle delivered.  The only reason it is delivered free is because it makes enough revenue from advertisers to be economically feasible to publish and deliver.
My reasons are: – the cost to cut the trees down, [...]

Greens call for ACTION cleanout

By 31 August 2010

The Greens’ Meredith Hunter appears to have lost patience with the management of public transport in the ACT as delivered by ACTION.
“I want to see a tri-partisan approach that will allow the Minster to make bold changes to the whole structure of ACTION, including its workforce.
“All parties must agree on the need for:
- Employment arrangements [...]

Election ‘10 Candidate Questionaire – Sue Ellerman for Canberra

By 20 August 2010

Sue Ellerman, the Greens candidate for Canberra answers your questions in this election series.
[If you think it reasonable for candidates to answer questions from the public then please email the recalcitrants]
1) whitelaughter asked: Would you support abolishing self-government in the ACT? Please include a “yes” or “no” in your answer.
No, the Australian Greens support self-government [...]

Election ‘10 Candidate Questionaire – Indra Esguerra for Fraser

By 19 August 2010

Indra Esguerra, the Greens candidate for Fraser answers your questions in this election series.
[If you think it reasonable for candidates to answer questions from the public then please email the recalcitrants]
1) whitelaughter asked: Would you support abolishing self-government in the ACT? Please include a “yes” or “no” in your answer.
No, the Australian Greens support self-government [...]

Green plans for housing affordability

By 16 August 2010

In the grim silence of Canberra’s moribund democracy the Greens’ Lin Hatfield Dodds has been alone in giving any sign of bothering with the campaign at all.
Today she’s talking about a Green policy she hopes will help with Canberra’s staggeringly unaffordable housing market:
“The Convert to Rent initiative provides financial assistance to property owners to convert [...]

We will fight them on the bike paths?

By 10 August 2010

As seen by Yarramundi Reach yesterday.
Most other parties poster the arterial roads, but The Greens are a little different.

All publicity is good publicity as the Greens co-opt the Raiders

By 27 July 2010

The ABC has a piece on the Green Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds withdrawing a leaflet featuring the “Green Machine” of the Canberra Raiders and her own party.
Offend, apologise, bask in the attention.
Does it feel as if there’s only one candidate running in this election in the ACT?

Greens for light rail

By 26 July 2010

The Greens have lately been showing a well refined ear for what Canberrans want to hear.
Today they’ve announced that a vote for them federally is a vote for light rail in Canberra:
ACT Greens Senate Candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds has joined Senators Bob Brown and Scott Ludlam in calling for light rail for Canberra.
“Light rail [...]

Hatfield Dodds comes out against the Commonwealth veto of ACT Laws

By 20 July 2010

The Greens energetic senate candidate, Lin Hatfield Dodds, is today banging the drum for an end to Commonwealth powers to override Territory laws:
“The ACT has come of age. It has elected stable governments and its parliament should be able to make laws in the same way as the States.
“Senator Gary Humphries has had eight years [...]

Without complaining about Stanny & Co again….

By 19 July 2010

Is there a point to having self government in the ACT?
I’m really struggling to understand what value there is beyond the obvious garbage, roads and gardening processes. Each time they discuss anything you cringe with embarrassment.
The last straw has been the Greens – they trade on the intellect of Bob Brown but whenever [...]

1300 words on the ABC about Lin Hatfield Dodds?

By 2 July 2010

In recent times the ABC news website has been moving towards longer form reporting.
Even so, the best part of 1300 words dedicated to the Greens Senate Candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds is eyebrow raising.
Lin is talking big about how she’s playing to win in the upcoming Senate election for the ACT in which three serious candidates [...]

Greens ready to pull the plug?

By 12 June 2010

In the Canberra Times the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is having a major dummy spit over, well over everything:
Mr Rattenbury said frustrations included a lack of cooperation between government agencies, time-wasting bureaucracy, ”deliberate obfuscation” by Government officials and difficulties obtaining basic information from Government media staff.
The deal breaker is plans to bulldoze 32 hectares in [...]

Just what are they doing to London Circuit?

By 7 June 2010

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is continuing her trend of asking difficult questions. This time asking why London Circuit is being dug up while the “Greater Civic Plan” is due to be endorsed this month.
“The Government is spending $3.8m just on London Circuit, but not taking the opportunity to improve the design.”
“If you are [...]

Free quality legal advice? The ACT Government wants naught of this!

By 26 May 2010

[First filed: May 25, 2010 @ 14:39]
The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is pointing out that it’s a crying shame lawyers offering to volunteer their time for community work at the Community Legal Centres are being turned away because the ACT Government will not (and has no plans to) provide enough cheap office space to make use [...]

The Greens’ Active Transport Forum

By 10 May 2010

[ 12 May 2010 at 12:15 pm; ] The Greens are hoping to get some of the transport policy tragics down to the Assembly on Wednesday lunchtime for a bit of a chinwag.

Two speakers with expertise in local and international transport and planning issues will present on ‘active transport’ issues in Canberra:

– Karen Wright is a Canberra urban planning consultant and currently the [...]

Assembly Committed to Active Transport

By 6 May 2010

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is thrilled that she’s got a motion through the Legislative Assembly “calling on the Government to prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and public transport in planning, traffic, and urban design policies in Canberra.”
A motion without legislation is only slightly more significant than the Canberra College SRC moving to make the ACT a [...]

Celebrate World Environment Day

By 5 May 2010

[ 4 June 2010 at 11:00 am; ] The ACT Government is holding a World Environment Day celebration in Garema Place on Friday 4 June from 11.00am to 2.00pm.

The interactive event will include displays from local organisations and government agencies to celebrate our environment as well as showcase environmental inititatives and programs that can help our community.

Come and visit us in Garema Place [...]

2010 ACT Budget reactions

By 5 May 2010

Yesterday’s ACT Budget appears to be a pretty reasonable thing, with some good ideas in it. Of course nothing can please all the rent seekers.
But here’s the reactions we can find so far:
One media release is all the Liberals can manage in reply. The first part appears to have been written by the Property Council, [...]

“National Parks – Can They Take The Heat?”

By 4 May 2010

For anyone interested in the science behind the protection of our wonderful National Parks and in particular Namadgi NP, there is a terrific Symposium being run this Friday/Saturday by the National Parks Association of the ACT Inc in the CSIRO Discovery Centre.
Nineteen speakers/presenters from all over Australia will be giving short, sharp and entertaining [...]

Greens in chaos

By 13 March 2010

[ED - The contents of this piece should be taken as no more than rumour]
The ACT Greens continue to be in disarray this week following the shock departure last Friday of their most senior and competent staffer, Meredith Hunter’s Chief of Staff, Louise O’Donnell.
It is understood that Ms O’Donnell was forced to resign with 12 [...]

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