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UC sub-acute hospital to deliver super service


About twelve months ago, my daughter developed swelling and redness in one of her eyes. We were lucky enough to get an appointment with our local GP the same day, but were shocked to be told that we needed to go to Canberra Hospital emergency admissions straight away.
Our GP was concerned that our daughter might [...]

Paperwork moves ahead for the UC Hospital

By 21 January 2014

Chief Minister Gallagher and the University of Canberra have announced a deed signing today:
Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canberra, Professor Stephen Parker have today signed a deed to allow for work on the University of Canberra Public Hospital (UCPH) to move into the design phase.
“Our [...]

Thinking about End of Life

By 13 August 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher is kicking off a long overdue discussion on end of life issues. With a forum report on the issue:
new report on end of life issues has called for increased community engagement and awareness on end of life care and suggested some clarification to the laws dealing with advance care directives, Chief Minister [...]

Calvary ED going paperless

By 27 July 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that Calvary has rolled out a new paperless system:
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at Calvary Hospital are now using an electronic clinical information system following the successful rollout of the new ICT system MetaVision, Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, announced today.
“MetaVision is [...]

Salmonella outbreak advice and update


In response to the recent outbreak of salmonella at The Copa Brazilian Churrasco, the ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly has today activated emergency response protocols at Canberra Hospital and Calvary Hospital in order to help cope with the increased workload.
The ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly said “Canberra is experiencing an outbreak [...]

More interns for the hospitals

By 9 November 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced she’s reached agreement with the Federales to place more interns into Canberra’s hospitals:
“The ACT Government has agreed to fund an additional five internships in 2013. In return, the Australian Government will fund five additional intern places in the ACT public hospital system, and a further five internships in ACT private [...]

An easy solution to the ED ‘crisis’

By 12 September 2012

I was listening to Ross Solly hammer the Director-General of Health this morning on the radio and some of the feedback from listeners is a clear indication of why the ED in The Canberra Hospital is under such stress. People who cannot be in need of emergency treatment are showing up in droves. The [...]

University of Canberra Public Hospital named

By 10 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is letting it be known that she’s signed a Heads of Agreement with UC for the “University of Canberra Public Hospital”:
The Chief Minister and University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker signed a Heads of Agreement this morning confirming the ‘University of Canberra Public Hospital’ will be built on the northwest of [...]

Building the hospitals next to each other

By 29 March 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced that her preferred option for a new hospital is within a stone’s throw of the existing Calvary hospital:
The report assessed four potential sites: including the Calvary Hospital Campus, the University of Canberra, Gungahlin Town Centre, and Block 12 Section 78 Nicholls. The report identified the University of Canberra as the [...]

Hand hygiene at Canberra Hospital gets a failing grade


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s MyHospitals website has just rated the nation’s hand hygiene in hospitals.
Sadly Canberra Hospital has managed 64.8%, well below the national benchmark of 70%.
The information presented here refers to the hand hygiene audit period July-October 2011.
The national benchmark for hand hygiene is 70%.
To learn more about hand hygiene ‘moments’ [...]

Report card for surgeries, December 2011


The Health Directorate has released their self-assessing “report card” for December last year.
While we await both sides of politics saying how great it is or how terrible depending on what suits them it certainly seems the period of improvement has come to an end.
There’s also an Emergency Department report card which seems to be showing [...]

Half a hospital?

By 6 February 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher is celebrating a $200,000 donation from Woolworths for her new Women and Children’s Hospital.
“Today’s donation will be used to purchase items for our paediatrics ward, such as new play equipment for children and adolescent patients, at the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital which is currently under construction,” the Chief Minister said.
Woolworths and [...]

The mental health centre draws slowly to completion

By 24 January 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher was in full blown pollyanna mode this morning announcing the Adult Mental Health Unit will be finished in “about a month”.
As announcements go “we’ll be done soon” don’t really rate.
“We’re going to build it”, “We’ve started building it”, and “We’ve opened it” are things you can sink your teeth into whereas [...]

Potential sites for the new hospital

By 20 January 2012

ACT Health has announced a consultation on their site selection report for a new sub-acute hospital in Canberra’s North.
And the options are:
i. Calvary campus and the adjacent block;
ii. Gungahlin Town Centre: Territory land at the town centre would require a technical variation to the Territory Plan;
iii. University of Canberra: this is already [...]

A new deal reached with Calvary Hospital

By 7 December 2011

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is letting you know she’s reached a deal with the Little Company of Mary for the health services they provide, particularly Calvary Hospital which the ACT Government keeps paying for works at, despite not owning it.
“These new agreements update the current agreements some of which have been in place for nearly [...]

Your thoughts wanted on the looney bin

By 3 November 2011

The Health Directorate is asking for public feedback on their Consultation Draft Stage 3 Model of Care for new Adult Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Canberra Hospital.
Stage 3 represents the final stage in the development of the Model Of Care (MOC) and describes the clinical and support system to assist a person and [...]

Elective surgery numbers getting worse

By 3 November 2011

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson continues his roasting of Katy Gallagher’s health record:
Today’s AMA public hospital report shows the median wait time for elective surgery has doubled since ACT Labor came to office and is twice the national average.
“After 10 years of ACT Labor, and five years with Katy Gallagher as Health Minister, the time for [...]

Victory in sight on elective surgery?

By 19 September 2011

Chief MInister Gallagher has announced the release of the latest surgery report card.
The graphs look good and as always she reckons it’s fantastic.
We await with interest the Liberals’ interpretation.
UPDATE: Jeremy Hanson has grudgingly admitted that the numbers are better but says they’re still not good:
“Katy Gallagher broke the elective surgery system, has attempted to cobble [...]

ACT hospitals worst in the country, Katy says it’s not fair.

By 6 September 2011

The ABC has a story on the COAG reform council finding the ACT is the worst performing jurisdiction for elective surgery.
This is going to cost the ACT nearly a million dollars in bonus funding.
Chief Minister Gallagher is complaining about the unfairness of it all:
Ms Gallagher says she has told Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon she [...]

The Health Commissars unveiled

By 27 July 2011

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has announced the makeup of the first ACT Local Hospital Network Council:
– Mr Michael Peedom
– Professor Nicholas Glasgow
– Ms Lynette Brown
– Ms Mary Montgomery
– Ms Colleen Duff
– Dr Rashmi Sharma
– Mr Michael Moore
– Mr John Runko
– Ms Darlene Cox
– Ms Megan Cahill
This is part of Kevin Rudd’s largely forgotten and mostly [...]

Nurses and midwives to strike


The ACT branch of the Australian Nursing Federation has announced that the nurses and midwives are going to be taking industrial action in the wake of an inadequate pay offer:
“ANF Members were extremely disappointed with the revised offer and considered that as it does not meet the current CPI of 3.3%, let alone the [...]

Anti Rant – The Canberra Hospital ER

By 31 May 2011

Just about everyone has a rant story about ER’s but no one ever hears when things go according to plan, because it does not make great news.
So with that in mind, I thought I would break the mold and recount my ER experience from the sunday just gone.
Miss Danman, a cochlear implant recipient [...]

The Calvary mess grows ever deeper

By 19 May 2011

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is having a poke at the twice-owned Calvary Hospital which the ACT Taxpayer funds but the Pope in Rome decides what sort of medicine is performed inside.
Both the Little Company of Mary and the ACT Government claim ownership of the assett on their balance sheets, but who’s up for the liabilities?
ACT [...]

Budget announcements pouring forth


The Budget Papers are now available
Here are the highlights from the Treasurer’s speech:
Targeted, recurrent expenditure with a net impact of $266.5 million over four years is made in this Budget for sensible and needed investments in healthcare, schools, community safety, and municipal and community services…
The Budget returns to surplus in 2013-14 as forecast last year [...]

Queanbeyan Hospital Maternity?

By 3 May 2011

I am really torn between going public or private for the next baby. Torn because of the extra out of pocket expenses going private means, especially when as a Doula myself I want a Doula as well. The main reason that I want to go private is because of the hopital stay that private gets. [...]

Hospital figures, Katy v Jeremy

By 29 April 2011

Somewhere out there is the truth. In between is the varying interpretations of health statistics.
According to Katy Gallagher the latest health numbers are great.
– 100% of the ACTs public hospitals were accredited and 100% of beds were accredited
– 100% of Category One Emergency Department presentations were treated on arrival at the ED;
– Almost 5,000 more [...]

Greens salute striking of the colours to Calvary

By 29 April 2011

Green’s health spokesperson Amanda Bresnan has saluted with a tear in her eye as the mighty Little Company of Mary pounds the ACT Government into submission and the bold endeavour of freeing Canberra’s hospital system from the Roman Catholic Church comes to naught.
“While I personally would like to take the challenge to the Board of [...]

Calvary beats Katy

By 29 April 2011

There’s been no media release from Ms Gallagher, but we understand she’s run up the white flag in her battles with Calvary hospital and North Canberra services will be augmented by expansion of the Catholic operated hospital in Bruce.
The Liberals Jeremy Hanson is very excited and points out this capitulation has come at a cost:

Gungahlin wants a hospital

By 18 April 2011

Gungahlin Al has sent in the Gungahlin Community Council’s submission to the ACT Government on why a new hospital should be constructed in the Gungahlin Town Centre.
During our discussion with the Minister, we proposed that the Gungahlin Town Centre has an ideal location for a third hospital, and the Minister confirmed that an assessment by [...]

Calvary the only hospital we’re allowed to have? Or not

By 14 April 2011

The Canberra Times has the news that Calvary Hospital reckons it has a contractual right to be the only hospital in Canberra’s North.
Ms Gallagher told residents she had just come from a meeting with Calvary staff, who believed the owners’ lease arrangements gave them exclusive right to run an acute care hospital in the [...]

Gross failings in analytical rigour

By 13 April 2011

Back in late February we had a look at the proposed options for the future of hospitals in Canberra. In the poll our respondents were overly in favour of a new hospital and no expansion of Calvary.
But the Little Company of Mary has been fighting back today and have the Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson in their [...]

Amanda Bresnan figures out the health debate

By 1 April 2011

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has finally had enough of the divergent realities of Pollyanna Gallagher and Cassandra Hanson:
“It’s getting increasingly frustrating to watch the two old parties claiming such radically different interpretations of the state of the ACT health system, when both know very well that the truth is in between,” Ms Bresnan
“It’s predictable that [...]

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