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SkyBalls – Giant flying balls of awareness

By 26 July 2013

Man I hope they bring it to Canberra.
I mean they would have to right? We’re like capital of awesome hot air balloons with naughty bits.
Here’s FIVE REASONS why the world needs a hot air balloon shaped like a gigantic testicles right now:
1. The death of young men to testicular cancer can be prevented.
2. Ignorance [...]

Meet the SkyWhale, here to join the Centenary Celebrations

By 9 May 2013

[ 13 May 2013; ]

Think of Canberra and visions of hot air balloons drifting over the lake on a crisp autumn morning come to mind.

It’s therefore no surprise that in our Centenary year a hot air balloon sculpture has been commissioned to celebrate Canberra’s love of, and reputation for, hot air ballooning. What might be a surprise [...]

All hail the centenary floppy boob baloon!

By 9 May 2013

I just noticed this on the Canberra Times.
Well, I love fish, I love balloons and I love boobs but… i’m not so sure about combining all 3.

Canberra RAAF Balloonist featured on the Disney Channel

By 15 January 2013

This little gem has gone up on YouTube:
Meet Lisa, Kate & Emma from Canberra – whose dad is hot air balloon pilot!
For more ‘What a Life’ episodes keep watching Disney Channel.

Scouts take to the skies

By 14 May 2012

Richardg has sent in some photographs of this morning’s launch of the Scouts ballooning program in Canberra with this note:
Here are some photos from this morning’s launch by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and ACT Scouts Chief Commissioner Peter Harris.
The project is part of the ACT Centennial celebrations and it is the only Scouts balloon [...]

Hexacopters and hot air balloons over Canberra!

By 8 January 2012

AP_OZ has sent in his latest hexacopter adventures, this time with bonus hot air balloons in the skies over Canberra.
Hot air ballooning sped up is a hair raising business!

Bassoon and Keyboard all over Canberra

By 5 April 2011

It may seem strange that YouTube has a symphony orchestra.
It may seem strange that this lead to sessions of keyboard and bassoon composition all over Canberra.
But there you go. We live in strange times.

The dwindling balloon festival – two views

By 25 March 2011

Last week “blowers” asked why the balloon festival was getting less balloons.
We had two responses in the comments that deserve greater consideration.
The first:
#9 growingupisoptional
8:42 pm, 21 Mar 11
Have they lost interest? Yes, it’s not the event it was for me in the past.
Should there be an Incentive for pilots to fly? Yes, but not [...]

Where have all the Balloons gone?

By 18 March 2011

Am I imagining it or there are only 1/3 the usual number of Balloons turning up at this year’s Balloon Fiesta?
I recall seeing 30 – 40 balloons in the past but we have been lucky to see 15 – 18 this year.  Have they lost interest? 
My theory is that the visiting balloons need incentive to [...]

If you’re not festivaled out here comes the Canberra Festival

By 7 March 2009

[First filed: March 06, 2009 @ 09:17]

His Chieflyness Jon Stanhope has declared the party started for the Canberra Festival running from March 7 to 15.
Apparently ex-Idol Jessica Mauboy is a “Canberra favourite” and will join Kate Miller-Heidke, the aged Hoodoo Gurus, and Dora the Explorer for Celebrate In The Park. (We note that a line-up [...]

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