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Testing a NASA rover in a harsh environment. Belconnen…

By 28 June 2013

This in from Kazza the Blank One:
because.. what the ??
as seen in belconnen mall yesterday morning…
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Telstrayama. Images of Canberra.

By 27 June 2013

This in from KB1971
This is not a spooky picture & it was taken with my IPhone this morning with no skillz whatsoever. It’s just a photo of my bike on a nice warm winter morning.
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Access denied. Stops signs everywhere

By 26 June 2013

Jason is clearly hanging out in places he shouldn’t.
Eight stop signs at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands carpark entrance. (One faces away in both shots)
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Pining for the falls

By 26 June 2013

Ausguy81 may not be able to get to the falls, but he can take a picture.
I would like to add my voice to the chorus of people asking for Ginninderra Falls to be returned to the people. I think is a real shame this is as close as we can get…
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Spooky foggy Canberra is pretty

By 25 June 2013

Rioter Leif has sent us a wonderful shot of our spooky spooky capital:
Snapped this shot last Monday (17/06) when we were in midst of the heavy fog (Pic was taken on Thynne St in Bruce)
I’ll be slowly putting up more shots around Canberra (and other travels) over the coming weeks.
Got any shots you want to [...]

As seen on Northbourne Avenue. Well played

By 25 June 2013

This in from Chris:
Mudflappers are not surprising however antenna the height of trees?
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Raiders Lime getting into our water supply

By 24 June 2013

Holden Caulfield has sent us these rather disturbing images:
Raiders premiership!
Why didn’t someone tell me the Raiders won the premiership this year? At least that was the first thought that entered my mind when I saw this lime green water at the National Gallery yesterday afternoon.

Monday parking mega-collection

By 24 June 2013

Rioters you’ve outdone yourselves this week.
I have a grand total of 37 photos which I’ve had to sort though, edit, crop, etc, etc…
Well done gang.

1. Tim kicks this week off:
Almost every time I come past this spot, someone is parked here…

2. Smee’s keeping an eye on things:
This guy came screaming into the Homeworld car park, [...]

A day of dog walks in time lapse

By 23 June 2013

All in four minutes!
Here’s my first go at a time lapse, inspired by, but nowhere near as professional as, the recent time lapse of Canberra hosted here
All shot here in sunny Canberra, at my favourite dog walking spots, dogs appear briefly at some points.
You may want to turn your speakers off as I’ve added some [...]

First icicle of the season (and second and third)

By 22 June 2013

Yep it got cold last night.
Pat has sent in this picture of the first icicle of the year hanging from his quad bike.
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UPDATE: From the frozen depths of Kambah Smee has this offering:
-5.3C in Kambah is cold.
Hi Guys,
Here [...]

Newspaper landscaping is a thing now apparently

By 20 June 2013

RFS sent us in these great shots that show that there is at least one use for print media left in Canberra:
While having a look at the Nishi Building down by the lake the other day I noticed somebody had discovered an excellent use for their old newspapers. Given this wall faces onto Parkes [...]

Acts of Love!

By 19 June 2013

On a residential street earlier this morning, I noticed a girl making quite the effort in putting this together to make her affections known to MJW??? 
Whoever he is? 
And will do anything…..
Quite a collections of cars out front, so now sure how many admirers he has?
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Hail and Rainbows. Images of Canberra

By 18 June 2013

Kazza the Blank One has sent in some nice shots of the aftermath of today’s storm.
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Danielle sent in a bunch including this top effort:

Anon gave us some very white ones including this:

Cassi’s added a set:

Here’s the full slideshow:

Canberra at night (and occasionally in the day)

By 18 June 2013

Rioter Triffid has sent us a collection of fantastic photos of Canberra at night and not at night.
if you’ve got some shot of Canberra you’d like to share with her, please send them to

Westpac in Canberra history

By 18 June 2013

Following yesterday’s Then and Now featuring the Commonwealth Bank; Westpac have been in touch with their own historic photos to remind you of their enduring presence in the region.
It seemed only fair to give them a run.
And so we have:
1) The first Westpac (then known as Bank of NSW) branch in Kingston, 1926

2) City branch, [...]

Northbourne at night. Images of Canberra

By 18 June 2013

The irrepressible Konrad Lenz has posted this to facebook and given us permission to use it:
Bus stop, Northbourne Ave, night
The Register recently described instagram as “looking at the world through urine filled goggles” but I still liked this one enough to share.
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Then and now. The Commonwealth Bank in Civic

By 17 June 2013

We’re rolling right along with Historygeek’s Then and Now pictures.
Today we have the Commonwealth Bank’s building in Civic.
More tomorrow.
Here’s the story so far.

The fog in the forest. Images of Canberra

By 14 June 2013

Tim has sent in this corker!
Not taken at night, but here’s a recent (last week) image of some fog in Canberra.
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A strange and mysterious night in Canberra

By 13 June 2013

Just gone midnight and quite the fog settling over the Inner North.
If you’ve got an image of the fog, or something else to share, email it in to .

UPDATE: Daniel got this one on Ginninderra Drive:

UPDATE: Geoff Dunn was also taken by Ginninderra Drive:

Civic Centre Railway shots

By 12 June 2013

Peter sent us these fun shots of Canberra from yesteryear.
To mis-answer Merc’s question about pictures of the railway in Garema place, see “fig 2-14 panorama.jpg”
According to my copy of “Canberra’s Engineering Heritage” (2nd ed, 1990, isbn 0 85825 496 4), the railway from Queanbeyan skirted the east basin of LBG, along what is now Parkes [...]

Ask RiotACT – Is this wattle early?

By 11 June 2013

Rioter Grump has a question for the Riot collective:
Hi, just noticed some wattle blooming up the end of the street – can the hive mind say whether this is normal (I suspect it’s a good 8 weeks early) or is this another harbinger of global warming?

Road works for winners

By 11 June 2013

Verbruggen street in Melba is the subject of some roadworks.
I’m going to suggest that plenty of rules are being skipped.
Anyone want to take a stab?
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Dreary days don’t always start that way

By 11 June 2013

This in from Aus Guy:
I know yesterday turned into a dreary downer of a day, but I thought the people of Canberra might like to know it didnt start out like that..
It was actually quite spectacular for about 5 minutes this morning!
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The life of the bridge to come

By 11 June 2013

Over the last few weeks many large precast spans have been delivered and parked on John Gorton Dr (traffic being diverted via the service rds) near the point where it currently connects with Uriarra Rd.
I assume the assembly of the bridge will take place soon…?
[Ed - got an image of Canberra you want to [...]

It’s not Monday! Time for some bad parking!

By 11 June 2013

We may have kicked back over the long weekend, but bad parking never rests.
If you should see some bad parking while out and about, grab your camera and send some shots to
Be sure to include the word parking in the subject and let us know what name you’d like us to credit you with.

1. [...]

Airport lights? Images of Canberra

By 7 June 2013

This in from Arescarti42:
Runway lights at the airport.
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Entrance exam at the Belco SuperCheap Auto

By 6 June 2013

This in from Andrew:
Can it be that hard to work out what ‘push’ means?
Perhaps the clientele of SuperCheap auto Belconnen need more help than most shoppers to get in and out.
These instructions made my day.

Which of course brings to mind the genius of Gary Larson.

Got an image of Canberra [...]

Confuse the foreigners down Hipsley Lane?

By 6 June 2013

An odd combination of signs: are they renaming Lonsdale St, in which case perhaps it should be “Hipster Alley”, or are they just trying to confuse tourists?
[Ed - Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to Ironically (of course) CityNews has a story on how the [...]

Arboretum slideshow

By 4 June 2013

Beardedclam braved the cold to get us these shots.
Nice morning this morning, was at the Arboretum briefly. It is coming along nicely, a bit fresh though.

Canberra aerial photography from the 60′s

By 4 June 2013

High-Res Version
Rioter John sent us these scans in case anyone was interested.
Found an olde Canberra aerial postcard in a family collection. National Library construction indicates 1967-maybe 1968?
Also I have an old Mt Stromlo postcard for the same treatment if possible.
Thanks John!

High-Res Version

Fun Machine Naked Body launch at the Polo. In Pictures

By 3 June 2013

Fun Machine launching a single called “Naked Body” was always likely to resemble the last days of Sodom.
Thankfully MartyO was out with his camera at the Polo last Friday night and captured as much of the magic as we can show on a work friendly website.
Enjoy the slideshow:

Looking Good Canberra

By 3 June 2013

Holden Caulfield just sent us in this pretty picture of our favourite city.
I enjoyed a peaceful walk around the Lake late on Sunday afternoon and was treated to a nice view of Black Mountain and surrounds. Snapped with my iPhone and retouched a little I thought this photo was worth sharing. Even in winter Canberra [...]

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