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Local leaders – Andrew Clapham and Zakaria Bouguettaya (Imagine Team)

By 9 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Andrew Clapham and Zakaria Bouguettaya Imagine Team

Andrew Clapham and Zakaria Bouguettaya, directors of mobile application development business Imagine Team, don’t like taking no for an answer.
In 2011, after the ACT Government refused to fund or assist them to build an app for tracking ACTION buses in real-time, the pair–still university students at the time–used the freedom of information act to access [...]

Bitcoin MyWay Recharge?

By 23 January 2014

Hey everyone,
We’re super excited to announce we’ve crossed the 50,000 active user mark for our MyBus 2.0 app.
We wanted to do something special to thank everyone for their support, and we got tired of waiting for the real-time feeds to become available (the launch date has been a roving target…), so we decided to [...]

“MyWay hacking” misinterpretation

By 30 November 2012

Hey all,
We’ve had a think about our last blog post and taken a fresh look on how it could be mis-interpreted.
We didn’t intend to give the impression that we were maliciously going after the security of the MyWay system. Nothing of the sort, this was an exploration of what MyWay is and how it works: [...]

Imagine Team Is Hiring

By 1 August 2012

Hey all,
Looking for a some extra cash? Are you a keen iPhone developer who wants to get out of a job/freelance work and into business/entrepreneurship? Looking to make Canberra a better place? You’re in luck, Imagine Team is looking to hire!
We’ve been helped a lot by the community at The RiotACT in the past, so [...]

MyBus 2.0 iPhone/Android Beta Testers!

By 24 March 2012

Hey fellow rabble-rousers,
Exciting news for everyone! After hearing your thoughts and suggestions, we’re doing some major redesigns of MyBus, adding some really cool features, and most importantly, finally releasing on iPhone! We’re almost there, and would love if some of you wanted to get an early sneak-peak to let us know your thoughts if you [...]

Imagine Team new Website and new ANU Mobile App!

By 9 December 2011

Hi guys,
Firstly, we just wanted to thank everyone for the support and help that we have been given in getting the GTFS data, and in supporting our MyBus 2.0 app.
We have been hard at work working on other apps that help the community, and consolidating our image such that we can further help the community [...]

Greens formally request Action bus data under Freedom of Informations Act

By 22 January 2011

Hey guys, this is the Imagine Team again. We just would like to thank you for all the support, and hope that any benefit we would get out of the aforementioned support we will pass on to you in the form of a usable Mobile bus timetabling application. Just as an update, the Greens have [...]

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