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Why did Smith’s Alternative really close?

By 25 March 2015

One of Canberra’s most loved performance venues announced last week that it would cease its operations indefinitely. This week, Smith’s Alternative is in receivership.
The cosy venue in the Melbourne Building has undergone many machinations throughout the past three decades. From its slow transformation from a bookshop to an arts hub, it has always catered for [...]

Party Puts Sex back into Politics

By 5 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Who said the Victorians were a stuffy conservative lot? How things have changed! Canberra’s own Fiona Patten MLC!
So Fiona won a seat in the Upper House in Victoria at the last elections, which saw the Liberal a one term wonder, booted out on their proverbials.
Anyone see the pickie in the papers celebrating this wondrous [...]

Jorian Gardner – not amused by Canberra Liberal members

By 6 June 2014

The Canberra Times have given the 2014 Fringe Festival Creative Director, Jorian Gardner the Kim Kardashian of Canberra, some further publicity yesterday afternoon in an article posted on its online edition.
Canberra Times Journalist, Tom McIlroy reports that after months of public lobbying, Mr Gardner has received a formal right of reply as he claims he has been left feeling ‘embarrassed [...]

Jorian’s run from the law over at last

By 14 November 2013

The Canberra Times reports that run away outlaw Jorian Gardner has faced the court over his unlicensed low range drink driving, the arrest warrant un-used.
For his troubles $1000 in fines, $200 in costs, and a three month suspension of his licence.

Jorian goes DUI

By 7 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Rarely out of the news for long Jorian Gardner has just posted the following to facebook:
I am beating The Canberra Times to it. Tomorrow they will publish a story, because apparently they can’t resist putting in the boot when I screw up, where they allege I was pulled over by ACT Police & blew over [...]

Jorian v. Giulia


Well this didn’t take long.
Last Friday we noted the Fringe was going back to its dad Jorian Gardner.
Yesterday the interim producers were grumbling that there wasn’t much process.
And today we have the Liberals’ arch conservative Giulia Jones having a fit of the vapous at the idea of Jorian Gardner’s continued existence:
ACT Shadow Minister for Women [...]

Fringe Festival not transparent enough?

By 1 July 2013

Recently Joy Burch announced that the reins to the multicultural festival were being placed once more into the hands of its founding director Jorian Gardner.
While Jorian is understandably happy, one of last years producers, Nick Byrne is rather confused as to why he had not known the job was up for grabs.
Talking with ABC News, [...]

Jorian rides again with the Fringe Festival in 2014


It would seem the awkwardness arising from gifting the Chief Minister with nipple tassles at the opening of his cabaret bookstore has passed and Joy Burch is this morning announcing the restoration of the once and future Fringe Festival producer:
ACT Arts Minister Joy Burch today announced that Jorian Gardner will return to the role of [...]

Smiths Alternative opens its doors


Smiths Alternative Bookshop was relaunched last night as Smiths Alternative under Jorian Gardner and Domenic Mico’s stewardship.
It’s going to be a very funky little venue, now with a dedicated stage so keep your eyes peeled.
David Howe has sent in some pictures from the opening. The man who looks like John Howard is in fact former [...]

Jorian takes the reins for Smith’s Alternative (Bookshop)


Smith’s Alternative Bookstore is closing it’s doors for the next three weeks or so in order to complete its metamorphosis into Smith’s Alternative. No Bookshop. Except it still will be a a bookshop.
Jorian Gardner and Domenic Mico, the minds behind the gone-but-not-forgotten Multicultural Fringe Festival have taken the reins of Smith’s Alternative They are [...]

Scotty and Nige v. Jorian? [With Poll]

By 19 March 2013

For reasons best known to himself Canberra’s nomadic newsman Joran Gardner has blogged at length about his short little twitter war with Canberra’s third most popular thing, FM104′s Scotty and Nige.
I’ll leave it as an exercise for the readers as to who got the better of it.

The Twit War Winner Was…
Scotty and Nige

Give Jorian an account at Barlen’s

By 13 January 2013

Jorian’s blog post (which was published in the Canberra Times as an opinion piece) about Canberra’s centenary celebrations lacking in local fun is spot on.
I would have preferred Robyn Archer’s travel budget went towards an account at Barlen’s for Jorian.
The longest bubbly bar did sound appealing, until I read “..frequent short sittings, so military precision [...]

Jorian moved on from 2CC

By 28 November 2012

CityNews has word that their former political and arts editor Jorian Gardner has parted ways with 2CC.
CONTROVERSIAL shock jock Jorian Gardner has been sacked from local radio station 2CC.
Gardner and 2CC General Manager Michael Jones confirmed the news with “CityNews” today, but both declined to comment further.
Apparently suggesting prison guards might have something to [...]

PJ Williams and Nick Byrne sieze the Fringe

By 28 November 2012

Joy Burch has announced the appointment of PJ Williams and Nick Byrne as the creative producers for the 2013 Fringe Festival:
“The return of the Fringe Festival next February has created a tremendous buzz in Canberra and today I am pleased to announce that PJ Williams and Nick Byrne will be spearheading the development of this [...]

Jorian off the air after giving listeners a mental image of Julia’s bits

By 14 June 2012

Everyone’s very excited, and even News Limited are running with comments made on 2CC this morning by the trouble-prone Jorian Gardner.
Mr Gardner said that on the breakfast show this morning he had been discussing lapel cameras for police.
He then suggested that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should go into a cabinet meeting with a camera attached [...]

The Folk Festival wants you to pay more still to save the Majestic


The Folk Festival is a strange beast for a few reasons:
– It relies on vast armies of volunteers working for free (often in highly professional capacities).
– It charges like a wounded bull. Seriously it hoovers money out of my wallet harder than any casino I’ve visited.
– It pays the most cursory to negligible [...]

The Secret Diaries of the Chief Minister?

By 30 September 2010

Jorian Gardner has been in touch to make sure I know about his Secret Diaries of the Chief Minister podcast.
I’ll admit to the odd snigger and it’s only four and a bit minutes.

The Secret Diaries of the Chief Minister?
Not funny
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Jorian Gardner stood down from WIN News?

By 31 July 2010

[First filed: Jul 30, 2010 @ 9:51]
WIN have confirmed to us that Lachlan Kennedy is now the acting Chief of Staff for WIN News.
We’re currently chasing down why this would be the case and what’s up with the controversial and colourful news director, Jorian Gardner.
More on this as it comes to hand. We’ve requested comment [...]

End of an era at CityNews?

By 10 November 2009

Gossip has reached the bunker that CityNews’ iconic and highly controversial lynchpin, Jorian Gardner, could be off to be the News Director at WIN’s Canberra operation.
With his focus on local politics and the arts it’s probably a good fit, although it will be fascinating to see how the people skills work out.

A fringey end

By 24 October 2009

After vowing to fight them on the beaches, and promising that the spirit of Fringe would never die, Jorian Gardner has been out and about in the media this week explaining why he’s pulled the pin on the people powered extravaganza he promised.
You can see the snippet on the ABC Website.

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