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Who’s a pretty boy then? Baby Kookaburra in Haig Park

By 15 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Haig Park these days is home to rabbits and possums, but yesterday the Kelpie of Few Accomplishments and I encountered a baby kookaburra.
Despite being very fluffy it was still more than capable of flying when I tried to get closer for a better pic. No laugh however.
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Million Paws Walk 2010

By 17 May 2010

Me? Me I got totally screwed over by the probabilistic crapstorm of the untrustworthy failure mass I call my friendship group.
But before everything went to crap I managed to send the Kelpie of Few Accomplishments outside the failure zone to the undiscovered country where people actually do what they say they will.
In so doing I [...]

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