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Bruce Hawker talking Rudd Rebellion at Paperchain Bookstore

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 15 November 2013 at 5:45 pm; ]

Those of you with a perchant for politics may well be interested in this little event, or maybe this little book that the event is about.

One of Rudd’s mates, Bruce Hawker has written a book about that period of time when Rudd was not our prime minister. To promote it, he’s having an interview with [...]

Heavy Kevvy jets in to fire the starters gun. September 7 is the date

By 4 August 2013

Rejoice oh public servants languishing in the thrawl of Kevin The Pretender’s reign of terror.
The SMH reports he’s flown into town possibly to pay an visit to Yarralumla and ask the Governor General to finally let the Australian people have a say in who reigns over us:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has arrived in Canberra, after [...]

What Kevin’s mad thrashing means to your novated lease

By 18 July 2013

As Kevin Rudd makes wild drastic policy changes to fund his easing up on carbon pollution (like getting rid of 800 senior public servants) they’re also messing around with salary sacrificing to buy new cars (the only reason to buy a new car compared to the bargains in the second hand market).
With many Canberrans having [...]

Is Kevin insider trading Canberra real estate?

By 17 July 2013

Bloomberg have a story on Kevin Rudd taking his Yarralumla mansion back of the market.
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has abandoned plans to sell his five-bedroom house in Canberra for A$2.25 million ($2.08 million) following seven weeks on the market.
The house in the suburb of Yarralumla, a five-minute drive from Australia’s Parliament House, was [...]

Furthermore on the election date


On which Saturday will Kevin Rudd hold the federal election?
By Nicholas Reece, University of Melbourne
One of the most important decisions now for new prime minister Kevin Rudd is selecting the date for the federal election. There are 22 Saturdays between now and November 30, the last possible date an election could be held.
The requirements for [...]

So when will the election be?

By 28 June 2013

Greg Jericho has taken a heroic effort to try and nail down when Kevin will submit to the will of the people.
With caretaker mode looming over the public service this is of more than casual interest to the people of Canberra.
The ill starred referendum question on local government recognition is certainly limiting the freedom of [...]

Watch out Public Service, looks like Kevin’s on a tear

By 28 June 2013

Well it looks like from now until caretaker mode restored Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is expecting the Public Service to develop an entire election policy platform for him.
To do this well would take at least a year, so should be bulk max abbott for all involved.
If you do get hit by a folder feel free [...]

Gai Brodtmann knifed Julia


Something for the sisterhood in the southern seat of Canberra to consider in today’s Canberra Times:
After the ballot, the member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann, said she supported Mr Rudd. ”I voted for Kevin Rudd to give Labor a fighting chance,” she said. ”I made my decision thinking about the future of Canberra , the future [...]

Rudd returned as leader of parliamentary Labor Party. PM? Maybe?


The returning officer has spoken and Kevin Rudd is now the leader of the Labor Party.
Final margin 57 to 45. (Bill Shorten decisive)
What happens next in the parliament will be exciting but the public servants of Canberra are well advised to tread very, very carefully.
There’s going to have to be a god almighty reshuffle for [...]

At 7pm two will enter, one will leave. Thunderdome comes to Canberra


Julia Gillard has called a leadership vote for 7pm tonight (ever better at tactics than strategy).
She’s also demanding the loser retire to the study to avail themselves of a loaded revolver (metaphorically speaking).
State of Origin is about to be overshadowed by a more brutal struggle here in Canberra.

Rudd bails on Canberra property market

By 31 May 2013

The Australian has a story on the Rudd family putting their alternate Lodge in Yarralumla onto the market in the lead up to the September election.
Not a bad time to be getting out of the local market perhaps?

The Mully Cup for March 2013 goes to… Chicken Kev!


Another month another Mully Cup winner. The Mully Cup is awarded monthly to the entity stimulating the most comment on this website. It is named in memory (if not in honour) of Justin Mully Williams who both improved our world, and set the record for comments, in his departure.
This month we have decided to award [...]

Rhys Muldoon on the Coup in Canberra

By 18 April 2012

The Monthly has a lengthy piece by the entertainer Rhys Muldoon on the demise of Kevin Rudd.
Once you get over the initial surprise at just how close to the inner wheel Muldoon was rotating it’s a pretty good look at how life on the hill works, and worked that fateful night.

Minimal MoG beckons as Julia triumphs 71-31

By 27 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The number have leaked and Julia Gillard remains PM by a heavy 71-31 margin.
This will relieve many in the public service as the reshuffle will be considerably smaller than if bloodletting Ruddites were running riot.
UPDATE 27/02/12 11:19: Initial reports had the margin at73-29, that has now been rectified.

One way or another there are going to be Machinery of Government changes as Kevin pulls the pin

By 22 February 2012

Crikey have got a good take on Kevin Rudd’s dramatic 1am (Washington time) resignation as Foreign Minister and the brutal kicking of a speech he delivered to the Prime Minister.
It’s hard not to see some pretty major reshuffling of cabinet when all this is over and a fair chance of an election in the very [...]

The Kevin Rudd tour of Canberra

By 24 June 2011

One would like to think the Shadow Treasurer of this nation would be a busy man.
But it seems Joe Hockey had nothing better to do yesterday than take a cardboard cutout of Kevin Rudd around town (pretty much all Inner South we note), take photographs, and tweet.

Here’s the full tour:

Anyone amused?

Some very naughty boys. The Rudd Memorial Service [With poll]


[ 24 June 2011 at 12:00 pm; ]

As seen in Civic today.

It seems some wags are holding a memorial service for Kevin Rudd this Friday noon on Federation Mall (aka the Parliamentary Protest area).

Who would do such a thing? What do you think?

[poll id="273"]

Privacy if you’re important enough on google street view?

By 29 September 2010

View Larger Map
For most of us we just have to live with the fact that a google car has been past our house taking photos. Here at RiotACT we support the right of anyone to take photos from public lands.
But a keen eyed reader has noted that there’s a weird gap at Mueller St Yarralumla [...]

Do you know anyone who worked at the Embassy Motel?

By 23 June 2010

As we appear to be lurching to a new Prime Minister tonight here’s a question.
In January Chris Uhlman wrote an intriguing piece on the relationship between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.
Buried deep in the story was this ear twitcher:
One of the most intriguing also has a tangential relationship to the Embassy Motel, because [...]

Kyogle abuzz at Canberra Chook Tractor

By 10 June 2010

Lismore’s Northern Star newspaper is very excited Therese Rein has installed a chicken tractor in The Lodge’s austerity (and Obama) inspired vegetable garden.
It seems the chicken tractor (a pen on wheels which can be moved around the garden to let the chickens harrow, weed and fertilise) is an invention of Kyogle’s Linda Woodrow. The photo [...]

Million Paws Walk 2010

By 17 May 2010

Me? Me I got totally screwed over by the probabilistic crapstorm of the untrustworthy failure mass I call my friendship group.
But before everything went to crap I managed to send the Kelpie of Few Accomplishments outside the failure zone to the undiscovered country where people actually do what they say they will.
In so doing I [...]

Australian Centre on China in the World goes to ANU

By 24 April 2010

ANU is proudly announcing that the nice Mr Rudd is funding a new research school:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this afternoon announced that the Commonwealth will fund the Australian Centre on China in the World to be based at ANU. He did so while delivering the 70th George E Morrison Lecture at ANU this afternoon.
The [...]

ACT Government signs the blank cheque

By 18 April 2010

The Chiefly Stanhope has improved his chances of becoming Ambassador Stanhope by signing us all up to Kevin’s back of the envelope health plan.
Canberra’s public hospitals will be better off by around $150 million over the next decade, with Chief Minister Jon Stanhope today announcing he would sign up to the Prime Minister’s health [...]

Banana Buffoonery

By 15 December 2009

Reading the ABC story School puts the ban in banana, I had thought April Fools day had come twice this year. Yesterday press were invited to report on Kevin Rudd listening to student’s environmental concerns at O’Connor Cooperative School, and apparently the invite included a warning for members of the press not to attend if [...]

Chaser jumping the shark in Canberra?

By 21 July 2009

[First filed: July 20, 2009 @ 09:10]

The Australian brings word that The Chaser team have caused umbrage again, this time here in Canberra.
Chaser comedian Julian Morrow, who is also the program’s executive producer, was stopped by Australian Federal Police officers when he arrived at St John’s Anglican Church in full mountaineering gear and attempted to [...]

Armistice Day 2008

By 12 November 2008

[First filed: November 11, 2008 @ 12:32]

As the 90th anniversary of the end of most of the fighting in the first World War, today was always going to be a big day.
That the entire military and political leadership of the country (absent the GG sent to France for the day) camped out in the open [...]

Public service cuts?

By 22 September 2008

Has anybody had much experience relating to the APS budget cuts the Federal Government pushed through with the last budget?
Just curious as to how the cuts have affected the lives of ACT residents over the last several months…

The Gershon Report

By 18 August 2008

Has anyone been affected by the fine tooth comb of Peter Gershon yet?
I understand that he is looking at the inner workings of the Federal Government very closely, and is due to release a report on his findings very soon. Are there any departments starting to sweat yet?
From my industry perspective, we have seen a [...]

AFP goons? tsssk tsssk, Kevin!

By 12 May 2008

According to footage on “Insiders” on ABC this morning, Kevin Rudd’s staff are using the AFP as ‘goons’ to keep the press away, and herding them around in a most undemocratic manner. The footage shows an AFP officer threatening to block the Channel 10 camera “all day”. Add to that an account, again on Insiders, [...]

Rudd gets tough on Tibetans, goes easy on mates

By 22 April 2008

The SMH is reporting that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stated that “If any protesters, irrespective of their political point of view, engage in unruly, disorderly or violent behaviour, then the police will come down on them like a ton of bricks,”
ACT Chief Apologist Jon Stanhope also commented “It’s quite a blow to the [...]

Canberra to feel the brunt of Rudd razor gang.

By 2 April 2008

Canberra has been especially warned by Treasurer Wayne Swan to expect “pain” in his first budget, to be brought down in less than six weeks.
Neither Mr Swan nor acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered any comfort yesterday for tens of thousands of public servants who have been on notice for months of substantial job losses [...]

Talk is cheap – if you’re a public servant

By 20 March 2008

Anyone else heard about public servants being asked to ‘volunteer’ to work at Kevin Rudd’s 2020 Summit in April. Apparently, some departments are asking for volunteer scribes and PR people to work throughout the weekend. Yes, the government that is cutting your budgets now wants you to offer up a weekend to jot down the [...]

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