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Family and Community Day at the National Archives of Australia

By 11 September 2015

[ 28 September 2015 at 10:00 am; ]

Bring the kids for family fun activities including origami boat making, old fashioned games, a discovery trail and an Archives selfie!

Take a tour of our new exhibition Life Interrupted: Gallipoli moments, and see our beautiful 1920s building.

Visit ‘Ask a Reference Officer’ to ask anything and everything about searching the Archives’ collection!

If you’ve never seen the [...]

Where can I find kids’ interior shops in Canberra?

Ask Riot

I’m new to Canberra and want to decorate my children’s bedrooms. (1, 3 & 8 years)
Can the more knowledgeable here point me in the direction of any good shops with products for Children’s interiors around town? Any help would be great!
Thanks for your help!

Free Mother’s Day festival in the City this Sunday!

By 9 May 2015

If a day of free beauty pampering, gourmet food tasting, live music, dance and cycling events plus entertainment for the kids sounds good, then we have a great event for you!
This Mother’s Day, Bunda Street is hosting a free event for the community!
Event: Mother’s Day on the shareway
Where: Bunda Street, from Genge Street  to Akuna [...]

Canberra duo’s puppy app entertains and educates

By 28 March 2015

Canberran parents of young children finally have an option when choosing an educational and entertaining mobile app.
What do you get when you mix super cute puppies with numbers and catchy music? An engaging educational Smartphone and tablet app designed by professional educators, thoroughly tested and safe for kids.
After the many disappointing experiences in finding quality [...]

Sutton Country Fair and Ute Muster

By 12 March 2014

[ 15 March 2014 at 10:00 am; ] The Sutton Country Fair and Ute Muster is on Saturday 15th March at Sutton Primary School, Bywong St, Sutton – just ten minutes from Canberra.
It is a community day of fun for all with entertainment, music, games, rides, raffles and prizes, plus the popular Ute Muster.
Check out the Utes competing for prizes in various categories [...]

Fitness classes for Mums, BYO kids?

By 24 September 2013

I’m trying to find a fitness or dance class in that will allow me to bring my daughter (12 months) along, rather that putting her into a creche while I exercise.
Are there any options other than the standard pram-based outdoor classes?

Kids in the Kitchen at Belconnen Fresh Food Markets

By 24 September 2013

Belconnen Fresh Food Markets want to teach your children to cook, I can’t really see a downside to that. In the upcoming school holidays (from the 2nd of October) you will be able to send your spawn to cooking school.
In partnership with Nutrition Australia, BFFM will deliver a series of 90 minute classes over the [...]

Wee Jasper is on show 17-19 August

By 13 August 2012

[ 17 August 2012 to 19 August 2012. ] Wee Jasper Naturally is on 17-19 August 2012. A great chance to see what this beautiful village has to offer, above and below ground.

Learn to Skate for free – August timetable

By 1 August 2012

Streetwise free “learn to skateboard” clinics are running every Saturday this August at Skateparks in Canberra from 9am -11am by accredited skate coaches! You just need a parent or guardian over 18 to sign off for you to participate. Safety equipment and skateboards are provided. Here’s some August and September dates.
Skateboard Coaching 9-11am @ skateparks [...]

Help!! – babysitting. need ideas

By 25 July 2012

Okay so I (stupidly) agreed to babysit a friend’s kids for free. She has a 12 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I have them all day saturday. Neither have been to Canberra. What is something that I can do with them to keep them occupied all day? I am reliant on [...]

“tits out” request from 15yr olds [With poll]

By 9 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

So proud of you lads – wonder if your mum knows about your awesome signs!

Kids with “tits out” signs
Need to learn about this internet thing
Shouldn’t have their image published
Are fair game
View Results

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Feel the joy of Irish music: Hop! Skip! Jump! Clap!!!

By 16 December 2011

Hop! Skip! Jump!!Clap!!!
Simple movement & rhythm classes for kids & parents this school holidays.
When: Thursday afternoons January 2012- 5 Jan;12 Jan; 19 Jan; 26 Jan 2012
4.30-5.25pm (6-8 years) + parents
5.30-6.25pm (9-12 years)+ parents
Where: Palmerston Community Centre,Tiptree Cres & Kosciuszko Avenue, Palmerston.

Cost: $10 per child/$15 child & parent together
Contact:   Nora Stewart 6230 [...]

Modelling agencies for kids in Canberra

By 14 December 2011

Just wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with kids modelling agencies in Canberra.
I’m considering registering my kids with one, but have heard lots of negative things to be aware of.
Does anyone have any agencies here they would recommend?
I’ve also noticed some of the bigger agencies list themselves as ‘Australia wide’ [...]

Puppets book out libraries and enter our schools!


PuppetOOdle, Canberra’s latest puppet-business, has booked out the latest round of school holiday programs at ACT libraries in almost 24hours!

Child care recommendations

By 16 June 2011

I’m looking for recommendations of child care or family daycare providers in the Gungahlin area.
Bub #3 is only 4 months and I won’t be needing care until she’s about 2 but I’ve heard you need to put your name down on a waiting list quick sticks.
My other 2 kids are in primary school [...]

Canberra kids either healthier or better liars [with poll]

By 19 January 2011

Katy Gallagher has announced (without the need for paragraph breaks) research showing Canberra’s high school kids are are telling surveyors they’re using less drugs and getting less sunburnt.
“I am pleased to see a continued decline in the reported use of tobacco and illicit drugs, as well as fewer instances of sunburn over the previous summer,” [...]

Family Friendly Dining in Canberra?

By 26 November 2010

Hi all…new to the ACT and new to Riot-ACT but i’ve checked it out many times to find reviews and ideas and it’s a great forum I’m keen to find some family friendly places we can go for dinner.
We have 2 kids 6 & 7 (and another on the way) who know [...]

Menaced by brats in North Lyneham

By 15 October 2010

Hey there … in the past couple of weeks I’ve been hassled/menaced/threatened three times while trying to ride my bike along the bike path next to Ellenborough Street, North Lyneham.
Two young boys (aged 10 or so) stand on the bike path, barricading it so cyclists can’t get through, screaming and brandishing large sticks. I [...]

China Town Weston

By 25 July 2010

It’s not often that I eat out. It’s even less often that I attempt to do so with three small children. So tonight we thought we’d test out the children’s table manners and headed off to China Town restaurant in Weston.
Arriving before 6pm but without a booking, we managed to get a table and then [...]

The spirit of Christmas – Wishing Tree for foster children

By 6 December 2009

Life in foster care can be extremely difficult for some children, and Christmas time does have a way of bringing home the difficulties people are facing, so it would be fantastic if we could make bring these children that little bit of extra joy this Christmas by providing them each with a gift.
Queanbeyan Carers Support [...]

‘Just a Stage’ – youth dance production

By 15 October 2009

[ 16 October 2009 at 7:00 pm; 17 October 2009 at 3:00 pm; 17 October 2009 at 6:00 pm; ] If you’ve got kids who like dance, or you like seeing young dancers do interesting stuff, then get along to this. A new 45 minute dance work by 38 young dancers (aged 8-16) from Canberra and the region, working with professional choreographers.

Just a Stage is about youth, age, and teetering on the edge of the future.

This [...]

Does matinee now mean kiddie session?

By 10 August 2009

A recent trip to the theatre to see Quantum Leap youth dance was an interesting experience. We went to the matinee, and I was surprised to see that most attendees had kids with them. Including very small kids.
Predictably the toddlers in the audience cried, called out and chatted through the entire performance. At one point [...]

What do you do with a baby?

By 10 June 2009

OK, so I have no exposure to children and my best friend is now in possession of her first child.
Social occasions for us have always been a couple (or more) beers somewhere or maybe watching a game of footy or playing some pool.
I need some help with what sort of things we can do together [...]

Violent Scum VS The Kambah Kid

By 9 May 2009

The ABC reports a case of common assault against an “antagonistic” boy in Kambah.  Obviously, the report contains minimal information on which to form an opinion but I thought I’d form one anyway and see what others think.
If anyone came hurtling up my driveway (emphasis on “my”) after a good day’s worth of teasing me, [...]

Late night car park longboarding

By 20 February 2009

Over on YouTube f***c***23 has posted some terrible video of something looking rather fun, and a little bit dangerous.
The only info is the title “canberra longboarding”.
Anyone got any guesses which car park played host?

(Comic by Panama)

Etiquette question – Kiddies and the shopping centre bogs

By 12 February 2009

Dear Manners Aunts,
Based on an observation that got me thinking:
Dad and young Maddison Sophie (age 4 1/2!) are shopping in the Canberra Centre, when Maddie announces she ‘NeEEeeDs to GO to thE ToiLET, Dad!’
Should Dad:
1. Take her into the unhallowed depths of the men’s toilets?
2. Scandalise the ladies in the women’s toilets? Or send Maddie [...]

Where were your children?

By 1 January 2009

The ABC’s got a piece on how well behaved the crowds were in Canberra for New Year’s Eve.
With, that is, the exception of one silly 18 year old who punched a policeman in the head hard enough to put the officer in hospital.
The only area of concern it seems is the number of kiddies out [...]

Bocking in Canberra

By 15 November 2008

No – not the beer – the Jumping Stilts.
They are stilts with a spring on them and they are an upcoming craze, so my twelve year old nephew tells me. He is here on a visit from the Blue Mountains and says that there are a few bockers in Canberra. But where to find them [...]

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