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Who needs colours when you’ve got black? Images of Canberra

By 9 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Down by Lake Burley Griffin this morning I came across this cormorant sunning himself.
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Swam family. Images of Canberra

By 9 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Brian took this beautiful shot near the yacht club.
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Algae persists at Weston Park East

By 8 December 2011

The National Capital Authority are warning that the blue-green algae threat in the lake has not abated.
The National Capital Authority (NCA) advises Weston Park East remains closed to primary contact recreation.
The blue-green algae levels and bacteria levels in Weston Park East are at the ‘High Alert Level’.
The water is closed to primary contact [...]

Blue-green algae strikes at Weston Park East

By 1 December 2011

Despite a rather good flushing this week the National Capital Authority brings word that the first blue-green algae outbreak of summer has coincided with the first day of summer.
The blue-green algae levels and bacteria levels in Weston Park East are at the ‘High Alert Level’.
The water is closed to primary contact recreation as exposure [...]

Works on Scrivener Dam

By 1 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The National Capital Authority has announced their plans to make some major renovations to Scrivener Dam:
The National Capital Authority (NCA) today announced that major engineering works at Scrivener Dam will commence in the new year. It is anticipated the works will cost in the order of $15 to $20 million.
The works involve progressively replacing 120 [...]

Walter Burley Griffin Stadium?

By 1 December 2011

The Canberra Times has a story about a possible new football stadium on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin.
Andrew Barr has said that the government is considering building a convention centre and football stadium, in close proximity to each other, on the lakefront.
I think it would be a great idea to have a stadium on [...]

NCA anticipating floodwaters

By 26 November 2011

The National Capital Authority last night gave notice that they were letting water out of Lake Burley Griffin to cater for anticipated floodwater over coming days.
Lake Burley Griffin will be lowered 200mm overnight in anticipation of increased water inflows over the coming days.
Lake users are urged to exercise additional caution and be aware of [...]

Rowing course opens

By 15 November 2011

The National Capital Authority is celebrating getting the Lake Burley Griffin rowing course re-opened after the floods of 12 months ago:
The course was rebuilt following consultation with stakeholder groups.
“We received valuable feedback from lake users during the design phase of the project. Additional markers were installed at the request of users to enable kayak sprinters [...]

Surf’s up on LBG! Images of Canberra

By 14 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Brandi dropped this picture in to the Eagle’s Nest this afternoon featuring today’s winds whipping up the brown foam of Lake Burley Griffin.
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Are you a lake jumper?

By 14 November 2011

There’s some media rumblings around jumping into Lake Burley Griffin as a drunken rite of passage.
If it’s something you’ve done we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Walk A Loop for kids with a disability

By 10 November 2011

[ 2 December 2011 at 9:00 pm; 3 December 2011 at 8:00 am; ]

This in from the folks at TADACT:

Technical Aid for the Disabled, ACT (TADACT) is excited to announce its first BIG Charity Event “Walk A Loop”. Our bridge to bridge 5km walk is being held at 9pm on Friday 2 December and 8am on Saturday morning 3 December 2011.

We have local identities walking the loop including [...]

Plans out for the Bowen Place underpass

By 8 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The National Capital Authority is asking for your thoughts on their plans for an underpass at Bowen Place.
Located near Kings Avenue Bridge, the Bowen Place crossing forms part of the popular pedestrian and cyclist route around Lake Burley Griffin’s central basin. It is also a busy road – especially at peak hour.
Following community and stakeholder [...]

Ice Dragons named ACTsport Team of the Year

By 28 October 2011

The Australian champion dragon boat team and ACTsport Team of the Year, the Ice Dragons, are now recruiting for the coming season. Open Day is from 10.30am to 1.00pm at Lotus Bay in Lake Burley Griffin. More details at

Women’s Dragon Boating COME & TRY DAY

By 26 October 2011

[ 29 October 2011 at 10:00 am; ] 10am – 12pm Saturday 29th October

All women 16-60+ are welcome to join Diamond Phoenix Dragon Boat Club for a fun morning of paddling on Lake Burley Griffin. Try something new, improve your health and fitness, make new friends and find out why dragon boating is such a fast-growing fun sport.

Meet at Lotus Bay, Alexandrina Drive [...]

Body in the lake

By 23 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACT Policing’s Water Operations this morning (Sunday, October 23) recovered the body of a man from Lake Burley Griffin near the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.
A post mortem will be conducted although at this time, there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the man’s death. A report is being prepared for the Coroner.
[Courtesy ACT Policing]
Our information is the [...]

Missing man by the lake

By 22 October 2011

ACT Policing holds serious concerns for the welfare of 22-year-old Forrest man who went missing following Oktoberfest on Thursday evening (October 20) and whose clothes and personal effects have been found in parkland beside Lake Burley Griffin.
The 22-year-old man had been socialising with friends at the Oktoberfest at the ANU. He was last seen around [...]

Flags and Telstrayama. Images of Canberra

By 22 October 2011

Andrew has sent in this nice study in two icons.
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Royal Visit 2011.

By 20 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

We waited by the lake, and we waited, and then the jet skis roared into sight, the motorcade with armoured Land Rover thundered by, and the admirals’ “barge” hove into view.
Apparently the Queen was on board.
Taken a good photo or video of the visit? Email it in to .

Kelli has sent a great set [...]

This week on 7.30 ACT. 7 October 2011

By 6 October 2011

This in from the 7.30 ACT team at the ABC:
7.30 ACT for Friday October 7th.
And so begins our second decade:
1. Gender Agenda
The High Court has just ruled in favour of two female to male transexuals – arguing that they should not have to undergo painful genital surgery in order to prove that they are now [...]

A push and a shove and we’ll bring those lights down comrade!

By 27 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Billyk157 has drawn our attention to apparent efforts by an exercise class to pull down the Lake foreshore lighting.
It’s not quite Baghdad in 2003, but we’re sure if they keep trying they’ll get there.
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Solarbee installation kicking off in Lake Burley Griffin.

By 26 September 2011

The National Capital Authority has announced they’re installing solar powered water circulators into Lake Burley Griffin tomorrow which we understand will be the brightly named Solarbees we looked at in June.
“There’s strong scientific evidence that water circulators can help reduce the intensity of blue-green algae blooms.”
“The nutrient that comes down the river is in a [...]

Lake Burley Griffin re-opened

By 19 September 2011

The National Capital Authority have announced the re-opening of Lake Burley Griffin after Friday’s chemical fire in Mitchell.
The Environment Protection Authority has advised that water quality results indicate the lake is safe for use.

Segways to roll by Lake Burley Griffin

By 19 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced he’s granting a special exemption to make the shores of Lake Burley Griffin a Segway mecca.
“Following the recent establishment of a Segway hire business, and its subsequent closure last month, I requested a review of Segway use in the ACT,” Mr Corbell said.
“As a thorough review will take some time to [...]

Exciting new mugging opportunity with Bowen Place to get an underpass

By 16 September 2011

The NCA has announced that they’re going to build an underpass to fix the traffic dangers of a bike path crossing a busy road at Bowen Place:
The crossing forms part of the popular pedestrian and cyclist route around Lake Burley Griffin’s central basin. It is also a busy commuter peak hour road, in and [...]

Lake Burley Griffin closed by the Mitchell fire

By 16 September 2011

The NCA has warned that they’ve closed Lake Burley Griffin due to the fire in Mitchell and the fear of toxic pollution.
They’ve then gone on to warn that the lake remains closed.
Lake Burley Griffin will remain closed to all sporting and recreational uses until further notice, following a factory fire in Mitchell overnight.
The NCA was [...]

Dawn over Lake Burley Griffin. Images of Canberra.

By 2 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Karthi has sent through one of the best sets of images we’ve ever had taken, these are from dawn on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

Cycle Path Closure Near Duntroon

By 30 August 2011

I just came back from my lunchtime lap of LBG where I ran every red light, rode across pedestrian crossings, rode 15 abreast on single lane roads & wished I had my 4WD with its bull bar to run over small children……………
Anyway, as I approached the broken bit alingside the river near Duntroon I was stopped by [...]

Carp Cam with an Australian first

By 29 August 2011

Andy the Carp Cam enthusiast has sent in his latest efforts with what he considers to be an Australian first:
After watching another of the hexicopter vids, I figured that I may as well send the last of the carp cam videos. It’s only a few minutes and shows what blind and somewhat misguided devotion to [...]

…or not to segway. [with poll]

By 16 August 2011

I’m surprised there has been little discussion of the segway debacle down by the lake, but then there have been other wheeled lunatics to worry about of late.
Perhaps JB can add a poll as it seems that I cant, but personally I think there are some places that might be fine for experienced operators but [...]

The return of Carp Cam


Andy has sent in his latest efforts with underwater carp video in Lake Burley Griffin with this note:
Saturday saw me take the new improved Carp Cam into Lake B-G again.
The lake had gone from reasonably clear to not so good in the preceding five days, but it was better than the Scrivener Dam episode.
The much [...]

Do we want a national cemetery in Canberra? [With Poll]


3AW are kicking off proposals from the Victorian RSL to take over a chunk of Lake Burley Griffin foreshore to bury dead servicemen, PMs, and Governors-General.
RSL state president David McLachlan has told Neil Mitchell that A National Cemetery in Canberra has been proposed and is receiving support from around the country.
The cemetery would be [...]

Scrivener dam upgrade, Lady Denman Drive partial closure

By 25 July 2011

The National Capital Authority is warning that their upgrade of the hydraulic system on Scrivener Dam is going to close Lady Denman Drive tomorrow between 10am and 3pm.
Over the last four weeks, the hydraulic system that controls the Scrivener Dam flap gates have been replaced. The pump, motor and valving on each flap gate [...]

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