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Renters to be slugged $900 with land tax changes


From today struggling Canberra renters will be forced to bear the brunt of ACT Labor’s land tax hikes with a $900 fixed charge as well as a percentage of the land value which will raise the government an additional $10 million this financial year. It will particularly affect units and is yet another attack by [...]

Canberra Rates Rant

By 6 October 2013

Well, I have just received my latest rates notice, and it is almost $1000 more than last year. This is because I am just above the magical “you are a sponging plutocrat” level of of my land apparently being worth more than $450,000.
I would not mind so much if it was being matched by genuine [...]

Michael Pascoe likes our tax reform

By 7 June 2012

Michael Pascoe is one of the best economics and business commentators this country has ever produced.
So it’s really something when he comes out in the Sydney Morning Herald singing hosannas to the greater glory of ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr and the tax reforms started in the recent ACT Budget.
it’s been easy to miss that there [...]

Accommodating the property trusts

By 10 May 2012

Andrew Barr has let it be known the Assembly has passed his Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2012.
The Bill will reduce complexity and regulation for landholders, improve the ACT’s investment competitiveness, and appropriately align ACT regulations with NSW.
The amendments will:
– Align landholder provisions in the ACT more closely with NSW;
– Significantly reduce the administrative burden on [...]

Quinlan review in the light of day


The ACT Taxation Review is now online as is the Government response.
Recommendations agreed or agreed in Principle are:
– Recommendation 1
Adopt taxation instruments and settings that deliver stable revenue growth proportionate with economic growth.
– Recommendation 2
With regards to long term structural reform, over a period of time that is adequate for appropriate transition:
a) abolish duty on [...]

Real Estate 4 Ransom – Canberra Screening, Tuesday October 4, 2011

By 29 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 4 October 2011 at 6:30 pm; ]

Ever wondered why Canberra property prices are among the highest in the country?

Real Estate 4 Ransom is a new documentary about global property speculation and its impact on the economy. Real Estate 4 Ransom considers changing motivations behind property investment and challenges the notion that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by bank lending alone.

We investigate [...]

Land tax debacle costs $200,000 in lost interest alone

By 5 August 2009

In the the Canberra Times even Treasurer Katy Gallagher is admitting she presides over incompetent muppets.
At issue is the ongoing debacle of land tax whereby whatever overpriced and rubber band powered computer system purchased from latter day carnival folk that calculates and levies the land tax in this town ran out of electrons with which [...]

Land tax mayhem

By 9 June 2009

I know that the budget is stressed and that Jon has maxed out the ACT credit cards but crikey!!!
I purchased an investment property in the New Acton development and immediately received a Land Tax notice for $100,000.00 representing about 40% of the value of my investment.
When I made enquiries with the revenue office [...]

Is ACT Revenue committing Land Tax fraud?

By 6 September 2008

I’m a new home owner and towards the end of July I received my first Rates Notice from ACT Revenue along with a Land Tax Notice. Now, I don’t have to pay Land Tax so I tried contacting ACT Revenue via the numbers on the Notice.
After two days trying I eventually got someone via [...]

The black art of land valuations

By 20 August 2008

Looking for some help from RiotActers before start making calls to the toy government.
Got my rates notice yesterday and have seen a huge jump in the unimproved value of my block of land.
Here are the details
Chisholm, 800m2 block, basic 3 bedroom 120m2 house on it.
Past three ULV’s
2006 – 151k
2007 – 160k
2008 – 192k
I know this [...]

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