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Are Canberra tenants selfish?

By 6 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

As a follow up to an earlier post titled Are Canberra Landlords Greedy, here is an article to balance the view on things. Thanks to Holden Caulfield for the title.
With the information age has come a considerable improvement in the treatment of tenants when compared to days gone by. This coupled with the improved education [...]

Are Canberra landlords greedy?

By 23 November 2011

Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) understand very well:
Traditionally Canberra’s rental market sees considerable seasonal fluctuation. The transient nature of the population regularly sees high prices and strong competition for vacant properties in the Summer months, particularly around January when everyone is moving in and out of town.
Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) rarely know:
Beyond [...]

Greens going to war with landlords?

By 6 April 2011

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja is up in arms having come into the possession of an email to supporters from the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury following the launch of his campaign for improved standards in rental properties:
After putting out public discussion paper on rental accommodation guidelines, the Greens then sent out an email to their supporters calling [...]

Greens push for better standards in rental properties

By 6 April 2011

Greens Energy Spokesperson Shane Rattenbury has announced that he’s tabling an exposure draft of a Bill he plans to introduce to force landlords to offer better minimum standards of security, energy, and water efficiency:
“Canberra rents are very high, due to high demand, but some people don’t get what they pay for, and are stung with [...]

Landlord’s insurance woes

By 13 February 2011

During the rains recently, our tenant left a window open and some water staining occurred on the carpet in the lounge room, probably about a meter square or so. No hassles with the tenant at all, but we were surprised to find that after lodging a claim and noting our policy has a $1000 excess, [...]

Renting in Canberra – nothing but trouble?

By 21 September 2010

There’s been plenty of previous discussion on RA around issues for renters in Canberra. There are plenty of stories of tenants who are kept in the dark about their rights, or treated by their landlords or property managers as second class citizens. 
On the other side there’s plenty of times when a landlord either has issues [...]

Another rental question… “failed” final inspection

By 22 May 2010

First off, I know there are posts about this but mostly seem to be about inspections while you are still within the lease.
My housemate and I recently departed a rental property at the end of the lease as the owner was moving into the property.  The end of the lease was 19 May, which was [...]

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