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Simon moves on judicial complaints

By 10 December 2012

Attorney-General Simon Corbell has announced the release of a discussion paper “Judicial Complaints and Arrangement of Court business”:
“The scope of the current Judicial Commissions Act 1994 in the ACT is too narrow to allow the executive due consideration of a matter based on its level of severity,” Mr Corbell said.
“Currently, when a serious complaint is [...]

Won’t someone think of the Trannies? Cries Simon

By 9 July 2012

Simon Corbell has released the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council’s report: Beyond the Binary: legal recognition of sex and gender diversity in the ACT. He’s been sitting on it since March.
The report recommends a focus on the need for correct and consistent terminology for sex and gender diverse people in ACT legislation and government documentation [...]

Third Party Insurance – At what cost, for who?

By 27 June 2012

The CT has an article describing the problems that Govco are having establishing a fair price for TPI for the forthcoming year. Seems NRMA (sole provider) has demanded a price Govco find excessive.
Mention is made of the opposition our local legal thieves put up to derail the attempt to widen the insurer field by limiting [...]

Magistrates want more money

By 5 September 2011

The ABC brings word that Canberra’s magistrates have joined the queue of those wanting a pay rise from the ACT Government.
The ACT Government’s changes were designed to share the legal work load more evenly between the magistrates and supreme court jurisdictions.
But in a submission to the ACT Remuneration Tribunal, the magistrates say the result has [...]

Shane Rattenbury goes for juries

By 20 June 2011

The Greens legal affairs boffin, Shane Rattenbury, has announced Green support for the Government’s push to end judge only trials of cases involving death and sex.
“We support a strong role for jury trials in the criminal justice system because there is real value in brining community standards into the decisions our courts make”, Shane Rattenbury [...]

Boxing for kids – a new ACT export?


Channel Ten News has had a story of a 10 year old girl participating in a boxing competition.
They report that New South Wales sets a minimum age of 14 for people of any sex to go boxing, so this kid (and presumably her parents) just trucked across into the ACT, where the minimum age is [...]

Whither the transgendered?

By 16 March 2011

Simon Corbell has alerted the population that he’s asking the Law Reform Advisory Council to consider the plight of those trying to be a gender other than what they were born to.
“The ACT places a strong level of importance on the human rights of all community members, and this latest reference to the LRAC will [...]

The problem with poker

By 20 October 2009

Last week, while the Crimes was distracted with the proposal to ban outdoor smoking at eateries, the ACT Government introduced the Unlawful Gambling Bill in to the Assembly.
The bill aims to consolidate and update the Territory’s gambling laws. So, now you know where to go to confirm whether championship Scrabble is unlawful. Seriously.
The bill proposes [...]

Paintball legislation update for those interested…New laws from 15 Jan 09

By 21 November 2008

Morning all,
For those who aren’t aware, the ACT Firearms Legislation was amended this Jul, with amendments coming into effect 15 Jan 08. I have a few enquiries with the AFP that I am still waiting for responses for regarding the actual implementation of the new laws, however, the paintball specific elements of [...]

Changes to bring the Supreme Court in line with the rest of Australia

By 26 April 2008

The Crimes has the following story on changes Simon Corbell is looking at implementing to change how the ACT Supreme Court does business.
Basically it will remove the option of trial by judge alone (both side must agree to this option) and increase the minimum maximum sentence of a matter that can be dealt [...]

Opposition calls for law reform after dog attack

By 12 March 2008

The ACT Opposition has called for law reform after a Canberra man who saved a toddler from a dog attack was left with losses of nearly $30,000 due to medical expences inflicted by the dog, and lost wages.
Liberal MLA Bill Stefaniak said Warren Masters and another man jumped into a backyard and grappled with a [...]

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