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The Law Society Foundation rides forth

By 28 May 2013

The Law Society is letting it be known they’re creating a charitable foundation:
At its Annual General Meeting in the latter half of 2012 the members of the Law Society decided to establish the ACT Law Society Foundation as a Centenary of Canberra project. The Foundation is an endowment or accumulating fund: its corpus will never [...]

Nithya Sambasivam the young lawyer of the year

By 6 December 2012

The Law Society is letting it be known that Ms Nithya Sambasivam has been gonged as the young learned friend of the year.
The ACT Law Society commends Ms Nithya Sambasivam for her dedication and commitment to the legal profession, her passion in promoting the interests of both young lawyers and women lawyers in the [...]

Law society goes to bat for compo claimants

By 28 September 2012

Noor Blumer has her hat on as President of the Law Society to swing the Human Rights Act at bosses intruding on the medical consultations of employers claiming workers compensation:
Consistent with the article in yesterday’s Canberra Times, some Canberra law firms are receiving reports of employers and insurance companies in the ACT insisting on attending [...]

Noor Blumer reigns on at the Law Society

By 20 September 2012

The Law Society is letting us know the outcome of their annual elections:
The Law Society Council for 2012/13 is:
– Noor Blumer – President
– Martin Hockridge – Vice President
– Greg Brackenreg – Vice President
– Louise Vardanega – Secretary
– Ian Campbell – Treasurer
– Athol Opas – Immediate Past President
– Kay Barralet
– Angus Bucknell
– John Carroll
– Chris Donohue
– [...]

The Law Society on why CTP is marvelous

By 22 August 2012

With the Queen of Personal Injury Lawyers Noor Blumer running the Law Society we should not be surprised they’re stoically defending the personal injury system which drive the cost of Compulsory Third Party car insurance.
Ms Noor Blumer, the President of the ACT Law Society released a comparative table of CTP premiums today.
“As the table shows [...]

The Law Society on CTP reform

By 17 August 2012

Our learned friends have sent in their thoughts on the vexed issue of CTP reform in Canberra:
Politics is distorting the facts about third party insurance as the major parties rush to claim the high ground as the guardians of the cost of living.
The facts are that the Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2011, which [...]

Case management comes to the Supreme Court

By 16 December 2011

Simon Corbell has the happy news that the ACT’s Supreme Court is adopting basic case management systems to increase its glacial pace.
In return they’re being rewarded with funding for two more temporary judges to try and tackle the shameful backlog.
Mr Corbell welcomed a decision by the courts to implement a „docket? system which will create [...]


By 26 February 2011

I see the Law Society has taken out full page ads complaining about the proposed Government changes to compulsory third party laws. 
Reluctantly I have to side with the Government on this one. 
I find that the Law Society is a effectively a trade union that exists for the benefit of lawyers.  
If it comes to a [...]

Crackdown on naughty lawyers

By 12 July 2010

The ABC brings word that the Law Society is getting tough and actually refusing to re-issue practicing certificates to Canberra’s worst lawyers.
Five more Canberra lawyers are facing allegations of misbehaviour.
The ACT Law Society has already refused to reissue practising certificates to two lawyers.
The Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal had earlier upheld serious complaints against [...]

Law Society and Bar Association team up to say no to the virtual court

By 16 June 2010

The Law Society and Bar Association are taking the unusual step of jointly rejecting Simon Corbell’s novel idea to form a “‘virtual’ district court”:
The legal eagles are quite clear on how they feel about the process, closing thusly:
“The Government’s proposal to establish an ACT District Court was not submitted to the Supreme Court Working Group [...]

Law society boss takes over the ACT Labor

By 22 November 2008

The ABC is reporting that Bill Redpath, formerly the president of the ACT Law Society, has won the race to be the next ACT branch secretary of the Labor party.
As the candidate of the Left this is interesting, although experience herding cats lawyers must have counted for a great deal.

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